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I heard, Class A--
"ha ha ha"
Welcome home, Menma.
I ran away that day, and never came back here since.
You can enjoy watching me
in this anime-original episode!
You're so cute. I love blood.
You're right!
but you'd be cooler if you bled more, Izuku!
I'm a man! Calm down!
even though you don't have a Quirk, Deku?
Thank you for inviting me here today.
Kaminari, what's going on?!
You trying to play hero...
The two of them were sisters.
I overlook nothing!
But now, I have the Ice Wolf Clan prodigy, Setsuna,
A-Are you saying that your teacher is...
In your own skill.
Yes, yes, well done.
That's impossible!
but in our case, the villain is All Might,
and fighting against him is dangerous--
But the ones who changed the most,
or at least went through the most
Drink his blood, and your biological growth will come to a halt.
Not this palm...
I can't take this anymore! I can't...
To maintain the balance between the Bijū?
I want the world to
become an easier place to live!
It's hard to live!
Don't! Don't!
Yeah! But I can just let loose
with robots, so it'll be a cinch!
Please relax.
In those days, I saw people and demonic beings
living and laughing together.
Can everyone hear my voice?
I wish what Ban came to steal wasn't the Fountain of Youth... but me...
I know that you've seduced her.
similar to anaerobic exercise.
Do you want to touch my breasts?
but this machine will
start sucking if I just stick it in,
I love people who are
beat up and smell like blood!
Damn it!
They couldn't have gone this way.
Ashiya, shouldn't you see a doctor?
My Stand's possessed that
nurse and is controlling her.
Which means it's now 1 AM.
But you know what, Kota?
It was for reasons bluer than the mountains,
How many did they bring?!
I'm back, Old Man Wil!
No matter what the environment,
we must choose wisely...
This is bad!
I currently go by Dabi.
It's fine to feel strongly
about things, but this time--
It'll be 800 a day, plus expenses.
This guy a friend of yours?
You're late!
I mean, I don't like this. It's not cute.
Yeah. She's actually climbing an
intermediate route with those twigs for arms.
Besides, it'd be a real disappointment if I couldn't even handle a simple situation like this by myself.
It'd be even more delicious with
whipped cream, but you guys want some?
What? That can't be!
We're back.
I like your attitude.
What took you so long?
What a cute nickname.
Mako-chan's face is changing like the traffic lights!
After all, it means being true to myself.
Don't be ridiculous.
as if there was no one he couldn't save.
You don't have to say
what you haven't been asked.
Hero Killer: Stain. Quirk: Bloodcurdle.
The Master will be arriving soon!
Here, Ling!
I'm Toga! Himiko Toga!
It's so hard to kill someone with
such a boring look on their face...
I'm a man! Calm down!
to work better with your developing Quirks.
I will once again walk on
the path to becoming a hero!
Like father like daughter, eh.
Kokult elum...
Oh, it'll be easy if it's robots!
Besides, how am I supposed to bathe without taking my clothes off?
This is way better than normal food!
What are you doing with that ant?
Excuse me, can I get these earrings?
What should we eat?
Is that your name?
Don't you know what happened to Iida?
Old Man, what did you—

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