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Profile Picture for Gintoki Sakata
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ID 12968
Wealth Diamonds 35 Sapphires 56 Rubies 20
From Gintama
Media Type anime
Voiced By Tomokazu Sugita, 杉田智和, すぎた ともかず
Voiced By Chris Patton, Christopher D. Patton, Christopher Patton
Tags samurai, swordsman, bokken, kimono
Birthday October 10
Sign Libra ♎
Star Sign Libra
Likes sweets, alcohol, Shounen Jump, strawberry milk
Dislikes ghosts, horror stuff
Height 177cm
Weight 65kg
Favorite food Chocolate parfaits; strawberry milk


Gintoki Sakata is a character from the anime Gintama.
They have been indexed as Male Adult with Red eyes and Blue hair that is To Ears length.

Gintoki is the main protagonist of the series.
He is introduced as a former rebel samurai who lives in a fictionalized version of 1860s Japan -- after being invaded and transformed by aliens(known as the Amanto). Gintoki once fought the alien invaders until he realized the lack of sense in doing so, leading to him choosing to instead make a living as a freelancer for hire in Edo alongside his friends in order to pay the monthly rent.

Despite his age, Gintoki often shows various childish behaviour and has a sweet tooth and obsession with sugary and sweet foods. He is also obsessed with reading a manga anthology magazine and will go to great lengths to get the latest issue which includes reckless behavior.
Additionally, he blames his naturally permed silver hair for his lack of a love-life though several female characters have shown an interest in him. He usually does not show any response and merely puts up with them as annoyances.

He is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita, the same seiyu who voiced Sket Dance's "Switch" (Kazuyoshi Usui)
He also appears in a crossover episode, alongside Kagura and Shinpachi, for Sket Dance in episode 26.



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