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2 Favorite Play Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines Bar by Rei ( 1410 views )

Play though the dialog with the bar keeper.

Play Testing the System by Nanfenkoff ( 531 views )


Play TBD by Rei ( 7 views )

3 Favorite Flame Haze Shana Play Pickup Lines by Rei ( 2165 views )

Experimenting with randomness and pickup lines.

Play Test by DanSilver ( 260 views )


2 Favorite Lain Iwakura Play Testing the System 2 by Nanfenkoff ( 448 views )

shrugs 2

Play Moral letters to Lucilius [1-4] by Rei ( 212 views )

Moral letters to Lucilius by Seneca Source: [url=]Wikisource[/url] License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

1 Favorite Kyouka Jirou Play Visiting her dorm by Wildfang12j ( 711 views )

After a long school day, Kyouka decides to invite you to hang out in her dorm room

8 Favorite Finnian Play Garden with finny! by VGTrashie ( 1072 views )

You're a guest at the phantomhive manor and ciel is busy. You meet Finnian, would you accept his offer?

Play Morning chat by Loveld ( 234 views )

On the morning of the Monthly field trip, you found Laura already waiting at the front door for the team. You decided to chat with her

Play Sunny by FaygoScuna ( 153 views )

Play Hisoka by FaygoScuna ( 0 views )

Play Merry by FaygoScuna ( 0 views )

Play Kuro by FaygoScuna ( 0 views )

Play Kiji by FaygoScuna ( 0 views )

Play Juda by FaygoScuna ( 0 views )

Play Iva by FaygoScuna ( 0 views )

Play Hades by FaygoScuna ( 0 views )

Play Doji by FaygoScuna ( 0 views )

Play Schneider by FaygoScuna ( 0 views )

Play ZigZix by FaygoScuna ( 0 views )

Play Roman Goodwin by FaygoScuna ( 0 views )

Play Pegasus by FaygoScuna ( 0 views )

Play Banner by FaygoScuna ( 0 views )

Play Kanzaki Ayane by Michino ( 0 views )

Play ...? by DilaraMatchi ( 0 views )

i honestly didn't understand the meaning behind set name, so i'll change it if you guys wish.

Play Leafa by Blossomflower94 ( 0 views )


1 Favorite Play Leafa by Blossomflower94 ( 491 views )

cute,flirty, sassy

Play Saeko nogami by Orestes ( 0 views )

Play Day Conversation by aliendestroya ( 156 views )

Tea with Hanako during the Day

Play Park by Izaya97 ( 0 views )

Lots of trees, grass and flowers

Play Cafe by Izaya97 ( 0 views )

Nice cafe with good food

Play Jibril by Deathstroke ( 175 views )

HI! how are you today

Play Select Moral letters to Lucilius [5-8] by Rei ( 146 views )

Moral letters to Lucilius by Seneca Source: [url=]Wikisource[/url] License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Play Shizuku Ooshima Lineset 1 by ExousiaEx ( 129 views )

Play Raikou by altanurag ( 154 views )

Small Talk

Play Dummy by NyanBottx ( 0 views )

Hey You dummy!! Hurry up we're gonna be late!

Play by TakMan11 ( 32 views )

Play Beautiful by Zack ( 113 views )

Your looks rivals that of angels

Play Tea House by ShadowHottie ( 151 views )

Visiting a tea house during the early evening with waifu

1 Favorite Play Recovery (Guess I'll Try) by CyanPluto ( 478 views )

(work in progress)

Play Shizuku Ooshima Lineset 1 by ExousiaEx ( 0 views )

Play Kouchu by Kouchu ( 0 views )

Play liolu by liolu ( 0 views )


Marco Bott Play Marco Bodt AU by CyanPluto ( 152 views )

(simplifying things, get to know Marco)

Play Gio by febabiesremine ( 0 views )


1 Favorite Tamamo-no-Mae Play Tamamo no Mae dialogue by Darkblade7557 ( 318 views )

Kinda test to see how to make those dialogues

1 Favorite Play Start by Mitsuke ( 137 views )


Play by Sempai45 ( 0 views )

Play Romancing Chiaki by Cronoku ( 118 views )

The title says all

Play by Isaiah6458 ( 0 views )

Play Anevay by snowkidvale ( 0 views )


Play TEST by celican ( 0 views )


Play test by buenavista35 ( 225 views )

testing this shit

Play The Adonis by buenavista35 ( 93 views )

A schoolboy who was an unlikely chick magnet at his school is found murdered in a gym closet. There is no shortage of suspects, and it's up to you to solve his murder.

