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This is a list of the tags that are used and exactly what they refer to.

  • Tagging Information and Guidelines
  • Hair Tags
  • Face & Body Tags
  • Animal Tags
  • Clothing & Equipment Tags (in progress)
  • Head and Neck
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Midsection
  • Outfits
  • Accessories
  • Weapons

    Tagging Information and Guidelines

    Tags can be added to a character by clicking on the edit button beside the character name. There is a small box where you can type in the tags that relate to the character. Tags are not only used for visual traits but can also be used to tag personality traits or special powers (such as Tsundere and Fire Control ).

    When adding more than 1 tag you must remember to separate them with a "," (comma) so that they become a new tag. If you add a "." (full-stop) it will create a large tag, ex. uniform will become one tag. If you are adding a new tag, please add it in the singular form, ex. Hair Tube instead of Hair Tubes .

    Please remember!
    When adding a tag, please add only relevant information. If you tag a character with your username or spam, it will be deleted by a moderator and may also be blocked. If you want to remember the character, click on the "Add to Favorites" button in the side panel.

    Hair Tags

    Below is a table of all the hair tags that are used. This will refer to hairstyles and objects that are in the hair of characters:

    - hairclip - hair tube - hair loop - hair ribbon
    - hair ribbons - hair bell - hair bobble - hair ornament
    - hair tuft - hair spike - hair intakes - hair streak
    - hairband - hairbow - headband - braid
    - braids - bun - odango - pigtails
    - ponytail - side ponytail - pompadour - spiky hair
    - sleek hair - hime cut - blunt bangs - spiky bangs
    - side hair - single bang - curly hair - v bangs
    - ahoge - twin ahoge - multiple ahoge - hair over eyes
    - mohawk - cheek curls - gradient hair - multicolour hair
    - sideburns - rubber band - twin drills - wavy hair
    - afro - topknot

  • Hairclip will refer to any style of clips that holds back hair.
    Examples: Single Hairclip, Multiple Hairclips, Unusual-Shaped Hairclip

  • Hair tube refers to a tube-shaped item of various sizes that holds hair.
    Examples: Small Tubes, Large Tube, Single Tube

  • Hair loop is a loop or loops of hair.
    Examples: Single Loop, Dual Loops, Multiple Loops

  • Hair ribbon refers to a single ribbon tied into the hair. This usually refers to ribbons that tie up ponytails.
    Examples: Hair Ribbon, Hair Ribbon 2, Hair Ribbon 3

  • Hair ribbons are more than one ribbon that are tied into the hair. This also refers to ribbons that tie up pigtails.
    Examples: Hair Ribbons, Hair Ribbons 2, Hair Ribbons 3

  • Hair bell is a bell that in hanging from or tied into the hair.
    Examples: Hair Bell, Small Bells, Large Bells

  • Hair bobble are beads that are used to tie up the hair.
    Examples: Large Bobbles, Small Bobbles, Unusual-Shaped Bobbles

  • Hair ornament refers to any assorted decoration that is in the hair.
    Examples: Hairpin, Hair Ornament, Ribbon Ornament

  • Hair tuft usually refers to when a person is bald with only a small tuft of hair at the top of the head.
    Examples: Hair Tuft, Hair Tuft 2, Hair Tuft 3

  • Hair spike is a single spike of hair that is large than an ahoge .
    Examples: Hair Spike, Hair Spike 2

  • Hair intakes is when hair shows the lateral-striped front parts of the hair.
    Examples: Large Intakes, Medium Intakes, Small Intakes

  • Hair streak is a single coloured piece of hair.
    Examples: Thin Streak, Thick Streak

  • Hairbow is a ribbon that forms a bow usually at the front of the head.
    Examples: Large Hairbow, Medium Hairbow, Small Hairbow

  • Hairband is a band or ribbon that cross over the top of the hair. It does not touch the forehead.
    Examples: Hairband, Hairband 2, Hairband 3

  • Headband is similar to a hairband but it touches the forehead.
    Examples: Headband, Headband 2, Headband 3

  • Rubber band is a small band that ties up the hair. It is a lot smaller than a hair tube .
    Examples: Rubber Band 1, Rubber Band 2, Rubber Band 3

  • Braid is where the hair is woven into a single braid.
    Examples: Thick Braid, Thin Braid, Bun Braid

  • Braids is when there are more than 1 braid visible.
    Examples: Thick Braids, Thin Braids, Multiple Braids

  • Bun is when the hair is tied up into a ball shape.
    Examples: Neat Bun, Braid Bun, Messy Bun

