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I am Servant Saber.
You will wander the darkness for eternity.
Plotting as usual?
What made you work in a place like this?
Devote your life to me.
By the way, why are you
called "the Stardust Witch"?
We need to get help.
Romeo, call an ambulance!
Bummer. I heard he was
a Demon Slayer with a demon in tow,
Canyon Cannon!
Sit there.
There's no way I'm gonna be stuck at the bottom with the rest of these losers!
Stop making so much noise in my head!
With the sports festival and
internship, I didn't study at all!
I make my opponent's eyes and ears
turn away from my presence.
Explosive Speed Turbo!
I was kind of fawned over
and had a good time.
That's right.
This is really nice and sweet.
I see you've lost composure.
You will not participate in the combat?
They're just using you.
Then, on your marks...
Wait, Koneko-chan!
I ran away that day, and never came back here since.
Be proud, Toshinori!
So, you want to add me to your numbers?
Thank you... King...
The Serpent's Sin of Envy, Diane,
The Serpent's Sin of Envy, Diane,
Emerald Splash!
and can only be used once per day.
Do you know of the masked man who's been causing a stir within many other nations in recent years,
Simple intimidation tactics.
Guess I have to get used to using it.
You want me to make one?
but has it always been in the town of Fuyuki?
I'll explain later.
But for now, please stay down.
is a reward to go to heaven.
I'll state for the record, that won't happen. Case dismissed.
Minato, Kushina,
All right.
Don't, Wiz!
It's a trap. In chess terms,
That's enough.
Damn it!
That makes Kate more anxious than ever.
Seeing that, you can see how he's
really single-minded and, like, tenacious.
could you say,
"Maria... I want to be inside you."
is his skill, first-year boy.
What you should be jealous of
Shut up, you bunch of nobodies!
Unless you want your
ruined face further ruined,
As if you could beat me, little rich boy.
a devil.
What's that?
I said, hey!
That sounds so exciting!
I like peanuts.
But the ones who changed the most,
or at least went through the most
What are you saying?!
Okay, let's sell it!
Or I can do a bridge pose if you'd like.
You're surprisingly stingy.
12 Years Old
Don't give me that!
I hope the next one will be harder.
You toyed with me all you wanted back then.
You jackass... Bring it on.
I guess it's over.
It's enough to make you cry, eh, Dazai?
All right, let's see you strip naked right now.
Now that you mention it,
I wonder what makes me go so far for her.
At any rate, humans are capable
of thinking for themselves.
At any rate, humans are capable
of thinking for themselves.
H-hurry and stick it in me.
Aren't they poison dart frogs,
known for their toxicity?
Not at all. I enjoy waiting for you.
If any of you run away,
Just know that you are being targeted.
The Black Dragons are huge.
I wonder what shampoo she uses.
You're weak now, but keep working hard.
Maybe you'll catch up to me one day!
Guys like you are only
likable if they're dumb...!
What did you see at Mt. Lady's place?!
That's a huge change for just one week...
even if I'd left the Port Mafia, there would be nowhere else to go.
Since they were following us,
I lured them out.
Believe that you'll be born with a Quirk in your next life and take a dive off the roof!
That's why I, a Hashira, am here!
Oh my.
They were stashed in trees
throughout the forest.
Devote your life to me.
And we do still have the sample from that corpse.
An assault from Akatsuki members
that are supposed to have been dead?

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