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ID 25289
From Shugo Chara!
Media Type anime
Voiced By Saeko Chiba, 千葉紗子, ちば さえこ
Tags knee highs
Birthday July 4
Sign Cancer ♋
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Nagihiko Fujisaki is a character from the anime Shugo Chara!.
They have been indexed as Male Teen with Brown eyes and Purple hair that is To Waist length.


When Nagihiko first met Amu he lies and tells her he is Nadeshiko's twin. Not knowing this would someday return to haunt him. It is the rule of the Fujisaki family that the males are trained to play female parts in plays. So Nagihiko was forced to be a girl. But He left to studying abroad in Europe to study new dances and perfect his dancing. Nagihiko lost confidence in his dance performance and due to this Temari returned to her egg, meanwhile a new egg has appeared. When he returns from Euroupe he returns to school as his true male self and is crowned the new Jack chair. Only Tsukasa Amakawa, Tadase and former Jack chair Kukai and eventualy Rima know he is not Nadeshiko's Twin. His egg soon hatches into a male chara called Rhythm together they character Transform into Beat Jumper. Towards the end of the series thanks to Rima he realizes that it doesn't matter what gender a person is, it's effort that they put into something they do. With his confidence now retured Temari awakens and together they Character Transform into Yamato Maihime.


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Nagihiko Fujisaki 藤咲なぎひこ Image of Nagihiko Fujisaki Anime Character 5 Shugo Chara Rhythm Shugo Chara Temari boy version of Nadeshiko Fujisaki Shugo Chara!


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