Believe in yourself.
Get away, Mineta!
Going into the aloof
Todoroki's room is kind of exciting...
It's 'cause you talked
about weird stuff, Kaminari!
That's why I brought those guys.
even if I go over there,
I don't think I can do anything by myself.
I'm the kind of person you hate the most, right?
Menma, you're such a nuisance!
I want to go home...!
Zenitsu, quiet down!
Hero Killer: Stain. Quirk: Bloodcurdle.
As I listened to these different opinions
one after another, I couldn't say a word.
W-We should avoid combat
if we can no matter what!
By "doesn't come close," you mean...
Dark Shadow and Frog! They were able
to use both Quirks well together!
Oh, listen, Amajiki!
That's called having the heart of a flea!
But then, your part in
the episode will be smaller.
They probably mistook him for me.
Then we'll respond to your request
by showing Class A at their internships.
I didn't even try to tell him my name.
Shut up, you bunch of nobodies!
I want to go home...!
I was watching you from upstairs,
and you know what?
My Wall is the physical manifestation of my conviction to protect Princess Veronica at all costs!
Shut up, you bunch of nobodies!
You don't need a lot of them.
Menma, you're such a nuisance!
I can still do it, Minato.
Wow, the hand guy!
Twice nothing is still nothing.
I want the world to
become an easier place to live!
I'm sticking it in.
I feel like I really want
to completely crush this society,
But the ones who changed the most,
or at least went through the most
Is that how it is?
I love people who are
beat up and smell like blood!
Where's the demand for this?!
Were you satisfied with
the results, Tomura Shigaraki?
Now, what has brought him here?
It's like she casually slapped me with
the huge difference in how we were born...
This is about as much
damage as I can take, huh?
That's exactly why you guys are nobodies!
don't apply to U.A., nerd.
Revelry in the dark...
But was I...
you guys in Class A just have
to have all the attention, huh?
What the heck? We can't beat them!
A pleasure to make your ass-quaintance.
I expect nothing less from you, Todoroki.
Dodge, Asui!
I-I came to the wrong place...
the Sin of Lust.
A man never goes back on his word!
But no one was hurt,
so I thought you did a good job just now.
Don't make me laugh!
That's fun!
So it's you, huh?
He said there's enough for everyone,
so we should bring it with us.
Ribbit, ribbit.
Wow, you even got to fight villains?
I want to know what an owl
is doing here!
He acts cute, too!
I want to touch a woman's body...
I want to be popular with the ladies...
Oh, listen, Amajiki!
That's called having the heart of a flea!
A pleasure to make your ass-quaintance.
I wonder if there's a diagnosis
for the type of mental state he has...
That's a huge change for just one week...
What's that?
As I heard it, the kidnapped Jinchūriki was a woman.
Hiya, Subaru-kyun !
It's him! The stalker!
Give me a weapon she can use.
Guys like you are only
likable if they're dumb...!
Midoriya, it looks like we'll be fighting
against robots in the practical exam.
And now for this moguro leaf juice,
which is supposed to be
Did we both win,
or did we both lose?
H-hurry and stick it in me.
"Tsu"... "Tsu"...!
I am human, but my loyalty is to him...
I'm jealous of guys like you and Sero.
Everyone, let's do our best!
Even if I look out on them
imagining that they're potatoes,
Devote your life to me.
Was I sympathizing?
Not this palm...
But the ones who changed the most,
or at least went through the most
We're even now!
You're so cute. I love blood.

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