  • Odango is where there are two round balls of hair. They may also have covers over the top of them.
    Examples: Odango, Covered Odango, Odango Pigtails

  • Pigtails are also known as twin tails . Refers to when the hair is tied up in two parts.
    Examples: Long Pigtails, Pigtails, Short Pigtails

  • Ponytail is where all the hair is drawn back into a single tail at the back of the head.
    Examples: Long Ponytail, Ponytail, Short Ponytail

  • Side ponytail is where a ponytail is drawn off to the side of the head.
    Examples: Long Side, Side Ponytail, Short Side

  • Pompadour is where the hair is drawn forward into a long cylinder.
    Examples: Pompadour, Pompadour 2, Pompadour 3

  • Spiky hair is where the hair is noticeably spiky.
    Examples: Large Spiky, Small Spiky, Uneven Spiky

  • Sleek hair is where there are no bangs showing and the hair is greased or brushed back.
    Examples: Sleek Hair, Sleek Hair 2, Sleek Hair 3

  • Hime cut is a style that has blunt bangs and two blunt pieces of hair near the bangs at the shoulders or at any other length.
    Examples: Hime Cut, Hime Cut 2, Hime Cut 3, Hime Cut 4

  • Blunt bangs are when the bangs are cut completely straight.
    Examples: Blunt Bangs, Blunt Bangs 2, Blunt Bangs 3

  • Spiky bangs are when the bangs are noticeably spiky.
    Examples: Spiky Bangs, Spiky Bangs 2, Spiky Bangs 3

  • Side hair is when the top part is bald except for some hair around the ears. It usually refers to old men.
    Examples: Side Hair, Side Hair 2, Side Hair 3

  • Single bang is when there is only 1 bang.
    Examples: Single Bang, Single Bang 2, Single Bang 3

  • V bangs is where the bangs form a "v" shape at the front.
    Examples: V Bangs, V Bangs 2, V Bangs 3

  • Curly hair is where the hair is either curled into a ring shape.
    Examples: Curly Hair, Extremely Curly

  • Wavy hair is where the hair flows in a wavy form. This is NOT curly hair.
    Examples: Wavy Hair

  • Cheek curls is where the hair curls up at the cheeks.
    Examples: Cheek Curls, Cheek Curls 2, Cheek Curls 3

  • Sideburns are long strips of hair that run down by the ears.
    Examples: Sideburns, Sideburns 2, Sideburns 3

  • Mohawk is where the head is shaved on both sides except for the top part which is usually spike up into a strip of hair.
    Examples: Mohawk, Mohawk 2, Mohawk 3

  • Afro is where the hair is so curly it makes a giant ball.
    Examples: Giant Afro, Afro, Small Afro

  • Ahoge is a piece of hair that stick up from the top of the head.
    Examples: Long Ahoge, Ahoge, Short Ahoge

  • Twin ahoge is when there are two ahoge coming from the top of the head.
    Examples: Twin Ahoge, Twin Ahoge 2, Twin Ahoge 3

  • Multiple ahoge is when there are more than 2 ahoge.
    Examples: Triple Ahoge, Multiple Ahoge, Multiple Ahoge

  • Multicolour hair is where the hair has two or more different colours.
    Examples: Dual Colour, Tri Colour, Multicolour

  • Gradient hair is where the hair blends into the next colour.
    Examples: Gradient, Gradient 2, Gradient 3

  • Twin Drills are a style of curly pigtails that form a pointed end.
    Examples: Pigtails, Pointed hair, High drills

  • Hair over eyes is when the fringe completely hides away the eyes of a person.
    Examples: Fringe over eyes

  • Topknot is a bun that is at the top of the head. It is sometimes separated by a tall hair tube.
    Examples: Female Topknot, Sumo Topknot

    Face & Body Tags

    Below is a table of all the face and body tags. These tags refer to items or defining marks on or around the face and body:

    -glasses -sunglasses -swirl glasses -goggles
    -mole -sharp teeth -fang -fangs
    -moustache -beard -goatee -one eye showing
    -no eyebrows -large eyebrows -cyclops -triclops
    -closed eyes -heterochromia -eyepatch -symbol in eyes
    -piercing -facial scar -facial mark -lipstick
    -lips -makeup -robot ears -dark
    -blue skin -green skin -yellow skin -red skin
    -purple skin -gray skin -tanned -midriff
    -furry -centaur -naga -tattoo
    -scar -stitches -claws -paws
    -trap -reverse-trap -zombie -albino
    -earrings -heavy -bunny ears -pointy ears
    -cat ears -wolf ears -dog ears -horns
    -fins -mermaid -harpy -Kyonyuu
    -goo -multiple arms -freckles -trans

