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Tsubaki Nakatsukasa is a character from the anime Soul Eater.
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Tsubaki Nakatsukasa (中務 椿, Nakatsukasa Tsubaki), the Demon Weapon, is Black☆Star's partner. She can change into multiple ninja weapons, including the chain scythe/kusarigama, shuriken, smoke bomb, and eventually the uncanny sword. Like her brother, she is a member of the Nakatsukasa clan.

She has a very magnanimous and gentle personality and always tries to help everyone even when she has no idea how to help. She is caring and understanding and sometimes acts as the mediator when her friends fight. Tsubaki's soul is "very co-operative and has a lot of space to accept people" as said by Dr. Stein. She deeply cares for her friends and prefers to avoid unnecessary conflict, usually being the one who diffuses any arguments between people. She is also generous and kind-hearted, up to the point that some people even take advantage of her (Liz does this twice, once in the anime when she asks her to do an essay for her and another time when Liz pretends she cooked Tsubaki's food in order to impress a boy she likes). One of the most mature and flexible characters, Tsubaki is very amicable and gets along well with her peers and can be very understanding of their feelings. Despite being on the calm and accepting side, she still knows where to draw a line, and can be as punishing as Maka when her partner does something inappropriate (her usual retaliation is throwing a shuriken into Black Star's head, resulting in a gush of blood). Due to her overall serious nature, she still shows some dismay and shock alongside Maka when the other characters do something ridiculous.

She does seem to suffer from a degree of self-doubt and low esteem however, although she prefers to hide this from people. It is shown that she has a secret fear that Black Star would abandon her for another partner and refers herself as a 'scentless flower' when fighting Masamune.

However, when the situation calls for it, Tsubaki can be almost as determined and spirited as Black Star. She comes from an established family of Weapons descending from a Weapon created by one of Arachne's younger sisters, Medusa. Though younger than her brother, Masamune, she was given the bulk of the family transformation ability. Masamune grew extremely jealous of this, and thus became a bitter enemy, whom she volunteered to face. She also seems to have a talent for cooking, having been complimented on a few occasions by her friends.

During "Salvage" it is revelead that she and Liz are the two most lustful members of Spartoi as they stayed in opposite gender form longer than anyone else. In chapter 75 it became evident that she was the more lustful one,as she stayed boy a few seconds longer than Liz, something she was very embarrassed about.

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HopelessSituation1043     0 pts     1 year(s)

Such a well done character, love the way she just accepts BlackStar
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