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Kan Ou : Boy... Did your Hundred-Man Unit receive a name from my Lord? (0:00:08.64)
Shin : Feixin Unit. (0:00:14.77)
Kan Ou : The head of the Zhao General Feng Ji (0:00:19.75)
Kan Ou : has been taken by Xin of the Feixin Unit! (0:00:22.50)
Heki : You did well, Xin. (0:00:32.91)
Heki : You seriously are something... (0:00:34.90)
Shin : What're ya talking about? (0:00:39.12)
Shin : I only did it because you stopped the enemy foot soldiers, Brother Bi. (0:00:40.49)
En : Lord Xin! (0:00:43.38)
Shin : They made it out okay?! (0:00:45.77)
En : You did it! (0:00:45.78)
Shin : Sorry, we'll talk later. (0:00:49.26)
Heki : I see. (0:00:53.63)
Heki : You've truly become a unit captain, Xin. (0:00:56.32)
Ki Ou : Now is not the time to be endlessly enraptured by that which has passed, Youngster Xin. (0:01:07.22)
Shin : General Wang Qi. (0:01:15.91)
Ki Ou : My, my. (0:01:18.51)
Ki Ou : Now the general is coming in person to thank you for your work today. (0:01:19.82)
Ki Ou : Won't you make a bit of a happier face? (0:01:25.80)
Ki Ou : That one isn't cute at all. (0:01:29.12)
Ki Ou : Youngster Xin, (0:01:35.08)
Ki Ou : do you know why I gave a name to your unit? (0:01:36.58)
Ki Ou : It was to make it easier to remember. (0:01:43.24)
Ki Ou : To enemies and to allies. (0:01:45.70)
Shin : To enemies, too? (0:01:48.35)
Ki Ou : When you killed Feng Ji, (0:01:51.02)
Ki Ou : Gan Yang called out your name and the Feixin Unit for all to hear. (0:01:53.22)
Ki Ou : Feng Ji was a well-renowned general. (0:02:02.43)
Ki Ou : Having taken him down, (0:02:05.01)
Ki Ou : your name will spread to not only to all of the State of Zhao, but to all of China. (0:02:07.63)
Shin : My name... all across China? (0:02:13.07)
Ki Ou : Though, just for a moment. (0:02:16.41)
Shin : A moment... (0:02:20.95)
Shin : Even if it's just for a moment, my name... (0:02:22.86)
Shin : Yes... This is fine... (0:02:28.48)
Shin : If I can repeat this, (0:02:31.88)
Shin : my name will start to permeate throughout China little by little. (0:02:33.49)
Shin : And then I will become it... (0:02:43.28)
Shin : the greatest general under the heavens! (0:02:47.59)
EXTRA : The setting is before the common era, (0:02:52.25)
EXTRA : in the State of Qin during the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period. (0:02:53.57)
EXTRA : The nameless boy Xin met with the young King Zheng, (0:02:56.37)
EXTRA : distinguished himself in war, and finally become a Hundred-Man General. (0:03:00.07)
EXTRA : Among those events, the neighboring State of Zhao suddenly invaded, (0:03:05.22)
EXTRA : presenting an unprecedented crisis. (0:03:08.74)
EXTRA : What kind of war will Supreme Commander Wang Qi wage? (0:03:11.21)
EXTRA : And what kind of growth with Xin achieve? (0:03:15.09)
EXTRA : Sudden Change in the Tide of Battle (0:04:49.18)
EXTRA : The war entered its second day. (0:04:56.14)
EXTRA : The Qin Army concentrated its efforts on a battle in the central area... (0:04:59.92)
EXTRA : With that as the focal point, the protagonist of this day is... (0:05:04.17)
EXTRA : Meng Wu. (0:05:07.84)
Mou Bu : Soldiers, today will be the same as yesterday! (0:05:11.66)
Mou Bu : Follow after me! (0:05:14.39)
Ki Ou : Oh, they really have gotten fired up... (0:05:23.10)
