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セレン・マリアベル・ロックハート | Share ▼

Profile Picture for Selen Mariabell Lockhart

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ID 62719
Role Unsorted
From Honoo no Haramase ''Wanpaku'' Oppai Ojou-sama Gakuen
Media Type h-game
Voiced By Ringo Aoba, 青葉りんご, あおば りんご
Tags chibi, school uniform, cravat, curly hair, kyonyuu, hairband, tights

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Selen Mariabell Lockhart is a character from the H-Game Honoo no Haramase ''Wanpaku'' Oppai Ojou-sama Gakuen.

They have been indexed as Female Teen with Green eyes and Blonde / Yellow hair that is Past Waist length.

Appears / (Official)
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde / Yellow
Hair Length Past Waist
Apparent Age Teen
Animal Ears No


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