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EXTRA : This show contains scenes that some viewers may
find disturbing.​ Viewer discretion ​is ​advised.
Hero : Hold it right there! (0:00:28.91)
Hero : I've always wanted to say that. (0:00:33.49)
Sage : I can't fathom why you would throw
away the advantage of a sneak attack.
Swordsmater : Come on, now. Introductions are important. (0:00:40.47)
Swordsmater : If you successfully provoke them,
they'll focus all their attacks on you.
EXTRA : How did you know our
sect's secret meeting spot?
Hero : I just had a hunch. (0:00:50.02)
EXTRA : What?! (0:00:51.22)
Sage : We know about your evil plans. (0:00:52.37)
Swordsmater : You can't escape now. (0:00:55.96)
Hero : Exactly! (0:00:58.42)
EXTRA : Th-That holy sword! I-It can't be! (0:01:00.87)
Hero : The Hero has arrived! (0:01:05.17)
Scout : And just like that, (0:01:12.61)
Scout : the Hero appeared and defeated
all of the Demon Lord's minions!
Druid : Apparently, the Hero's a cute girl! (0:01:20.60)
Scout : No fair... I wanna go on an
adventure with the Hero, too!
Apprentice Cleric : You couldn't handle it. (0:01:29.28)
Scout : What? (0:01:30.69)
Lancer : Just because she's a hero doesn't mean
she could take them all out on her own.
Lancer : Otherwise we'd be out of a job. (0:01:35.82)
Witch : Don't get so... cocky. (0:01:39.14)
High Elf Archer : Hey, did you hear?
The Hero defeated the Demon Lord's—
Goblin Slayer : That doesn't matter. (0:01:47.19)
Goblin Slayer : It's time to slay some goblins. (0:01:52.14)
Goblin Slayer : It's time to slay some goblins. (0:03:24.68)
Goblin Slayer : The location is Water Town. (0:03:26.35)
Goblin Slayer : The reward is one bag of gold each. (0:03:27.97)
EXTRA : Goblin Slayer in the Water Town (0:03:28.77)
Goblin Slayer : It's up to you if you want to come or not. (0:03:30.41)
High Elf Archer : Seriously... (0:03:32.94)
Priestess : I thought I had it figured out,
but now I know for sure.
Priestess : I wouldn't last if I were to continue
being surprised by your every move.
Priestess : So, listen. (0:03:44.51)
Priestess : Like I said before, (0:03:46.38)
Priestess : it's not a discussion when
there really aren't any options.
Goblin Slayer : But there are options. (0:03:51.80)
Priestess : You're basically only giving us two choices! (0:03:53.21)
High Elf Archer : If we say we aren't going,
you'll just go by yourself, right?
Goblin Slayer : Of course. (0:04:01.35)
High Elf Archer : So she's right. This isn't a discussion. (0:04:04.12)
Dwarf Shaman : Still, the fact that Beard-cutter
is even mentioning it to us
Dwarf Shaman : means that he's softened up some, perhaps. (0:04:10.08)
Lizard : Indeed. I do believe this is a good thing. (0:04:12.86)
Lizard : Sweet, sweet nectar. (0:04:18.61)
Priestess : Then I'll do as I please. (0:04:24.09)
Priestess : I'll go with you. (0:04:26.98)
Lizard : There are many goblins. (0:04:29.85)
Lizard : The more spellcasters you have, the better. (0:04:32.46)
Dwarf Shaman : Oh, very well. We just finished
getting our travel expenses in order,
Dwarf Shaman : so we'll go with you. (0:04:41.37)
High Elf Archer : Once we're done slaying these goblins,
you'll go on an adventure with us.
