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A Beginer's Guide to Creating a Small Avatar: Small Avatars

An Introductory step by step guide to making your own small avatar (rough version)

Step 1: you will need a photo editing program. I prefer Photo Impression, it is essentially a downgraded or basic version of Adobe Photoshop. Any photo editing program will do. Getting started, we’re going to do this like an engraving: start big and then miniaturize.

Step2: create a new project with the dimensions 2125 pixels wide by 425 pixels high. This is big and easy to work with, because your end product will be 1/17th scale 125x25.

Step 3: find several pics if what ever images you wish to work with., DAtorents, and The ACDB are all great sources. Use this enlarged scale, and remember minuscule flaws won’t show much on the final product.

Step 4: adjust the image. This takes moderate amounts of technique and finesse. Name, another important point: a good font will count for everything! You can find new fonts allover the web. Position everything and stretch the pic image as large as you can, so it’s visible. **Important Note** save as a program doc regularly before you fuse all layers together as a JPEG. For example: when using Photo Impression, save as PSF file so you can go back and tweak it if it’s not perfect. Then save as a JPEG or Png (lager but better resolution).

Step 5: Almost done… Open the folder containing the jumbo J-peg, right click, drag the mouse to ‘Edit..’ this will bring up your ‘paint’ application. Go to

[winXP- ‘Image’- ‘Stretch Skew’ (cntr+w), on both Horizontal and vertical enter 5.88]

[win7- Click the button ‘resize’- click pixels- drop the first 2 in the 2125, so it now reads 125x25. Unless you unclick the maintain aspect ratio, that’s it! Save it and you’re done!

Now to upload it: Click on ‘My Accont’ in the upper right hand corner

Scroll down to ‘upload small avatar’ and click ‘Browse’
Select the image you have just completed, and go to the Lounge to dazzle everyone with your work!


The InfernalQueen Method:

1. Go on this site.
2. Click 'Create a new image'.
3. Enter the dimensions of W: 125 px and H: 25 px
4. Press OK/Enter
5. Now go to the top left, and click on file.
6. Click on open image and find the image you want to turn into an avi.
7. Use the Marquee Tool (on the left panel, dotted line square) and select the whole image you opened.
8. Copy and paste the image into the blank document.
9. Adjust it and add your name using the Type Tool (The letter T on the left side panel).

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