: Character Groups Guide

How to use Character Groups


This aims to be the fastest way to get you using groups!

Groups and Characters can easily be deleted, so feel free to experiment and play around with the feature! ^^

Step 1: New Group


Choose a Group Name
Enter a Quick Description ( BBCode supported )
Preview if you like
Finally, click Create Group!

Step 2: Visit the Group


You can click the Group Created link, or find a link to your group under the My Groups tab

These edit buttons will allow you to Updated hte Group Name and Description. As well as edit characters assigened.

Step 3: Add Some Characters !


Lookup the character you want in the database.

CLick on the Groups Tab


Now select the group you want to add them to, and click Add to Group

That's all there is too it. Advanced features will be explained in a bit.

Even more advanced features probably are not yet implimented.

# Group Types

There are 3 group types.

1. Private
2. Public
3. Official

Private groups are only visible to you. In some cases, you may toggle a group between Public and Private. In other cases a moderator my force a group of yours to be permanently private. Such as groups that contain inappropriate themes.

Public groups are visible to all members and guests. They may even be linked to from Character and Source pages.

Official Groups area little more complicated. Once you have created a group, you will have the option to "Transfer it to ACDB".

# Sub Characters

First, two important rules about sub characters.

1. Only free characters can be parent characters.
2. Only free characters can be assigned to a parent as a sub character.

A character is a free character if it is neither a subcharacter nor a parent character.
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