High Elf Archer : Does that work for you, Orcbolg? (0:04:49.18)
Goblin Slayer : Yeah, that's fine. (0:04:51.61)
High Elf Archer : And no waterboarding the goblins. (0:04:53.47)
Priestess : Or attacking them with fire. (0:04:57.26)
High Elf Archer : Or poisoning them. (0:04:58.84)
Goblin Slayer : No poison, either? (0:05:00.44)
Priestess : Of course! (0:05:01.60)
High Elf Archer : Of course! (0:05:01.60)
Goblin Slayer : Very well. (0:05:03.73)
Priestess : He agreed surprisingly easily. (0:05:06.76)
High Elf Archer : He agreed surprisingly easily. (0:05:06.76)
Lizard : I see it. (0:05:24.41)
Priestess : That's... (0:05:26.24)
Priestess : Water Town? (0:05:27.96)
High Elf Archer : I've been here before. (0:05:32.94)
High Elf Archer : Because of the channels, they
have plenty of wares and food.
Priestess : What's good to eat around here? (0:05:42.58)
Dwarf Shaman : Let's see... (0:05:46.07)
Dwarf Shaman : Around here, it'd probably be lamb liver
stewed with wine, or fried river fish.
Goblin Slayer : Apparently, the wheat here is very
coarse, so it makes great batter.
Lizard : Ah, you seem rather knowledgeable
about this, Sir Goblin Slayer.
Goblin Slayer : Someone I know is. When I told them
I was coming here, they told me that.
Priestess : Is it the person from the farm? (0:06:05.09)
Goblin Slayer : Yeah. (0:06:07.71)
Priestess : So this is the Temple of Law...
This is my first time seeing it.
Priestess : Isn't it amazing, Goblin Slayer? (0:06:22.88)
Goblin Slayer : Is it? (0:06:25.95)
Priestess : Jeez. (0:06:27.65)
High Elf Archer : So, the person who requested
this quest is here?
Goblin Slayer : Yeah. They said we can meet them in there. (0:06:31.10)
Priestess : Is the client a priest of the Supreme God? (0:06:34.14)
Goblin Slayer : No, they're the Archbishop
of the Supreme God.
Priestess : Huh?! (0:06:40.64)
Priestess : Th-The Archbishop? (0:06:42.69)
Goblin Slayer : Let's go. (0:06:46.73)
Priestess : Th-The Sword Maiden. (0:06:52.58)
Priestess : The person in charge of the law
all across the western frontier.
Priestess : The Archbishop beloved by the Supreme God. (0:07:01.22)
Priestess : Ten years ago, she was one of the adventurers
who defeated the resurrected Demon Lord.
Priestess : A gold-ranked adventurer,
the second-highest rank.
Priestess : She isn't a hero from some legend. (0:07:11.20)
Priestess : She was born of the people
and became a legend herself.
Priestess : That's... (0:07:18.33)
Priestess : the Sword... (0:07:23.42)
Priestess : Maiden. (0:07:25.87)
Sword Maiden : Oh? (0:07:27.55)
Sword Maiden : Well, well... Who do we have here? (0:07:28.80)
Goblin Slayer : I came to slay some goblins. (0:07:31.12)
Priestess : U-Um, I beg your pardon! (0:07:32.76)
Priestess : Thank you for seeing us.
It's an honor to meet you.
Sword Maiden : A brave warrior and an adorable
priestess... And the rest of you?
Lizard : We are fellow members of this party. (0:07:44.15)
Lizard : Though we were not summoned,
we will be happy to help.
Sword Maiden : Welcome, adventurers. (0:07:51.91)
Sword Maiden : I welcome you from the bottom of my heart. (0:07:54.25)
Goblin Slayer : So, where are the goblins? (0:07:56.61)
Sword Maiden : It happened about a month ago. (0:08:02.28)
Sword Maiden : We sent one of the acolyte girls on an
errand from the temple late at night,
Sword Maiden : and her corpse was found in
an alleyway in the morning.
Sword Maiden : We received a report saying
that it looked as though
Sword Maiden : she was sliced apart while still alive. (0:08:16.39)
Goblin Slayer : Still alive? So it happened right there? (0:08:19.02)
Sword Maiden : Yes. (0:08:21.36)
Goblin Slayer : Was any part of her eaten,
or was she only killed?
