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Rei 02:54 am

Seems to be quite the traffic spike going on right now. Welcome to all first time visitors ! ^_^

Rei May 15, 2020

Yay we're back online.

Rei May 11, 2020

Love and Hate character Collections have been updated.

Should work - with sorting now.

Rei May 8, 2020

Wonder what I could do to make Character of the Day/Week/Month a thing again.

Move the vote buttons to the top of the character profiles?

pgj1997 May 7, 2020

Good idea

Rei May 7, 2020

Idea finally hit me I could use the front page the way I used to use a side bar.

Will be updating this all week. Feel free to make requests/suggestions here!

Jraz716 May 2, 2020


Katada Apr 26, 2020


RinaK Mar 31, 2020

Stay home, y'all ✌️

pgj1997 Jan 17, 2020

Why is it so hidden though?

pgj1997 Jan 17, 2020

There's a chatbox?

Hirunapyeer Oct 18, 2019

Hi, is there any way I can become an admin, please? ^^

Godly_Otaku Jun 24, 2019

Nvm i found it

Godly_Otaku Jun 24, 2019

I wanna use this site for my discord bot

Godly_Otaku Jun 24, 2019

Yo is there an api for this website?

KiryuLuver Apr 20, 2019

whats up babe?? ^3^

RyotaAi Apr 20, 2019

Hey sweet mama

KiryuLuver Apr 20, 2019

hey babes

Sakamaki_Naruto Dec 7, 2018


Rei Nov 12, 2018

It's alright, feel free to use this any time you like. ^_^

Hi laicifan!

laicifan Nov 12, 2018


Sprite_OwO Nov 8, 2018


Sprite_OwO Nov 8, 2018

I'm so sorry for spamming shbshs Thabk you for answering though!!

Rei Nov 6, 2018

Whoa! There's messages here! XD

NTR WARS is when you represent a Guild while stealing Waifu's.

and a long overdue Welcome back Mitsu! xD

Sprite_OwO Nov 5, 2018

Omg have I been abusing the support log?

Sprite_OwO Nov 5, 2018


Sprite_OwO Nov 5, 2018

Ny'all active or is this just Sleepy Time Junction rn?

Sprite_OwO Nov 5, 2018

ah nevermind I see now

Sprite_OwO Nov 5, 2018


Mitsugu Oct 22, 2018

I shall enjoy exploring these new features!

Rei Oct 13, 2018

Also if anyone is interested in editing character assignments and currently can not - let me know and I'll set you up with permissions.

Rei Oct 13, 2018

I've made a few changes to this Assignments Editor.

It can be reached by clicking the [Image] then the - Edit Character Assignments in Franchise - link.

Changes include removing the Must Be Franchise restriction. And an Edit link for all characters.

Let's get any season 2's with no characters fixed up. ^^

Rei Sep 19, 2018

Testing out a new Admin Area ... we have the chatbox enabled here, a link to the Admin Area at the top of the site and info as to who/when checked a moderator queue.

Rei Aug 19, 2018

The top will now use the new search, I've also included stars when search to easily add titles to your favorites. And links at the end of the search results for things to do with your favorites.

Rei Aug 18, 2018

Thanks! I'll switch it over shortly.

Aimee4 Aug 18, 2018

Search B

Rei Aug 17, 2018

Which of these is easier to use?

Search A
Search B

Rei Aug 13, 2018

Idea for today: Should we have a popularity contest for series? What would be some interesting categories? Best Moe? Best Harem? Best Horror? Best Another World ?

Rei Aug 13, 2018

A big welcome to HandsOnVillain, our newest moderator ! ^_^

Rei Aug 12, 2018

From the top menu, Anime ≻ Add a Series

Then bug a moderator to approve it .xD

HandsOnVillain Aug 12, 2018

nvm found it

HandsOnVillain Aug 11, 2018

how do you favorite a series? sorry i'm new and when i tried to i couldn't find how to do it
thanks in advance~

Rei Aug 7, 2018

I'm enjoying my hero academia. seems like they are adding a ton of new characters to it this season

Willowkarmachance2905 Aug 6, 2018

I’ve seen my hero academia

HandsOnVillain Aug 6, 2018

anyone watch boku no academia/ my hero academia?

Aimee4 Jul 29, 2018

Almost every guy in Free is good looking

LuuWithingale Jul 29, 2018

D: some anime with cute boys?

Aimee4 Jul 29, 2018

Anyone else watching Free?

Rei Jul 28, 2018

It's finally started?! Awesome!

FireHawk Jul 28, 2018


rpgguy999 Jul 26, 2018

Oh, that's cool.

Rei Jul 26, 2018

May the chatbox live again! Please use this to report issues on the site, or to gently remind a moderator to approve your submissions.

Reo54 Jun 18, 2018

I Wouldn't call it blue and green, but it's messed up for me too.

Aimee4 Jun 18, 2018

Did the site turn blue and green on anyone else?

Rei Jun 17, 2018

Everyone can now submit how they would index characters ~

From the character profile, click the Did we make a mistake? How would you index this character? link to get started.

ShinyShinigami Jun 15, 2018

I'm going to be watching both seasons of Free! and at least the first season of Kaiji in preparation for the summer anime season.

ShinyShinigami Jun 11, 2018

I'm going to finish season 2, followed by S, before taking a break from Shana and watching one of the other series on my list.

Rei Jun 11, 2018

Shana was a good series. You've got season 3 next! XD

ShinyShinigami Jun 11, 2018

I started season 2 of Shakugan no Shana yesterday. I'm 20 episodes in.
I need a life.

Rei Jun 11, 2018

A super happy birthday to them ! ^_^

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