  • Glasses are a pair of clear-lensed reading glasses worn by characters.
    Examples: Standard Glasses

  • Swirl Glasses are a pair of glasses that have a distinct swirl pattern inside them.
    Examples: Swirly Glasses

  • Sunglasses are any sort of dark or coloured-lens glasses. You usually cannot see the eyes behind them.
    Examples: Sunglasses, Coloured Sunglasses

  • Goggles are broad glasses that are strapped to the head. They are usually worn for swimming or flying.
    Examples: Flying Goggles, Swimming Goggles

  • Freckles are darker spots that are on the skin.
    Examples: Freckles, Freckles

  • Mole is different from freckles in that there is only one spot. It can be in various places on the face.
    Examples: Mole, Mole 2

  • Sharp teeth refers to people who have noticeably jagged teeth. It can also be used with animals
    Examples: Sharp Teeth, Sharp Teeth

  • Fang is when the person only has one fang such as kawaii characters.
    Examples: Fang, Fang, Fang

  • Fangs is when the person has more than 1 fang such as vampires or nekojin.
    Examples: Vampire, Nekojin

  • Moustache is facial hair that grows under the nose.
    Examples: Moustache, Thin Moustache

  • Goatee is a small beard that forms a tuft of hair on the chin.
    Examples: Strip Goatee, Pointed Goatee

  • Beard is anything that is larger than a goatee .
    Examples: Beard, Long Beard

  • One eye showing is when the hair or a piece of clothing covers one eye. It is usually never visible.
    Examples: One Eye, One Eye 2

  • Large eyebrows is where the character has thicker than average eyebrows as a defining feature.
    Examples: Large Brows, Large Brows 2

  • No eyebrows is when a character has no visible eyebrows.
    Examples: No Brows, No Brows

  • Cyclops is where a character has only 1 eye.
    Examples: Cyclops, Cyclops 2

  • Triclops is when a character has 3 eyes.
    Examples: Triclops, Triclops 2

  • Closed eyes is where the character has perpetually closed eyes.
    Examples: Closed Eyes, Closed Eyes

  • Heterochromia is when a character has two different coloured eyes.
    Examples: Heterochromia, Heterochromia

  • Symbol in eyes is where a strange symbol other than a pupil is inside the eye.
    Examples: Eye Symbol, Eye Symbol 2

  • Eyepatch is when a patch is used to cover over an eye.
    Examples: Eyepatch, Bandage Eyepatch

  • Piercing is anything other than an earring.
    Examples: Face Piercings, Multiple Earrings

  • Earrings are piercings in the ears. They can be 1 in each ear or just 1.
    Examples: Single Earring, Earrings

  • Facial scar is where the character has scar that appear on the face.
    Examples: Facial Scar, Facial Scar

  • Facial mark is when there is face painting or a mark other than a scar on the face.
    Examples: Face Tattoo, Bindi

  • Lipstick is where the character is known for always wearing lipstick.
    Examples: Lipstick, Lipstick 2

  • Lips is when the character has large lips.
    Examples: Large Lips, Large Lips 2

  • Makeup is when the character is wearing makeup other than lipstick. Usually refers to eye makeup.
    Examples: Eye Makeup, Face makeup

  • Robot ears refers to any sort of mechanised ear pieces.
    Examples: Small Ears, Tall Ears

  • Animal ears refers to any kind of animal ears. For a complete list, please see the available tags above.
    Examples: Bunny Ears, Dog Ears, Cat Ears

  • Pointy ears also refers to elf ears .
    Examples: Large Elf Ears, Small Points

  • Horns refers to any sort of wooden or bone protrusion from the head.
    Examples: Unicorn Horn, Large Horns, Small Horns

  • Fins refers to any sort of fin on the face or body.
    Examples: Ear Fins, Body Fins

  • Dark means people that have black or very dark brown skin.
    Examples: Black Skin, Dark Brown

  • Coloured Skins refers to any variety of colour skin. They will always be labelled "[colour] skin".
    Examples: Blue Skin, Red Skin

  • Midriff is when you can see the mid-section of a person.
    Examples: Midriff, Midriff

  • Furry is an animal with human qualities or a human with animal parts.
    Examples: Humanoid Dog, Cat Girl

  • Harpy is someone who is half-bird, half-human.
    Examples: Chibi Harpy, Harpy