Ki Ou : Teng, what were the Meng Wu Army's losses yesterday? (0:05:27.46)
Tou : Yes, sir. I heard it was approximately 600. (0:05:32.38)
Ki Ou : 600... (0:05:35.50)
Tou : For such a fierce battle that it turned into, that seems like a small number, but... (0:05:37.10)
Ki Ou : I see. Is that right? (0:05:42.08)
Mou Bu : All units, (0:05:48.78)
Mou Bu : charge! (0:05:50.61)
Li Bai : Heavy soldiers, take slanted positions! (0:06:05.45)
Ten Karyou : It started! (0:06:11.90)
Ten Karyou : But this is... (0:06:14.90)
Tou : The same as yesterday, he says? (0:06:17.46)
Ki Ou : Well, actually... (0:06:21.25)
Ki Ou : this will likely be something well worth seeing. (0:06:23.06)
Mou Bu : Li Bai, I know your name. (0:06:31.36)
Mou Bu : Your strength lies in your defense. (0:06:34.92)
Mou Bu : You have never lost against any of your countless enemies. (0:06:36.76)
Mou Bu : China acknowledges you as the General of Defense. (0:06:40.48)
Mou Bu : Don't make me laugh! (0:06:45.62)
Mou Bu : You were merely blessed with weak opponents! (0:06:55.04)
Ten Karyou : That tilted battle formation that blocked so much yesterday (0:06:58.92)
Ten Karyou : was penetrated in one attack today! (0:07:01.66)
Ten Karyou : What in the world is going on? (0:07:03.92)
Mou Ki : Perhaps... (0:07:06.13)
Mou Ki : if they had felt like it, they could've penetrated it yesterday, as well. (0:07:07.57)
Ten Karyou : So they didn't break through on purpose? (0:07:12.73)
Ten Karyou : Why? (0:07:17.01)
Tou : Training his foot soldiers? (0:07:20.00)
Ki Ou : Yes. (0:07:22.06)
Ki Ou : The foot soldiers participating in this war on the State of Qin side (0:07:24.50)
Ki Ou : are all people assembled in a hurry, and therefore have low morale. (0:07:27.68)
Ki Ou : There was a huge difference between them and the mounted unit directly under Meng Wu. (0:07:30.84)
Ki Ou : Therefore they could not fight as one army. And so... (0:07:35.90)
Mou Ki : They avoided any deep involvement yesterday. (0:07:40.57)
Mou Ki : He chose a strategy where he would have fewer casualties on his side. (0:07:42.38)
Mou Ki : From an onlooker's perspective, they may have looked like they were lost on how to combat General Li Bai's battle formation. (0:07:47.24)
Mou Ki : But what do you think the foot soldiers of the Meng Wu Army felt? (0:07:51.80)
Ten Karyou : Well, against their constant attacks to try to penetrate the enemy formation, all the enemy did was defend... (0:07:57.00)
Ten Karyou : I see! The foot soldiers gained confidence. (0:08:04.86)
Ki Ou : Greater confidence is higher morale. (0:08:08.89)
Ki Ou : The Meng Wu Army's foot soldiers of yesterday are now a completely different army today. (0:08:12.26)
Ki Ou : That Meng Wu is quite something, isn't he? (0:08:23.30)
Zhao Zhuang : But this will is not enough to penetrate Li Bai's defense. (0:08:29.42)
Zhao Zhuang : Show me, Li Bai... (0:08:34.48)
Zhao Zhuang : the ferocity of the formations you control! (0:08:37.01)
Li Bai : We will use "Snake"! (0:08:41.44)
EXTRA : Yes, sir! (0:08:43.17)
Ten Karyou : What?! (0:08:43.88)
Ten Karyou : The Li Bai Army formation is changing! (0:08:45.25)
Mou Ki : The back of the diagonal formation is sliding sideways, (0:08:49.14)
Mou Ki : and they've concentrated it around the point Meng Wu penetrated. (0:08:51.39)