Goblin Slayer : What else? (0:08:25.36)
High Elf Archer : Have some tact. (0:08:26.84)
Goblin Slayer : Continue. (0:08:29.08)
Sword Maiden : It was truly a terrible incident. (0:08:31.70)
Sword Maiden : I had the city guard increase their patrols,
but these crimes continued to happen.
Sword Maiden : Casualties seemingly perpetrated
by thieves or slashers...
Sword Maiden : Violent acts against women... (0:08:42.11)
Sword Maiden : Even children were kidnapped. (0:08:43.77)
Sword Maiden : And then an adventurer
happened to see and cut down
Sword Maiden : a small, shadowy figure
that was attacking a girl.
Sword Maiden : That small corpse... (0:08:52.17)
Goblin Slayer : Was it a goblin? (0:08:54.51)
Dwarf Shaman : Goblins, huh? (0:08:56.68)
Dwarf Shaman : I'm sure there are more than a few... (0:08:58.59)
Priestess : But how did they even get into the town? (0:09:01.77)
Priestess : I doubt they somehow got through the gates. (0:09:05.07)
Dwarf Shaman : Maybe they got in underground...
or perhaps by the channels.
High Elf Archer : But it seems like a lot of casualties
if they just wandered in.
Lizard : Goblins dwell underground, do they not? (0:09:15.49)
Lizard : This town was built on
top of an old settlement,
Lizard : so there are probably some underground ruins. (0:09:21.72)
Goblin Slayer : If I were them, I would
just settle underground.
Goblin Slayer : They're not bright creatures,
but they aren't complete fools.
High Elf Archer : You're always thinking like a goblin. (0:09:29.72)
Goblin Slayer : Of course I am. (0:09:32.52)
Goblin Slayer : If I didn't know what they were thinking,
I wouldn't be able to fight them.
Sword Maiden : We also concluded that they were underground (0:09:37.51)
Sword Maiden : and sent out a quest for the
adventurers in this town, but...
Priestess : What happened to them? (0:09:44.37)
Priestess : I see... (0:09:47.63)
Sword Maiden : And that was when I heard the song of the
brave Goblin Slayer from the frontier.
Goblin Slayer : What song? (0:09:55.43)
High Elf Archer : You didn't know? (0:09:56.82)
High Elf Archer : There's a song about you, Orcbolg. (0:09:58.74)
High Elf Archer : It's sort of disappointing,
having actually met you, though.
Goblin Slayer : That's not my problem. (0:10:03.84)
Lizard : You mustn't say that. Bards singing songs
of brave feats is how these tales survive.
Goblin Slayer : Why do they need to survive? (0:10:10.66)
Dwarf Shaman : Don't you get it, Beard-cutter? (0:10:12.14)
Dwarf Shaman : The more the words of your
deeds spread throughout the land,
Dwarf Shaman : the more requests you'll get to slay goblins. (0:10:18.84)
Sword Maiden : Kind sirs, I beg of you... (0:10:23.23)
Sword Maiden : Will you save our town? (0:10:25.91)
Goblin Slayer : I don't know if I'll be able to save it,
but let's kill some goblins.
Priestess : Goblin Slayer! Can't you say it a bit nicer? (0:10:34.04)
Goblin Slayer : It's the truth. (0:10:37.26)
Priestess : It's because it's the truth that you
should be more tactful with your words!
Lizard : Sir Goblin Slayer, shall we
head to the sewers, then?
Goblin Slayer : We're going to go in and wipe them out. (0:10:46.00)
Goblin Slayer : The underground is huge.
It'd be annoying if one got away.
High Elf Archer : Remember, no using water, fire, or poison! (0:10:51.25)
Goblin Slayer : I know. (0:10:54.30)
Lizard : But why not just have the city guard or
the troops of this town take care of them?
Lizard : I'll admit that I do not know
everything about this town,
Lizard : but surely this couldn't be
out of their jurisdiction.
Sword Maiden : Well... (0:11:06.83)
Goblin Slayer : Were you told that there was no point in
mobilizing the military against mere goblins?
