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- Yozora Mikazuki

Japanese Names Translation Guide: Japanese Names Translation Guide

Here is a full guide for those of you who want to add the Japanese name if the character does not have one or for those of you who want to add or edit characters (whose names appear in the official site only in Japanese).

Here is my full guide for those of you who want to add or edit characters (whose names appear in the official site only in Japanese).

This is ALL that you have to understand to translate EVERY characters name:

1. First, if you see Japanese characters as squares with numbers, you need to install the language support from Wikipedia.

Now you can see the real Japanese syllables, and copy the Japanese name of a character from the English Wikipedia! (this the only thing you need to know if the English Wikipedia has the Japanese name of the character! )
If the Japanese name of the character you want to edit or add doesn't appear on the English Wikipedia, you will have to know how to translate the names from the Japanese Wikipedia.

2. The Japanese language has two different syllable alphabets: Katakana (used mainly for writing foreign names) and Hiragana (used in Japanese texts with Kanji and also to write the reading of a Japanese name). Kanji is adopted Chinese characters that are used in texts in names. There are over 9000 kanji characters (letters), and it is too hard for us to translate them.

This guide will teach you to translate only Katakana and Hiragana, because usually the name appears with the Hiragana or Katakana right after the Kanji.

To perform the translation, you need to print a Katakana and Hiragana chart and use it to translate names in all-Japanese sites. (Ex. Getchu, hentai games and other Japanese media database. Note: Getchu is a 18+ site!)

To translate a name, you just determine what each syllable means, and write it down or in the text field for the Japanese name on this site.

I use this chart for translating (Tip: You should print it):
Part 1
Part 2

Example of a translation:

A. Japanese name with a Hiragana transcription: 板垣 辰子 (いたがき たつこ)
Hiragana transcription:いたがき たつこ
Translation: Itagaki Tatsuko (Tatsuko=first name, Itagaki=last name), but you reverse it (Tatsuko Itagaki), because we use first name before last name here.

Here is Tatsuko for an example: Tatsuko Itagaki

B. Japanese name with a Katakana transcription: マルギッテ・エーベルバッハ
Romaji(Romanization) Translation: Marugitte Eeberubahha
The normal and real English name of the character: Margit Eberbach
*Note: ッ (small tsu) means that the following consonant is doubled: マルギッテ = Marugitte

Example: Here is Margit: Margit Eberbach

3. If you are not sure how the normal English name looks like after the Romaji: Marugitte Eeberubahha
Post the original Katakana name (マルギッテ・エーベルバッハ) in a translation page, like Google translate.

And see what is the most accurate option. But remember, it is not always right, so try to find the name on other sites too.

4. Sometimes you get things like ー or smaller letters: ァ(small a), ィ(small i), ゥ(small u), ェ(small e), ォ(small o).
To know what it means, search the ー or the small letter in the Wictionary.

5. You can try translating these characters and then check yourself, by seeing how I translated them when I added them to the database. Try it, it's easy!

Level 1:
The Hentai Game on Getchu - 18+!!
My translation

Level 2:
The Hentai Game on Getchu - 18+!!
My translation

6. Kanji name only: I strongly recommend avoiding translations like this until you have enough experience from the regular translations!

Kanji name only:
If the Japanese site provides you only Kanji names without a Hiragana/Katakana transcriptions of the characters, you need to copy the Kanji and search it in an online translation generator (like Google translation). If it gives you weird combinations of words, then it is useless. If that happens, search the last name and the first name (separately) in Japanese Wikipedia. The list of the articles sometimes contains real people who have the same last or first name as the character, whom's name you want to know. Then you can view the Hiragana/Katakana transcription of that person's last or first name and translate the name!

Links of useful Kanji, Romaji, Katakana converters and translators I used:

Kanji Converter to Hiragana, Romaji, English
Romaji to Kanji Converter
Google translate
ィ- Wiktionary


I hope this book was understandable and useful for you! Please, go easy on me, it is my first book after all.

If you still have questions, PM (personal message) me! (anonymous17)
And, good luck! Thanks for reading!

Writer - anonymous17
Editor - InfernalQueen

P.S.: You don't really have to add the Japanese name. It is mainly for the Japanese viewers of the site. But it is fun and it improves your Japanese language skills. You can now brag about knowing how to write your friends name in Katakana!
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