Mou Ki : And meanwhile, the front is forming a big bend, (0:08:55.03)
Mou Ki : and has even covered the Meng Wu Army's rear. (0:08:57.62)
Mou Ki : This is no longer a defensive formation! (0:09:00.80)
Mou Ki : The Li Bai Army is intending to surround the Meng Wu Army and annihilate it! (0:09:04.09)
Ki Ou : Oh, my... I thought they might go for it all at once. (0:09:09.29)
Ki Ou : So Li Bai was the superior one here. (0:09:13.98)
Ki Ou : Oh, they're completely surrounded now. (0:09:20.15)
Ki Ou : Now what will you do, Meng Wu? (0:09:23.56)
Mou Bu : All units, forward march! (0:09:26.42)
Ki Ou : Now things have gotten interesting. (0:09:31.18)
EXTRA : Lord Li Bai! That man... (0:09:33.78)
Li Bai : Pay him no mind. Continue! (0:09:36.01)
Li Bai : I know what the power of one warrior can be. (0:09:38.58)
Ten Karyou : That's too much! (0:09:43.62)
Ten Karyou : No matter how strong your father is, Meng Yi, (0:09:44.81)
Ten Karyou : he won't last long fighting that way! (0:09:46.79)
Ten Karyou : Meng Yi? (0:09:51.57)
Mou Ki : This is it... (0:09:53.60)
Mou Ki : Teacher told me about this a long time ago... (0:09:56.63)
Mou Ki : In order to defeat powerful warriors, you need to polish your strategies. (0:09:59.41)
Mou Ki : On a battlefield where over 10,000 soldiers are fighting, strategy is everything. (0:10:04.05)
Mou Ki : That is why it is sometimes desirable to see the exact opposite. (0:10:09.43)
Mou Ki : We are witnessing that right now... (0:10:15.85)
Mou Ki : The power of a warrior overcoming strategy...! (0:10:21.34)
Li Bai : That monster... Let's retreat for the time being. (0:10:26.76)
Li Bai : Meng Wu... (0:10:35.66)
Li Bai : No matter how much power you wield, (0:10:37.75)
Li Bai : you will never reach my neck. (0:10:40.32)
Mou Bu : Li Bai, you seem to be mistaken. (0:10:42.96)
Mou Bu : I am not interested in the head of the likes of you. (0:10:47.60)
Mou Bu : This is an order to all units, (0:10:50.89)
Mou Bu : trample them! (0:10:53.46)
Ki Ou : Despite being remnant soldiers that have lost their general, (0:11:03.46)
Ki Ou : there are still 10,000 of them. (0:11:06.29)
Ki Ou : Interring them will be a great boon. Don't you think, Teng? (0:11:08.22)
Tou : Yes, sir! (0:11:13.10)
Tou : For our army which desires to shrink the difference in numbers, (0:11:13.72)
Tou : it is a large gain. (0:11:16.84)
Ki Ou : Meng Wu... (0:11:18.96)
Ki Ou : The rumors that he is a warrior which goes on ego-driven rampages have spread far... (0:11:20.27)
Ki Ou : But the truth seems to be quite different. (0:11:27.09)
Ki Ou : However, it will take another battle or two for me to evaluate your strength. (0:11:32.83)
Changwenjun : Meng Wu, the most powerful offense in all of the State of Qin, (0:11:41.70)
Changwenjun : attacking Li Bai, the man who boasts of iron-wall defense... (0:11:45.05)
Changwenjun : It has a sensible and moreover playful feel to it. (0:11:48.84)
Changwenjun : Truly a Wang Qi-like style of battle. (0:11:52.45)
Ying Zheng : But... there is no change in that we are disadvantageous in the battle. (0:11:55.33)
Changwenjun : This is Wang Qi, remember. (0:11:59.79)
Changwenjun : Let us think of the next move. (0:12:01.42)
Changwenjun : But still... (0:12:05.62)
Ying Zheng : A harsh battle is continuing. (0:12:09.37)