Play Sebastian Michaelis by CheeChan ( 139 views )

Play Morrigan Aensland by Darkfighter ( 0 views )

Rei Ryugazaki Play rei by Janzora ( 0 views )

A simulation of a conversation with Rei. Cancelled until further notice.

Joshua Play Joshua by Janzora ( 91 views )

A simulation of a conversation with Joshua. Work in progress.

1 Favorite Eren Yeager Play Are you okay? (Eren) by FireHawk ( 107 views )

User seems stressed...

Play Natsu Dragneel by Neota ( 69 views )


Play 1 by Chickadde1 ( 0 views )

Play Attack on avengers by JacobPlissken ( 54 views )

Base on a comic

Play iori by Senbei-kun ( 64 views )

dialogue with iori senge

Play Box by faiz_a3 ( 68 views )

Meeting a stranger who needs help while walking home

Play i hate u by nixxi ( 0 views )


Play Light Yagami by Clare ( 54 views )

Light Yagami's roleplay date dialogue.

1 Favorite Ethel Play Ethel by Zyclon ( 111 views )

a... rather realistic experience of how it would be to have Ethel as a waifu. And ima tell you this now... its not easy

Play Haruka by BellaTheOtaku ( 0 views )


Play um sonho ? by nanami-chan ( 0 views )

Play Rin Matsuoka by Jess_The_Wolf ( 0 views )

Rin Matsuoka from Free! Iwatobi swim club

Play Tests by Kiores1 ( 0 views )


Mello Play Mello Talk by XIII_Roxas ( 49 views )

Play sweet vampire by yuiyian ( 0 views )

Nya nya nya nya nya nya nya

Play Sekai Saionji by YoruNakajima ( 25 views )

School rooftop

Play Testing by Put_Name_Here ( 20 views )

Still trying to get familiar with this thing

1 Favorite Hayato Shinomiya Play Chat with Hayato Shinomiya |Test| by That_Otaku_Boy ( 29 views )

go through the day with Shinomiya, having nice talks and enjoying yourselves.

Play by Paibok3607 ( 0 views )

Play risty by Maxilos ( 0 views )

Play I CAN BE INTERESTING, BAKA! by Kyoyas_wifu ( 16 views )

You and izuru and hanging out and you want to confess your feelings!

Play That's Very Cash Money of You by memek46 ( 0 views )

kugelmugel gives you cash money

Play A Walk Through the Snow by TheFurryHusbandoHunter ( 0 views )

You find yourself lost in a maze-like forest..

Play Karamatsu by DustyBunny ( 17 views )

Convo with the most painful Matsu

Play by blue-chan ( 0 views )

Play Shizuku Minami Set by Yasashisa ( 0 views )

Dialouge set for Shizuku Minami ^-^

Acetylene Lamp Play Promise. by sailorgoos ( 0 views )

For when you wanna date the old man; A cute scenario where he's taking you out on a date.

Play Bread by Mittyke ( 4 views )

Just testing how this works with a conversation about bread.

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Change Log

Mon Jul  3 23:22:41 CDT 2017

 - Added support for adding to favorites
 - Count and Heart on listing

To Do

Allow creators to restrict who can Play their games while
they are making them.
 - Only Me, Friends, Members, Everyone

Allow deleting sets

Make an attempt to style the players

Allow users to custimize their players

Now about Talk to Waifu/Husbando ....
 I'd like to have it
 so when you Press Talk
 If one of these is linked to the characters
 It can be played through there, awarding +1 Happiness
 on each choice

Other ideas:
 Keyboard short cuts, like pressing 1,2,3,4 to select a choice

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