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White Star 12 hits

ホワイト☆スター (White☆Star)

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White Star is a character from the anime Soul Eater.
They have been indexed as Male Adult with White eyes and White hair that is To Neck length. Edit

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White☆Star (ホワイト☆スター, Howaito☆Sutā) is Black☆Star's father. He was a member of the infamous Star Clan, who were reputed to do anything for money. Along with the rest of the Star Clan, he became obsessed with power and was on the way to becoming a Kishin before he was captured and killed by Death Weapon Meister Academy. So far, most of White☆Star's appearances and the information revealed about him has been shown during comments made by Sid Barett. In the Anime, however, White☆Star has an encounter with the Samurai Mifune that leads to his death and shows multiple flashbacks to scenes of this event.

White☆Star was an incredibly dark and ferocious individual who obsessed in power and wealth. His common facial expression would be that of eerily angered eyes, which could easily illustrate his personality and bloodlust.
As an assassin for the Star Clan, he killed without mercy, even to people who rightfully deserved it, and felt pride in doing so. His murderous rampages would leave him with the feeling of victory, to which he basked in continuously, to the point where he chose to base all of his morals around the theme of winning. This made White☆Star completely fall into his own Madness, disregarding the need to follow any type of determined path but that of victory.

White☆Star becomes irritated by others who seem to try to employ paths for him to take, immediately disregarding them and adverting his attention right after he determines that the person will continue to try to convince him. People's persistence may commonly lead him to become violent, and using force to silence them.

White☆Star takes amusement to people who seem to be of lower skill level than he is, commonly showing a cruel smile with slight laughter towards them. He also laughs when people regonize just how powerful he is and become amazed or scared. This appeals to his pleasure in standing out when compared to others, a trait that is passed on to his son, Black☆Star.

In his eyes, White☆Star had only one thing to fear, and that was losing. The idea that he may be defeated one day caused him to quake in terror, shaking him to the Soul. Although White☆Star would never openly express this, Mifune was able to identify White☆Star's horror through an expression that he had given him after the thought entered White☆Star's mind that he may have just met his match (Mifune), and that defeat was near.

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White Star ホワイト☆スター (White☆Star) Image of White Star Anime Character 0 Father of Black Star Soul Eater



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