Ten Karyou : That was an incredible fighting style your father had, Meng Yi. (0:12:15.44)
Mou Ki : Yes. (0:12:19.82)
Ten Karyou : He brought his enemy into submission by force. (0:12:21.82)
Mou Ki : That is a truth that I wouldn't like to admit, though. (0:12:26.59)
Ten Karyou : You don't sound too happy... (0:12:33.96)
Ten Karyou : Why is that? (0:12:37.45)
Mou Ki : This is the age of strategy. (0:12:39.06)
Mou Ki : To obsesses on the power of individual warriors would be going backwards. (0:12:41.90)
Ten Karyou : But your father is daring to take that path, resisting the age, isn't he? (0:12:46.82)
Ten Karyou : You've gotta cheer him on... (0:12:52.89)
Mou Ki : Of course, I am supporting him. (0:13:03.41)
Mou Ki : The reason I decided to try to become a tactician (0:13:08.58)
Mou Ki : was to compensate for what my father lacks. (0:13:10.65)
Mou Ki : But now it's looking like that wasn't necessary... (0:13:15.36)
Mou Ki : In today's battle, I saw it. (0:13:19.10)
Mou Ki : Meng Wu is strong, and he isn't lacking in a single area. (0:13:21.05)
Mou Ki : For now, it seems this war revolves around my father, Meng Wu. (0:13:28.04)
EXTRA : The third day. (0:13:44.54)
EXTRA : Li Bai Army (0:13:46.80)
EXTRA : In order to combat the Meng Wu Army, the Zhao Army changed their lineup. (0:13:47.46)
EXTRA : Gongsun Long Army (0:13:48.50)
EXTRA : Li Bai and Gongsun Long merged their two armies. (0:13:52.44)
EXTRA : Forming a huge army of about 40,000 to attack the Meng Wu Army. (0:13:55.18)
EXTRA : However... (0:14:00.12)
EXTRA : Regardless, Meng Wu... (0:14:02.91)
EXTRA : could not be stopped! (0:14:09.82)
EXTRA : With the appearance of the outstanding power that was Meng Wu, (0:14:14.60)
EXTRA : the state of battle underwent a large change. (0:14:17.58)
She Meng : Gongsun Long, Li Bai! (0:14:30.17)
She Meng : What are the two of you doing? (0:14:35.86)
Zhao Zhuang : Don't attack them. (0:14:38.76)
Zhao Zhuang : This is my error for misreading Meng Wu's power. (0:14:40.98)
She Meng : Then be a good strategist and take responsibility with your strategy, Zhao Zhuang. (0:14:45.72)
Zhao Zhuang : I know. Tomorrow, we use all armies to vanquish Meng Wu. (0:14:50.24)
Zhao Zhuang : We will give the appearance of using the same lineup tomorrow as we did today (0:14:59.59)
Zhao Zhuang : and lure Meng Wu in. (0:15:04.07)
EXTRA : {\1c&FFFFFF&\3c&H4F5A84&\frx34\fry0\pos(409.6,128.6)}Li Bai (0:15:05.50)
Zhao Zhuang : When Meng Wu comes to attack, (0:15:06.20)
EXTRA : {\fade(1000,0)\1c&FFFFFF&\3c&H587DB1&\frx34\fry0\pos(588.8,271)}Meng Wu (0:15:06.27)
Zhao Zhuang : Wan Ji and She Meng (0:15:08.07)
Zhao Zhuang : will attack the Meng Wu Army from the side and from behind. (0:15:09.49)
Gang Luan : {\fade(1000,0)\1c&FFFFFF&\3c&H4F5A84&\frx34\fry0\pos(654.4,578.2)\frz8.168}She Meng (0:15:10.40)
EXTRA : {\fade(1000,0)\1c&FFFFFF&\3c&H4F5A84&\frx34\fry0\frz53.69\pos(948.8,386.2)}Wan Ji (0:15:10.80)
Gongsun Long : And during that interim, (0:15:13.38)
Gongsun Long : what do we do to deal with the other armies attacking our vulnerabilities? (0:15:14.34)
Zhao Zhuang : There's no need to plan that. (0:15:18.16)
Zhao Zhuang : We will kill Meng Wu before the other armies arrive! (0:15:21.12)
Mou Bu : What do you need to talk about? (0:15:30.16)
Ki Ou : Don't be so threatening. Please, have a seat. (0:15:33.34)
