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ID 79480
Wealth Rubies 78
登場作品名 Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
作品形式 一般用ゲーム
声優 Hiro Shimono, 下野紘, しもの ひろ
Tags alligator
Height 156cm
Weight 44kg
Birthday June 21
Sign Cancer ♋
Blood Type A
EN Voice Actor Derek Stephen Prince
Uploaded by ShinyShinigami

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Kokichi Ouma is a character from the video game Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.
They have been indexed as 男性 十代 with 紫 eyes and 黒 hair that is 肩まで length.



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"Nee-heehee... Now you'll never *ever* forget me for the rest of your life."
"I stole your heart so now im satisfied..."
"O-OMIGOD! Miu actually said something smart!"
Why do you guys hate lies so much? There's only one truth, but endless possibilities for lies, y'know? And some of them are only white lies, or lies to be kind to people... If you deny all of that *just* because it's a lie... Then that means you guys are just terrible at being lied to! Seriously, the worst!

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RainbowToffee He's an annoying liar, still good.
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