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Quotes from Fumikage Tokoyami He's so loud...
― Fumikage Tokoyami
36 likes Favorites
Quotes from Denki Kaminari Huh?
― Denki Kaminari
35 likes Favorites
Quotes from Himiko Toga but you'd be cooler if you bled more, Izuku!
― Himiko Toga
34 likes Favorites
Quotes from Kyoka Jiro ...but her bounciness is
so cute that I don't care.

― Kyoka Jiro
32 likes Favorites
Quotes from Fumikage Tokoyami No matter what the environment,
we must choose wisely...

― Fumikage Tokoyami
31 likes Favorites
Quotes from Himiko Toga He said there's enough for everyone,
so we should bring it with us.

― Himiko Toga
31 likes Favorites
Quotes from Mt.Lady A pleasure to make your ass-quaintance.
― Mt.Lady
30 likes Favorites
Quotes from Eijiro Kirishima It's been a while since
I've seen Bakugo that intense.

― Eijiro Kirishima
30 likes Favorites
Quotes from Minoru Mineta I want to touch a woman's body...
I want to be popular with the ladies...

― Minoru Mineta
30 likes Favorites
Quotes from Dabi The false brilliance of the title of "hero"...
― Dabi
30 likes Favorites

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