Mou Bu : Unnecessary! Tell me your business! (0:15:37.04)
Ki Ou : All right, then. (0:15:41.22)
Ki Ou : We'll stick to business. (0:15:42.57)
Ki Ou : My expectation is that the Zhao Army will make a big move tomorrow. (0:15:44.68)
Mou Bu : Do you think I care? (0:15:50.32)
Ki Ou : I thought you would say that. (0:15:52.00)
Ki Ou : Normally, one would consider the enemy's moves and work up a plan for each situation, (0:15:55.30)
Ki Ou : but at the moment, I agree with you. (0:15:59.91)
Mou Bu : What are you meaning to say? (0:16:04.98)
Ki Ou : That now is the time to attack. (0:16:08.35)
EXTRA : The next morning... (0:16:16.48)
EXTRA : the Feixin Unit joined the Fourth Army led by Gan Yang. (0:16:18.88)
Kan Ou : So you're here, Feixin Unit?! (0:16:26.38)
Kan Ou : I'm looking forward to you fighting bravely. (0:16:29.94)
Kan Ou : Kid, today will be another harsh battle! (0:16:36.71)
Kan Ou : Prepare yourself! (0:16:39.60)
Shin : You got it! (0:16:41.98)
EXTRA : And thus, the fourth day of battle began. (0:16:44.92)
EXTRA : With the rival generals hiding their predictions, (0:16:51.92)
EXTRA : the one who sparks the battle on that crowded battlefield was... (0:16:54.13)
EXTRA : of course, this man! (0:16:59.63)
Mou Bu : All units... (0:17:03.13)
Mou Bu : charge! (0:17:05.08)
Wan Ji : Meng Wu... has moved... (0:17:12.79)
She Meng : We'll be there soon, so wait for us. (0:17:16.41)
Zhao Zhuang : Not yet. Wan Ji, She Meng. (0:17:20.64)
Zhao Zhuang : Your time to move will be after the Meng Wu Army has passed the mid-way point between enemies and allies. (0:17:24.30)
Zhao Zhuang : Now! (0:17:35.28)
EXTRA : First Army, sortie! (0:17:36.32)
Zhao Zhuang : What?! (0:17:41.76)
Zhao Zhuang : Another Central Army has moved?! (0:17:43.11)
EXTRA : 2nd Army, sortie! (0:17:45.91)
EXTRA : 3rd Army, let's go! (0:17:50.84)
EXTRA : 4th Army, charge! (0:17:54.03)
Wan Ji : The State of Qin guys are also... (0:17:56.78)
She Meng : Those mountain monkeys! (0:17:59.63)
Li Bai : They changed their battle strategy?! (0:18:02.22)
Kan Ou : Don't fall behind! (0:18:04.72)
Kan Ou : 4th Army, let's go! (0:18:07.25)
EXTRA : And their aim is... (0:18:14.50)
Ki Ou : the State of Zhao Army's... (0:18:17.88)
Ki Ou : Headquarters! (0:18:20.22)
Shin : What do you think, Wei Ping?! (0:18:26.95)
Bi Hei : About what, Xin? (0:18:29.80)
Shin : Even our allies will feel smothered... (0:18:33.02)
Shin : when they try to defend this attack! (0:18:35.44)
Zhao Zhuang : We should be crossing the state lines in an attack (0:18:43.28)
Zhao Zhuang : where we, the State of Zhao Army will put you, the State of Qin Army, on the defensive. (0:18:47.75)
Zhao Zhuang : But still... Wang Qi... You attack with all of your armies?! (0:18:51.60)
Ten Karyou : Man, things have gotten really intense! (0:18:58.77)
Ten Karyou : But will this really work? (0:19:01.25)
Zhao Zhuang : If this fails, you won't be able to take it back, Wang Qi. (0:19:06.32)
Ki Ou : It will not fail. (0:19:12.28)
Mou Bu : Right, Meng Wu? (0:19:14.70)
Bi Hei : An easy victory! (0:19:24.92)
Bi Hei : This'll be an easy win for us, Xin! (0:19:26.49)
Shin : Yeah! (0:19:28.77)
Shin : The enemy's afraid of the Meng Wu Army (0:19:29.64)
Shin : so they won't have time to deal with us! (0:19:31.97)
