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Franchises: Franchise Guide

A simple guide on how to use the Franchise Editor

Step 1 : check your Admin Level, most won't be able to experience the joys and frustration of the Franchise Editor.
**NOTE: All Franchises MUST include more than 2 children series. **

Step 2 : Go and Add Series, and fill out as usual
add '(Series)' to the end of the 'English Title', (for a release date, go with the earliest)
under 'Media Type' select 'Franchise', and go!

Step 3 : Add a thumbnail image for the franchise. Enter the edit series page by clicking:[Image] and upload and image here.
For an image we prefer a text-based logo like:
[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]
but if all you can find in a big logo, something like this will be fine as well

Step 4 : Add the franchise children: to do this you will need the parent ID. Finding it will be no trouble, go to the franchise main page and look here.
Now that you have the Parent ID# go the main page of all the children you wish to add, input the Parent ID# and click 'Set Parent ID'
[Image] AND [Image]
Once you've completed that for all children, which must be more than 2 series, you wish to add to your new/existing franchise move on to the fun part:

Step 5 : The Franchise Editor the hard part is finding the franchise you are working on, the ordering is first created, first listed. Very good if you've just made a new one, it will be at the very bottom.
Once you've opened the editor to the appropriate franchise, get ready for the brilliance of Rei's coding!!!
Click 'Go Nova' ...
...And Boooyah!!
it will go from This to This!
(Zoomed out to view the whole page)

Thank you for reading this guide, I hope you found it useful.

Created by Mitsugu
Contributing editors: 13x31, LeNeko, Shini and of course LiCobra
Thank you to you all.
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