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Haruhi Fujioka is adventuring with Tryshot

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Haruhi Fujioka is a character from the Anime Ouran High School Host Club.

They have been indexed as Male Teen with Brown eyes and Brown hair that is To Ears length.


Haruhi is the main character of the series. She was born on February 4 and is 15 years old at the start of the series.
As an intelligent first-year student of the exclusive Ouran Academy that comes from a poor family, having a cross-dressing father and a deceased mother, she is required to achieve academic excellence and rank first in class to maintain a special scholarship. She comes across the Host Club while looking for a quiet study place and accidentally breaks a ¥8,000,000 (80,000 USD in the English edition of the manga) vase that was to be featured in a school auction. She clears her debt to the club by disguising herself as a boy and working for them as a host. She finds this task easy because she feels gender does not dominate her personality. She soon realizes that acting as host and talking with girls comes naturally and begins to enjoy the work. However, she dislikes taking time away from studying and finds the antics of other hosts bothersome. Although she appears indifferent and fearless, she is revealed to suffer from brontophobia, a fear of thunder.
Haruhi is shown to be brutally honest but she is very perceptive and caring, as shown when it is discovered she is the only one who can tell the twins apart. Despite her seemingly nonchalant attitude, she is shown to actually be very emotionally invested in all the host club’s comings and goings, which becomes apparent when she shares an often surprising insight the other members have overlooked. She is surprisingly empathetic, and has shown an exceptional ability to understand the other host club members’ personalities.
Throughout the manga, Haruhi grows to appreciate the Host Club and falls in love with Tamaki, the club’s self-proclaimed King. She refuses to accept her feelings for him in the beginning, but as time goes by and the Host Club has to endure several trials together, even having Tamaki leave due to his grandmother’s orders, Haruhi finds her courage. She confesses to him after the Host Club makes sure he is reunited with his mother. Shortly after becoming a couple, Haruhi accepts an offer to leave for America on a one year scholarship program. Originally supposed to go alone, Haruhi is happy to learn that Tamaki is going with her, as he has no intention of leaving her. Days after their arrival in America, they discover the other club members have followed them to live in the same building.
The official storyline of Ouran High School Host Club ends here, after 83 chapters.
In a one-shot released in January 2011, the Host Club follows Kyoya to Spain. Haruhi finds herself troubled with how to deal with Tamaki’s growing confidence in their relationship. After Kyoya explains to her how Tamaki would get just as flustered as her if she should flirt back, however, Haruhi tries to hug Tamaki and ask him to carry her, which causes Tamaki to faint out of embarrassment.
In April 2011, a series of short glimpses into the futures of the main characters and some of the supporting characters was included in volume 18, the last volume. A short chapter was also included with Haruhi and Tamaki in Boston, set eight months after chapter 83, and showed Tamaki thinking about marrying her, and Haruhi worrying that it wasn’t clear to him that she was as committed to their romantic relationship as he was (while less eager to marry quickly). In the one-page glimpse into the futures of Haruhi’s father and Tamaki’s parents, Haruhi and Tamaki are preparing to ask her father for permission for Tamaki to marry her. In the final two pages of the volume, a few pictures are included of their wedding in the “flirty pictures” section, along with a note from Hatori indicating that she definitely thought they would marry. In the glimpse into her friends’ Mei Yasumura’s and Ritsu Kasanoda’s futures, Mei, a rookie designer who has just started dating Kasanoda, a florist, informs a shocked Kasanoda that Haruhi is pregnant. Mori’s glimpse into the future confirms that Haruhi and Tamaki were the first in the host club to have children.
Trait Appears (actual)
Gender Male (Female)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Hair Length To Ears (To Chest)
Apparent Age Teen
Animal Ears No
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