Begins with to / と

Last 10 words played in Game #147

Yesterday 11:35 pm RinaK karinto
Yesterday 07:44 am Nori13 ぽかぽか
Feb 24, 2021 Rei mofumofushippo
Feb 24, 2021 Nori13 いつまでも
Feb 23, 2021 Reinhard-Schewer びけい
Feb 23, 2021 Nori13 げつようび
Feb 22, 2021 Reinhard-Schewer くろひげ
Feb 21, 2021 Nori13 ろく
Feb 20, 2021 Reinhard-Schewer じろ
Feb 20, 2021 Nori13 るいじ

General Rules

  1. Two or more people take turns to play.
  2. Only nouns are permitted.
  3. A player who plays a word ending in the mora N (ん) loses the game, as no Japanese word begins with that character.
  4. Words may not be repeated. ( History only shows the last 10 words. Any word repeated in a given game will end the game. )
  5. No spaces.
  6. Max word length is 40 letters.
  7. Min word length is 3 letters.
  8. Romaji words only

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