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Rougo ni Sonaete Isekai de 8-manmai no Kinka wo Tamemasu Episode 1 Quotes Mar 14, 2023 | RinaK
Transcript - 330 new quotes

Rougo ni Sonaete Isekai de 8-manmai no Kinka wo Tamemasu


Falling from a hilltop straight into the rocky shores, Mitsuha's impressive will to live transports her into another world, saving her from ultimate death.
In the new world, a girl called Collete rescues Mitsuha after she collapses from exhaustion and hunger in the middle of the forest.
Due to the language barrier, Colette and Mitsuha communicate through gestures and mimicking.
While they're both out collecting mushrooms, a group of wolves attack them. Determined to follow her dear older brother's morals, Mitsuha saves Colette by sacrificing herself to the feral beasts.
Again, her will to live brings her back home. Now armed and prepared Mitsuha somehow transports back into Colette's world to fight off the wolves.
She is then confronted by the entity that is responsible for the sudden alternative world teleportation, and Mitsuha is now indebted to that being.

Featuring Characters
Colette | CV: Rika Tachibana, 立花理香, たちばな りか | 46 lines
Elene | CV: Ruriko Aoki, 青木瑠璃子, あおき るりこ | 5 lines
Mitsuha Yamano | CV: Rika Nagae, 長江里加, ながえ りか | 215 lines
Tobias | CV: Yuuji Kameyama, 亀山雄慈, | 11 lines
Tsuyoshi Yamano | CV: Jun Fukuyama, 福山潤, ふくやま じゅん | 29 lines

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