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Profile Picture for Kakashi Hatake
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ID 10820
Wealth Sapphires 2 Rubies 24
From Naruto
Media Type anime
Voiced By Dave Wittenberg, Dave Lelyveld, Anthony Robert
Voiced By Kazuhiko Inoue, 井上和彦, いのうえ かずひこ
Tags kage, facial scar, sharingan, headband, heterochromia, half mask, ninja, thunder control, hat, legendary, coat
Birthday September 15
Sign Virgo ♍

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Kakashi Hatake is a character from the anime Naruto.
They have been indexed as Male Adult with Black eyes and Gray hair that is To Ears length.

Appears As Official(if different)
Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Gray
Hair Length To Ears
Apparent Age Adult
Animal Ears No


Appears in

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Let's put together an extermination squad at once! (0:54:12.22)
From what we've heard, I think it's reasonable
to say it was some kind of space-time ninjutsu,
Let's give it our all! (0:45:54.81)
Gai! (1:04:08.03)
Shikamaru! (0:04:53.56)
Or so I'd love to say, but... (0:47:23.77)
I sort of pushed myself too hard from leaving my Sharingan activated this entire time, so... (0:47:25.94)
They retreated after barely offering any resistance at all. (0:08:03.21)
I don't know. (0:08:01.62)

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