Sword Maiden : Yes. (0:11:13.18)
Dwarf Shaman : Well, you can't really blame them. (0:11:14.29)
Dwarf Shaman : They're in the middle of battling with
the armies of the Demon Lord, after all.
Dwarf Shaman : I guess that means goblin slaying
is a job for us adventurers.
Lizard : I'll admit that human politics and money
issues seem rather troublesome.
Goblin Slayer : I have no interest in that.
How can we get down there?
Goblin Slayer : Hey. (0:11:33.95)
Sword Maiden : Oh, yes. I do beg your pardon. (0:11:34.49)
Sword Maiden : I believe your best option
is to go down the well
Sword Maiden : behind this temple, into the sewers. (0:11:41.57)
Goblin Slayer : Is this accurate? (0:11:44.09)
Sword Maiden : Well, this is an old sketch from
when this temple was first built.
Sword Maiden : But the water flow indicated
here should be correct.
Sword Maiden : Even if there is erosion or damage,
it shouldn't be severe.
Goblin Slayer : All right. (0:11:56.50)
Goblin Slayer : You get to navigate. (0:11:59.74)
Lizard : Understood. (0:12:01.29)
Goblin Slayer : Let's go. We don't have time to waste. (0:12:02.94)
High Elf Archer : Well, I guess I wouldn't expect
you to be any other way, Orcbolg.
Sword Maiden : Miss. (0:12:12.28)
Priestess : Yes? (0:12:13.06)
Sword Maiden : This may seem rude, as I am
the one who requested this...
Sword Maiden : but are you not frightened? (0:12:18.81)
Priestess : Well... Yes, I'm frightened, but... (0:12:22.47)
Priestess : I'm sure... (0:12:29.33)
Priestess : I'm sure that everything will be all right. (0:12:32.60)
Lizard : That should take care of things. (0:12:58.21)
High Elf Archer : Yup. (0:13:00.83)
High Elf Archer : And done. (0:13:03.66)
Dwarf Shaman : To think that there were this many
goblins dwelling underneath the town...
Goblin Slayer : It's about what I expected. (0:13:10.19)
High Elf Archer : Just so you know, I'm not copying him. (0:13:14.85)
High Elf Archer : This is going to be a long battle, right? (0:13:17.40)
High Elf Archer : Unlike Orcbolg, I don't want
to use the goblins' arrows.
High Elf Archer : They're terribly made. (0:13:23.64)
Goblin Slayer : Are they? (0:13:25.25)
High Elf Archer : They are! (0:13:26.27)
Dwarf Shaman : But this is the fifth attack just today. (0:13:27.79)
Dwarf Shaman : At this rate, who knows how many
goblins are actually down here?
High Elf Archer : Seriously, how long is this going to go on? (0:13:35.88)
Goblin Slayer : Don't worry. These walls are made of stone. (0:13:38.57)
Goblin Slayer : There shouldn't be any
surprise attacks through them.
Priestess : Please don't remind me of
such a terrible memory.
Goblin Slayer : Sorry. (0:13:47.39)
Dwarf Shaman : With all the waste down here, you
probably don't need to mask your scent.
High Elf Archer : Please don't remind me of
such a terrible memory.
Dwarf Shaman : What is it, long-ears? (0:13:56.88)
High Elf Archer : I just felt something weird. (0:13:59.32)
High Elf Archer : The sound of water?
Is it coming from above?
Priestess : It appears to be raining... (0:14:09.54)
High Elf Archer : But is rain underground even possible? (0:14:12.56)
Dwarf Shaman : It must be raining on the surface. (0:14:15.41)
Dwarf Shaman : I'm sure all the water from the canals
and sewers flows down here.
Dwarf Shaman : What do you think, Beard-cutter? (0:14:22.56)
Goblin Slayer : We'll be at a disadvantage if
our light source is extinguished.