  • Naga is someone who is half-snake, half-human. They may also be called Lamia
    Examples: Naga

  • Mermaid is someone who has the tail of a fish instead of legs.
    Examples: Mermaid, Mermaid

  • Tattoo is any sort of mark on the body that is not a scar .
    Examples: Shoulder Tattoo, Body Tattoo

  • Scar is a mark left from a wound that has healed.
    Examples: Multiple Scars, Large Single Scar

  • Stitches are usually where a scar has been sewn together and the marks are still visible.
    Examples: Stitches, Stitches

  • Claws are long, sharp fingernails or a type of weapon.
    Examples: Nail Claws, Weapon Claws

  • Paws are animal parts that take place instead of hand and/or feet.
    Examples: Full Paws, Hand Paws

  • Heavy is when a character is fatter than the other cast.
    Examples: Heavy Girl, Heavy Boy

  • Trap is a male that dresses like a female.
    Examples: Trap, Trap

  • Reverse-trap is a female that dresses like a male.
    Examples: Reverse Trap, Reverse Trap

  • Trans is a character who's official gender is the result of a transition.
    Examples: Trans

  • Kyonyuu is where a woman has very large breasts, usually refers to anything over 90cm.
    Examples (may be NSFW): Large, Very Large, Extremely large

    Animal Tags

    Below is a table of all the animal tags. Animal tags are added when searching for that particular animal or a person who turns into that animal.

    -dog -wolf -cat -bunny
    -pig -turtle -raven -owl
    -parrot -sheep -frog -salamander
    -hamster -ape -rooster -spider
    -fox -jellyfish -snake -dragon
    -monkey -lion -bear -mouse
    -insect -squid -rat

    Clothing and equipment Tags

    Below is a table of all the clothing tags. Some of them refer to jewellery and accessories that are not really clothing but equipment:

    -arm band -armband -arm guards -arm warmers
    -boxer -bracelet -gloves -fingerless gloves
    -opera gloves -detached sleeves

    -animal hat -bandana -beanie -beret
    -blindfold -eyepatch -cap -cowboy hat
    -crown -tiara -earmuffs -earphones
    -headphones -mask -half mask -gas mask
    -domino mask -hat -top hat -turban
    -headdress -helmet -hood -santa hat

    -apron -armor -bikini -bikini top
    -bra -cape -coat -corset
    -crop top -dress -gown -jumpsuit
    -labcoat -gakuran -school uniform

    -3/4 pants -hakama -belt -garter belt

    -bandage -bandages -beads -collar
    -tie -bow tie -bolo tie -v tie
    -dog tag

    -clover -cross -drill -fan
    -frills -fur

    -geta -sandals -boots -thigh-high boots
    -pumps -sneakers -slippers

    Arm Region Tags
    These tags will refer to clothing on the hands, arms and shoulders.

  • Arm band refers to cuffs, sweat bands or a ribbon tied around the arms.
    Examples: Cuffs, Sweat bands

  • Armband is usually worn with a school uniform. It is a single band around the upper arm.
    Examples: School Armband, Military Armband, Armband

  • Arm Guards are thick pieces of armour that protect the forearms.
    Examples: Wooden Guards, Cloth Guards, Metal Guards

  • Gloves are any sort of covering that goes over the hands. They are anything up to the elbows.
    Examples: Gloves

  • Fingerless Gloves are gloves that do not have covering over the fingers.
    Examples: Fingerless Gloves

  • Opera Gloves are long gloves that reach above the elbows.
    Examples: Opera Gloves

  • Boxer is used if the character is either a boxer or is wearing boxing gloves.
    Examples: Boxer, Boxing Gloves

  • Bracelet is jewellery that is worn around the wrists.
    Examples: Multiple bracelets, Single bracelet

  • Detached Sleeves are sleeves that are not attached to the rest of the outfit.
    Examples: Detached sleeves, Detached sleeves

    These tags will refer to clothing that are usually in a set, such as shrine maidens.

  • Shrine maiden , also commonly called Miko , is Japanese priestess that wears a red hakama and a white haori.
    Examples: Miko dress

  • Maid is an outfit worn by female servants. They usually consist of a black dress with a white apron and headdress.
    Examples: Traditional maid outfit, Japanese maid outfit

  • School uniform is an outfit worn by children that attend a school. They can come in many styles, the most popular being the sailor fuku.
    Examples: School Uniform, Sailor Fuku

  • Gakuran is a traditional Japanese school uniform worn by boys. It resembles a military uniform.
    Examples: Traditional Gakuran, Coloured Gakuran

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