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泉 こなた (いずみ こなた)

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ID 2653
From Lucky Star
Type anime
Voice Actor(s) Aya Hirano, 平野綾, ひらの あや
Voice Actor(s) Wendee Lee, Wendee Day, Elyse Floyd
Tags neckerchief, loli, ahoge, mole, school uniform, otaku, cosplayer, :3
Favorite food Chocolate cornet
Birthday May 28
Blood Type A
Height 142cm
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Summary | EDIT

Konata Izumi is a character from the anime Lucky Star.
They have been indexed as Female Teen with Green eyes and Blue hair that is Past Waist length. EDIT

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Snowfox     0 pts     2 year(s)

Role model to gamers every where.
Kitsune77     0 pts     3 year(s)

I think that is a great idea to show what happened after the school opening ceremony please help make it possible
Kitsune77     0 pts     3 year(s)

I watch this show everyday a lot on my laptop
kyo666     0 pts     5 year(s)

I looooooooooove her ^_^
tanuzakirin     0 pts     5 year(s)

Konata is a role model to all otakus in the world!!!
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Konata Izumi 泉 こなた (いずみ こなた) Image of Konata Izumi Anime Character 10 Friend of Tsukasa Hiiragi Friend of Miyuki Takara Friend of Kagami Hiiragi Daughter of Soujirou Izumi Daughter of Kanata Izumi Cousin of Yui Narumi Cousin of Yutaka Kobayakawa Lucky Star

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