Priestess : What's the matter, Goblin Slayer? (0:14:32.02)
Goblin Slayer : Be on your guard. (0:14:34.90)
High Elf Archer : Something's coming this way. (0:14:37.87)
Dwarf Shaman : Beard-cutter! (0:14:39.82)
High Elf Archer : A boat... (0:14:59.29)
Dwarf Shaman : ...full of... (0:15:00.17)
Lizard : ...goblins?! (0:15:00.62)
Priestess : O merciful Earth Mother, (0:15:08.17)
Priestess : please protect us, the weak,
with the powers of the earth.
Priestess : Protection! (0:15:14.42)
Priestess : I can't hold this for long... (0:15:19.76)
High Elf Archer : What do you want to do? (0:15:21.52)
Goblin Slayer : What else? The same as usual. (0:15:22.79)
Goblin Slayer : The goblins must die. (0:15:27.14)
Goblin Slayer : That's one. (0:15:29.72)
High Elf Archer : Jeez... Just leave that to me, all right? (0:15:31.22)
Goblin Slayer : How many spells do you have left? (0:15:35.58)
Dwarf Shaman : Plenty! (0:15:37.41)
Goblin Slayer : Then use Tunnel. Dig a hole. (0:15:38.86)
Dwarf Shaman : Are you trying to destroy the town above us?! (0:15:41.46)
Goblin Slayer : Not up. Dig down. (0:15:43.91)
Goblin Slayer : Dig a hole in the channel
and let the water run down.
Dwarf Shaman : But that's going to back up the sewage! (0:15:48.67)
Goblin Slayer : But it's not water, fire, or poison. (0:15:52.26)
High Elf Archer : Think of something else! (0:15:54.94)
Priestess : I can't hold this any longer! (0:15:57.11)
Lizard : Do you have another transfer
scroll like last time?
Goblin Slayer : If I did, I would've brought it with me. (0:16:02.64)
Goblin Slayer : I'm going to throw this as
soon as Protection goes down.
Goblin Slayer : Once I do, use Protection again
to strengthen our defense.
Priestess : R-Right. (0:16:10.43)
Lizard : Just a moment, Sir Goblin Slayer. (0:16:12.07)
Lizard : O sickle wings of the velociraptor... (0:16:14.59)
Lizard : Slice, fly, and hunt! (0:16:17.00)
Lizard : I believe that might be to your liking. (0:16:22.67)
Lizard : Oh, but if possible, please don't throw it. (0:16:25.29)
Goblin Slayer : I'll do my best. (0:16:27.65)
Priestess : Just... a little longer... (0:16:28.67)
Goblin Slayer : We're jumping. (0:16:43.16)
Goblin Slayer : Five. (0:16:50.91)
Lizard : Fearsome dragon,
behold your descendant in battle!
Goblin Slayer : Nine. (0:16:58.29)
Goblin Slayer : Ten. (0:16:59.56)
Goblin Slayer : They're wearing armor. It's easier
to just knock them off the boat.
Lizard : Understood! (0:17:03.57)
Goblin Slayer : Sixteen. (0:17:09.02)
Goblin Slayer : But you know... there sure are a lot of them. (0:17:10.39)
High Elf Archer : An elf's arrows hit their mark,
even when their eyes are closed!
Dwarf Shaman : Here you go. (0:17:19.28)
High Elf Archer : Ugh. Such an unrefined arrow... (0:17:20.88)
Priestess : Protection! (0:17:28.63)
High Elf Archer : Thanks! (0:17:32.00)
Priestess : I'll block the attacks from the rear guard,
so please continue your attacks.
Dwarf Shaman : You got it! (0:17:37.40)
Dwarf Shaman : Time to work, you gnomes! (0:17:39.12)
Dwarf Shaman : Roll bits of sand together,
and it shall become rock!
