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Santo Claudio Paradiso

VA : Jin Yamanoi

  • Image of Pierce
  • Image of Shiina
  • Image of Taihei Oosako
  • Image of Kengo Misaki
  • Image of Santo Claudio Paradiso

VA : Misa Watanabe

  • Image of Nefertari Vivi
  • Image of Cendrillon
  • Image of Nayuta Kita
  • Image of Akeginu
  • Image of Tsuchigumo

VA : Fumiko Orikasa

  • Image of Seras Victoria
  • Image of Rukia Kuchiki
  • Image of Saori Kido
  • Image of Ryouko Fueguchi
  • Image of Sophia Taylor
Gian Luigi Orsini

VA : Shigeo Kiyama

  • Image of Taka-tin
  • Image of Gian Luigi Orsini
  • Image of Hokaku
  • Image of Benny
Lorenzo Orsini

VA : Kenji Nomura

  • Image of Yujiro Hanma
  • Image of Gyula Kadar
  • Image of Roki Demon
  • Image of Palamedes
  • Image of Wiley

VA : Takaya Kuroda

  • Image of Agent S
  • Image of Master
  • Image of Lestion
  • Image of Simon Brezhnev
  • Image of Ivan the Terrible

VA : Yoji Ueda

  • Image of Robert E. O. Speedwagon (young)
  • Image of Fuen
  • Image of Leif Ericson
  • Image of Kim R Knightguy
  • Image of Mitsuhiko Nagafukada
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