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西園寺 世界(さいおんじ せかい)


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ID 2472
Wealth Pearls 54 Diamonds 53 Sapphires 25 Rubies 75
From School Days
Media Type anime
Voiced By Shiho Kawaragi, 河原木志穂, かわらぎ しほ
Tags yandere, school uniform, ahoge, ribbon, stockings
Birthday December 7
Sign Sagittarius ♐
Star Sign Sagittarius
Height 155cm
Blood Type B
Bust 84cm
Waist 62cm
Hip 86cm


Sekai Saionji is a character from the anime School Days.
They have been indexed as Female Teen with Gray eyes and Black hair that is To Chest length.


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"When you don't understand the other person's feelings, it's overcoming these frustrating times, that makes you feel better when you do understand them. That's what you call lovers." TV Anime Episode 3.
"Think about the other person's feelings when you do it." TV Anime Episode 3.
"Girls have things called modesty and mood! It doesn't mean that anytime, anywhere, anything is okay! Even if you are lovers!" TV Anime Episode 3.
"In a place where people are, to lay your hand on her ... You're the worst!" TV Anime Episode 3.
"When you can't make up your mind, just straight-out refuse!" TV Anime Episode 3.
"A good for nothing." OVA - Valentine's Day.
"O-of course, you idiot! It's just an obligation...." OVA - Valentine's Day.

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Cangelosi That Girl With The Nice Boat
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Sekai Saionji 西園寺 世界(さいおんじ せかい) Image of Sekai Saionji Anime Character 10 School Days


YoruNakajima (Pearls 54 Diamonds 53 Sapphires 25 Rubies 75)

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