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Rei Jun 4, 2021

Nice find 1melco! Thanks for adding her.

1melco Jun 4, 2021

I was surprised to find that the girl changing clothes on the daily maintenance page wasn't in the database.. Well, no longer

Rei May 11, 2021

Let's all live to see one million characters !

1melco May 6, 2021

I can only hope I live to see the 120,000th :')

Rei May 5, 2021

Congrats on adding the 110,000th 1melco !

TenorYu May 5, 2021

I think she’s a good choice!

1melco May 5, 2021

Success !

Rei May 5, 2021

Feel free to go ahead. We're 8 away.

1melco May 5, 2021

Same here, I have some in upload limbo actually.. I was thinking this Alexander the Great girl might not be a bad pick, if nobody else has any character in mind: https://wikiwiki.jp/moeouexjapan/%E3%82%A2%E3%83%AC%E3%82%AF%E3%82%B5%E3%83%B3%E3%83%89%E3%83%AD%E3%82%B9%E5%A4%A7%E7%8E%8B

Moon_Moon May 5, 2021

Are you guys still planning on the 110000th character cus I'm planning to add couple of series and characters and don't want to mess it up?

Rei May 5, 2021

that is true! hahaha would have to scrap the banner idea.

TenorYu May 4, 2021

That would suck if she was our 110000th person hahahahaha

1melco May 4, 2021

I was going to add the MoeOH EX series soon but now I have to be careful because one of them is anime girl Hitler and we can't risk a disaster of that scale...

Rei May 4, 2021

Anyone want to pick the 110000th in advance and make a '110,000 characters' banner featuring them? XD

Rei May 4, 2021

And which series they'll be from

1melco May 2, 2021

Wow... I wonder who the 110,000th will be o.o

Rei May 2, 2021

Just 35 characters to 110,000 !

Rei Apr 29, 2021

Thank you! We'll keep pushing forward

Saliliya Apr 27, 2021

≺Rei≻ Happy Birthday ACDB! I hope ACDB will be always success.(^_^♪) (I'm sorry I late) (T_T)

Oberon Apr 26, 2021

Happy Birthday ACDB!!!!

Rei Apr 26, 2021

Cheers and Happy Birthday ACDB ! ^_^

1melco Apr 26, 2021

Happy birthday ACDB! Thank you all, and may the future be even brighter... (':

RinaK Apr 26, 2021

Congratulations for the community, staff members and Rei for all the effort an dedication! To 14 more!

TenorYu Apr 26, 2021

Happy 14th anniversary

Froylan Apr 19, 2021

Great idea,it could even make the site more popular.

Rei Apr 9, 2021

Very long hair like Rias, Shana, Konata. Ookami features like Horo. Sword and magic like Lina. Intelligent librarian in glasses.

I wonder if all that could be combined?

1melco Apr 9, 2021

I'd love to try to make one..! Only thing is, I'm not sure where to start to design a character that could encapsulate the concept of acdb...

Rei Apr 9, 2021

I wonder if we could get an artist to design an official ACDB mascot character

1melco Apr 7, 2021

Hi cooldude267

cooldude267 Apr 7, 2021


1melco Apr 6, 2021

Oh I had no idea the site birthday was coming.. What a thrill

TenorYu Apr 6, 2021

That would be an amazing birthday present

Rei Apr 6, 2021

109339 characters hmm..

I wonder if we'll hit 110,000 in time for ACDB's 14th bday ( April 26 )

Rei Apr 1, 2021

Better hoof on over while it's hot

1melco Apr 1, 2021

Soup's on, everypony

Rei Apr 1, 2021

I only have a few hours left to pull something. XD

1melco Apr 1, 2021

I hope nobody on this site gets Pranked...

Rei Apr 1, 2021

Happy Apirl Fools day!

TruncateVirus99 Mar 31, 2021


1melco Feb 9, 2021

Can't see myself celebrating it with anybody else..... Unless...?

Rei Feb 9, 2021

I think I'll Awooooo with Horo this V-Day

BloodyLegend Feb 9, 2021

Chinese New Year is about to come. And Valentine Day. Anyone gonna celebrate Valentine Day with their waifu?

Rei Jan 1, 2021

Happy New Year ! ^_^

LunaticElf Dec 31, 2020

Happy 2021 everyone!

ScraperSkyHigh Dec 25, 2020

Happy holidays to you folks!

Froylan Dec 25, 2020

Merry Christmas!

RinaK Dec 25, 2020

Happy Holidays!

liliumregxle Dec 25, 2020

Merry Christmas!! Hope all of you have a good day!

TenorYu Dec 25, 2020

Merry Christmas!!!! Enjoy your time

1melco Dec 25, 2020

Merry Christmas and happy HoliReis to all my friends and lovers on anime characters database!

Rei Dec 25, 2020

Merry Christmas everyone ! ^_^

Rei Dec 10, 2020

That time of year again

1melco Dec 10, 2020

Christmas banner

CitrusFruit1 Nov 28, 2020

Selling cards at : f-d 10k c-a 20k s 40k ss100k sss 400k

CitrusFruit1 Nov 22, 2020

Selling cards at : f-e 10k d-a 20k s 40k ss100k sss 400k

1melco Nov 19, 2020


ErenYeager Nov 19, 2020


NoriakiKakyoin Nov 10, 2020

Your a Jobro and your surrounded by enemies: panik

Your themes starts playing: kalm

Its Caesars theme: PANIK!

NoriakiKakyoin Nov 10, 2020

if you watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, you will understand this meme.

CitrusFruit1 Nov 5, 2020

Selling cards at medium price: f-d 5k c-a 10k s 40k ss100k sss 300k

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