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Guide: Adding Characters

A step-by-step guide on adding characters to the database.

1. Click the "Add Character" button at the top of the page or Click "Add a Character" under the characters on the series you would like to add a character to.

2. Type the character's name into the "Romanji Name" box.
Example: Naruto Uzumaki

3. Click "Browse" and find the character's picture that you have saved.

4. Click "Upload".

5. If you know their name in Japanese then enter that into the "Japanese Name" box.
Example: うずまきナルト

6. If in step one you started this process by clicking the "Add Character" button at the top of the page then you will need to enter the series ID from the series you are adding the character to into the "From" box. The series ID can be found in the address bar at the end of the url when looking at that series.

7. Next go through and set all of the character traits. Eye color, hair color, ect,.

8. Click "Update".

9. Your character has now been submitted and will be reviewed by a moderator before being posted in the database.

If you come across a character whose gender is different in one version than another, mark it as it is in the original (Japanese) version. Once your character is passed by moderation, edit the character so that the "official Details" read the original version while the "Image Details" read the non-original version.

Please, try not to submit more than 20 characters at a time.

Further Reading (become a pro in 10mins):
Adding Characters by LiCobra
Mitsugu's Guide to Character Submissions
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