Shin : And we'll take that opportunity to head straight for the enemy headquarters! (0:19:35.52)
Ten Karyou : The army that was in the mountains is coming from the left! (0:19:43.97)
Ten Karyou : Don't tell me they're going to go straight for the State of Zhao Army headquarters? (0:19:47.36)
Mou Ki : Do you really think so? (0:19:52.21)
Ten Karyou : No, the enemy wasn't trying to stop them from entering the mountains in the first place. (0:19:59.78)
Ten Karyou : That means...! (0:20:05.84)
Bi Hei : Wh-What is this? (0:20:13.60)
Bi Hei : Th-This is... an utter... (0:20:25.17)
Bi Hei : fortress, ain't it? (0:20:28.87)
Shin : Guys, don't falter! (0:20:37.52)
Shin : If we get through this, we'll be at the enemy's headquarters! (0:20:41.09)
Shin : We don't have any path but to move forward and accept the bloodshed! (0:20:44.82)
Shin : Feixin Unit, forward! (0:20:50.35)
Zhao Zhuang : First, I planned to gather the armies, (0:20:55.25)
Zhao Zhuang : and on cutting down the number of the State of Qin Army's men, (0:20:57.33)
Zhao Zhuang : I was going to have Lord Pang Nuan come forward and take Wang Qi's head... (0:21:00.03)
Zhao Zhuang : But as it played out, in just four days, (0:21:05.24)
Zhao Zhuang : we ended up being the ones with our headquarters under attack... (0:21:08.65)
Zhao Zhuang : In regards to strategy, I have a confidence that isn't even surpassed by Wang Qi, but... (0:21:12.70)
Zhao Zhuang : it seems I fell short. (0:21:16.90)
Zhao Zhuang : But... it's not over! (0:21:20.21)
Zhao Zhuang : This war is not yet over! (0:21:24.00)
Zhao Zhuang : We're moving the troop headquarters! (0:21:29.60)
EXTRA : Zhao Zhuang's order was conveyed to the front lines immediately. (0:21:32.16)
Wan Ji : Moving the headquarters, huh? (0:21:36.68)
She Meng : You've made a bold move quite quickly, Zhao Zhuang! (0:21:39.05)
Li Bai : But with the battle in this state... (0:21:42.15)
Gongsun Long : It is a wise decision. (0:21:44.90)
Zhao Zhuang : Until I can commence my next strategy... (0:21:48.46)
Zhao Zhuang : I cannot lose any more soldiers... (0:21:51.07)
Zhao Zhuang : No matter what happens in this battle, we must reach victory. (0:21:55.29)
Shin : What?! (0:22:01.07)
Shin : What's going on? (0:22:03.23)
Shin : The Zhao guys... (0:22:12.93)
Shin : are retreating? (0:22:14.95)
EXTRA : The state of battle has shown yet another rapid change! (0:22:18.70)
Kaine : Would you rather we'd gone around on horseback? (0:22:39.58)
Riboku : No, I heard this way would be faster. (0:22:42.40)
Riboku : Look! (0:22:52.77)
Riboku : Yes, all right! (0:22:53.55)
Riboku : We've made it in time! (0:22:56.26)
Riboku : Take a look, Kaine. (0:22:58.32)
Kaine : I'm looking. (0:23:00.41)
Riboku : Now, everyone! (0:23:06.37)
Riboku : Li Mu has arrived! (0:23:09.69)
EXTRA : Preview (0:24:45.17)
En : I need to go help them... (0:24:46.01)
En : Help them... (0:24:47.57)
En : Everyone is dying! (0:24:48.91)
EXTRA : Is this a nightmare? (0:24:50.82)
EXTRA : Before unilateral destruction, (0:24:52.40)
EXTRA : {\fs100\t(0,1960,\fs80\1a&H90&)\move(656,0,659,85,0,1960)}Disaster (0:24:53.34)
EXTRA : there is no means of escape! (0:24:54.16)
EXTRA : End (0:24:55.22)
EXTRA : Disaster (0:24:55.30)
EXTRA : Next time, (0:24:56.11)

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