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BloodyLegend Yesterday 06:35 am


NoriakiKakyoin Yesterday 01:26 am

I Smell Moms

1melco Oct 24, 2020

Hello and I love you all! (I hope it's not too forward to say)

eriahanbai Oct 23, 2020


Rei Oct 20, 2020

Welcome Ayano-Chan! Day is going well. How about yours?

CitrusFruit1 Oct 20, 2020

Cards on sale

Ayano-Chan Oct 20, 2020

🙃hello I’m new on here. Just wondering about how everyone’s day is going???

eriahanbai Oct 18, 2020


EmilyLee Oct 9, 2020


Animemaster1 Oct 8, 2020

Cards for sale.

Rei Oct 6, 2020

hidden message

Animemaster1 Sep 26, 2020

My cards are on sale.

Animemaster1 Sep 25, 2020

Cards for sales.

Animemaster1 Sep 20, 2020

Cards for sale.

Rei Sep 17, 2020

The card events run every hour for 15 minutes. Time zone is North America EST

Phenian Sep 16, 2020

Th event is till 10:15 of which time, GMT?

Animemaster1 Sep 8, 2020

My cards are on sale.

Rei Sep 7, 2020

Hi NgKQ, sorry for the delay. Had to hear back from another admin before I could reply to your PM.

gokiburi-chan Sep 7, 2020

Hi NgKQ! I'm not an admin, but I'm sure Rei will return soon

NgKQ Sep 7, 2020

Is any admin here?

NgKQ Sep 7, 2020


gokiburi-chan Sep 6, 2020

Aw, thanks Rei! He is my #1 Husbando so its extra special!

Understood! I will talk nicely from now on!

Rei Sep 6, 2020

You captured Piccolo awesomely with that one. Have a like! xD

Sadly I had to mod down another one. I'd like to keep vulgar words out of the reviews.

gokiburi-chan Sep 6, 2020

Could not be more honored, I got the Excellent! stamp on one

gokiburi-chan Sep 6, 2020

Oh boy, I'm excited to leave some more 6 word reviews then!

Rei Sep 6, 2020

Could use some help moderating the backlog of Six Word Reviews

Will be reviving the feature

Rei Sep 4, 2020

The Voice tab on Edit Character is now open to members.

You can assign and unassign voice actors, as well as create an assign new voice actors.

gokiburi-chan Sep 3, 2020

Oh cool! I was just wondering if I should hang on to mine or not. I think for the time being I will, thanks!

Rei Sep 3, 2020

Some people want to collect them all.

There has been some interest in assigning them attributes, and making card games.

gokiburi-chan Sep 2, 2020

Is there a purpose for cards besides extracting them for essences?

Animemaster1 Sep 1, 2020

My cards are on sale to those who would like to buy my cards.

Animemaster1 Sep 1, 2020

Vote for Aya Kuroda for character of the week.

Animemaster1 Aug 31, 2020

Last chance for this month, my cards are on sale.

Rei Aug 30, 2020

Thank you 1melco! You've made today even better.

1melco Aug 30, 2020

It's a beautiful day, on this beautiful webiste.

Animemaster1 Aug 30, 2020

My cards are on sale.

Animemaster1 Aug 29, 2020

Whoever would like to join my guild: Angel Force can join now. But you need to be my friend first.

Animemaster1 Aug 29, 2020

My cards are on sale.

Animemaster1 Aug 28, 2020

Thanks Rei.

Rei Aug 27, 2020

Cards can be bought here

Animemaster1 Aug 27, 2020

If anyone was to ask, the price is from 4 Diamonds (40000 points) to 1 Pearl (1000000 points)

Animemaster1 Aug 27, 2020

Whoever would like my cards they're on sale.

BloodyLegend Aug 19, 2020


Rei Aug 18, 2020

*steals them all back* xD

BloodyLegend Aug 18, 2020

Oof feel bad for you Rei. People NTRED more than half your waifus. No one steals my waifus cause I check every min

Rei Aug 11, 2020

The front page can now be customized. Click the (1)(2) to remove a frame from the current view. Everything marked (1) will be visible when you follow the ACDB link. Everything (2) will be on Page 2

Rei Aug 5, 2020

It's now possible to add reviews from your watching list. Click an Edit button to see.

A simplified essence extractor is now available. Lists only duplicates, can be filtered by rarity, click a copy to extract.

Rei Aug 3, 2020

No worries. It's good to see someone besides me testing out the new tag system. xD

Hovering over the tag will give a description, and clicking the ❓ will bring up examples.

Animemaster1 Aug 3, 2020

I'm sorry Rei.

Rei Aug 3, 2020

more than half of mine are NTR lol

Froylan Aug 2, 2020

You'll get used to it eventually

AlaynaGamerz Aug 2, 2020

When your WAIFU is stolen- lol

BloodyLegend Jul 30, 2020

Welp don't want too much people knowing this place. Don't want my waifu NTR every min

Rei Jul 29, 2020

Not enough! I'm a programmer, not a promoter. lol

BloodyLegend Jul 29, 2020

How many weebs actually knows that this site exist

Rei Jul 28, 2020

Anyone bored? Could use some help assigning Protagonists

BloodyLegend Jul 27, 2020


Rei Jul 23, 2020

Yo o/

scaphism Jul 23, 2020


Rei Jul 16, 2020


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