Who What
1melco Feb 9, 2021

Can't see myself celebrating it with anybody else..... Unless...?

Rei Feb 9, 2021

I think I'll Awooooo with Horo this V-Day

BloodyLegend Feb 9, 2021

Chinese New Year is about to come. And Valentine Day. Anyone gonna celebrate Valentine Day with their waifu?

Rei Jan 1, 2021

Happy New Year ! ^_^

LunaticElf Dec 31, 2020

Happy 2021 everyone!

ScraperSkyHigh Dec 25, 2020

Happy holidays to you folks!

Froylan Dec 25, 2020

Merry Christmas!

RinaK Dec 25, 2020

Happy Holidays!

liliumregxle Dec 25, 2020

Merry Christmas!! Hope all of you have a good day!

TenorYu Dec 25, 2020

Merry Christmas!!!! Enjoy your time

1melco Dec 25, 2020

Merry Christmas and happy HoliReis to all my friends and lovers on anime characters database!

Rei Dec 25, 2020

Merry Christmas everyone ! ^_^

Rei Dec 10, 2020

That time of year again

1melco Dec 10, 2020

Christmas banner

CitrusFruit1 Nov 28, 2020

Selling cards at : f-d 10k c-a 20k s 40k ss100k sss 400k

CitrusFruit1 Nov 22, 2020

Selling cards at : f-e 10k d-a 20k s 40k ss100k sss 400k

1melco Nov 19, 2020


ErenYeager Nov 19, 2020


NoriakiKakyoin Nov 10, 2020

Your a Jobro and your surrounded by enemies: panik

Your themes starts playing: kalm

Its Caesars theme: PANIK!

NoriakiKakyoin Nov 10, 2020

if you watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, you will understand this meme.

CitrusFruit1 Nov 5, 2020

Selling cards at medium price: f-d 5k c-a 10k s 40k ss100k sss 300k

NoriakiKakyoin Nov 4, 2020

I Usally Play A Modded Adventure

NoriakiKakyoin Nov 4, 2020

My Username Is Connorterm

NoriakiKakyoin Nov 4, 2020

Anyone Wanna Play Roblox With Me?

1melco Nov 3, 2020

Everybody sell me your Kaneda cards if you have them

NoriakiKakyoin Nov 1, 2020

(New Anime Milf Is Made)

Kakyoin And Okuyasu
"This Looks Like A Job For Us"
(Puts On Milf Hunting Shades)

NoriakiKakyoin Oct 30, 2020

And Say No To Thots And You Shall Find A Caring Milf (Like Jotaros Mom)

NoriakiKakyoin Oct 30, 2020

Just A Tip, Me And Jotaro Are Not In Love With Eachother

1melco Oct 30, 2020

Kakyoin legend moments

NoriakiKakyoin Oct 29, 2020

(Gets Killed By Dio)
(Hunts His Mom In Heaven)
Milf Hunter Tactics

1melco Oct 28, 2020

レ...レイさん... 本当に感動しました :''')

NoriakiKakyoin Oct 28, 2020

Where Are The Milfs (Rero Intensifes)

Rei Oct 27, 2020

What's cooking? xD

Positive energy is most welcome here 1melco! わたしもみなだいすき!

NoriakiKakyoin Oct 27, 2020

I Smell Milfs

BloodyLegend Oct 26, 2020


NoriakiKakyoin Oct 26, 2020

I Smell Moms

1melco Oct 24, 2020

Hello and I love you all! (I hope it's not too forward to say)

eriahanbai Oct 23, 2020


Rei Oct 20, 2020

Welcome Ayano-Chan! Day is going well. How about yours?

CitrusFruit1 Oct 20, 2020

Cards on sale

Ayano-Chan Oct 20, 2020

🙃hello I’m new on here. Just wondering about how everyone’s day is going???

eriahanbai Oct 18, 2020


EmilyLee Oct 9, 2020


Animemaster1 Oct 8, 2020

Cards for sale.

Rei Oct 6, 2020

hidden message

Animemaster1 Sep 26, 2020

My cards are on sale.

Animemaster1 Sep 25, 2020

Cards for sales.

Animemaster1 Sep 20, 2020

Cards for sale.

Rei Sep 17, 2020

The card events run every hour for 15 minutes. Time zone is North America EST

Phenian Sep 16, 2020

Th event is till 10:15 of which time, GMT?

Animemaster1 Sep 8, 2020

My cards are on sale.

Rei Sep 7, 2020

Hi NgKQ, sorry for the delay. Had to hear back from another admin before I could reply to your PM.

gokiburi-chan Sep 7, 2020

Hi NgKQ! I'm not an admin, but I'm sure Rei will return soon

NgKQ Sep 7, 2020

Is any admin here?

NgKQ Sep 7, 2020


gokiburi-chan Sep 6, 2020

Aw, thanks Rei! He is my #1 Husbando so its extra special!

Understood! I will talk nicely from now on!

Rei Sep 6, 2020

You captured Piccolo awesomely with that one. Have a like! xD

Sadly I had to mod down another one. I'd like to keep vulgar words out of the reviews.

gokiburi-chan Sep 6, 2020

Could not be more honored, I got the Excellent! stamp on one

gokiburi-chan Sep 6, 2020

Oh boy, I'm excited to leave some more 6 word reviews then!

Rei Sep 6, 2020

Could use some help moderating the backlog of Six Word Reviews

Will be reviving the feature

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