Dwarf Shaman : Beard-cutter! Scaly! Get back here! (0:17:47.04)
Dwarf Shaman : Stone Blast! (0:17:51.80)
High Elf Archer : Now... what's next? (0:18:06.71)
Priestess : For now, let's rest for a while. (0:18:09.35)
Goblin Slayer : No, we need to keep moving. (0:18:12.12)
Lizard : I agree. We did cause quite a ruckus. (0:18:14.41)
Lizard : The rain is masking some of the noise, (0:18:18.37)
Lizard : but the others may have realized we're here. (0:18:20.84)
High Elf Archer : What's that? (0:18:27.58)
Goblin Slayer : Is it a goblin? (0:18:28.46)
Goblin Slayer : That's not a goblin. (0:18:36.56)
High Elf Archer : Thanks for stating the obvious! (0:18:38.28)
High Elf Archer : Run! (0:18:41.64)
High Elf Archer : Who knew a swamp dragon would be down here?! (0:18:43.29)
Priestess : Swamp dragon... An alligator... (0:18:45.52)
Dwarf Shaman : Scaly, isn't that a relative of yours?
Do something about him!
Lizard : I'm afraid that I regrettably
have not kept in contact
Lizard : with my relatives ever
since leaving my house!
Lizard : Not to mention, I haven't a
relative who is so violent, Sir Mage!
Dwarf Shaman : Well, this sure beats walking! (0:19:09.23)
Goblin Slayer : Steady your breathing. (0:19:11.27)
Priestess : I-I'm fine... (0:19:13.01)
Goblin Slayer : You have one miracle left, don't you? (0:19:15.25)
Goblin Slayer : I can't have you fainting here. (0:19:17.74)
High Elf Archer : Let's feed the dwarf to that thing and run! (0:19:19.85)
High Elf Archer : It'll definitely get food poisoning! (0:19:22.86)
Dwarf Shaman : Why, you little— (0:19:24.87)
High Elf Archer : Something's coming from the front. (0:19:27.56)
High Elf Archer : Another goblin ship... Actually,
there might be a number of them!
Priestess : Wh-What should we do? (0:19:32.34)
Goblin Slayer : There is a way. (0:19:34.42)
High Elf Archer : Hey! I don't know what you've thought
up, but no poison or burning!
Goblin Slayer : We'll go with your idea. (0:19:40.17)
Priestess : O merciful Earth Mother, please bless us, (0:20:06.06)
Priestess : the wanderers in the
darkness, with holy light!
High Elf Archer : I get it. You cast Holy Light
on the swamp dragon's tail
High Elf Archer : and lured out the goblins. (0:20:16.86)
Goblin Slayer : Since I can't use poison, fire, or water, (0:20:19.75)
Goblin Slayer : this was all that was left, really. (0:20:23.00)
High Elf Archer : But to think they'd be so easily
fooled by just some light.
Goblin Slayer : They've learned that adventurers
travel around with light.
High Elf Archer : Oh, really? (0:20:33.98)
Goblin Slayer : I don't know when they learned it, (0:20:35.21)
Goblin Slayer : but they all seem to know it. (0:20:36.89)
Goblin Slayer : First of all, their kind only pillages. (0:20:40.65)
Goblin Slayer : They don't think of building
anything on their own.
Goblin Slayer : Again, they're not bright creatures,
but they aren't complete fools.
Goblin Slayer : They quickly learn how to use various tools. (0:20:50.14)
Goblin Slayer : If they're taught how to use boats,
they will quickly catch on.
High Elf Archer : Well, aren't you knowledgeable? (0:20:56.52)
Goblin Slayer : I did some research. (0:20:58.64)
Goblin Slayer : That's why I won't give them any more ideas. (0:21:00.80)
Goblin Slayer : I'll slaughter them all. (0:21:05.51)
Dwarf Shaman : Which means... someone showed
them how to use boats?
Goblin Slayer : Yeah. (0:21:11.89)
Priestess : But it's possible a goblin shaman
could have figured it out...
Goblin Slayer : Could be. (0:21:18.74)
Goblin Slayer : But if they naturally increased
in numbers down here,
Goblin Slayer : why didn't they... What was that thing again? (0:21:24.02)
Priestess : Um... the swamp dragon? (0:21:26.08)
Goblin Slayer : Yeah, that. (0:21:28.75)
Goblin Slayer : The goblins didn't know about that thing. (0:21:30.05)
Goblin Slayer : If they had, they wouldn't
have thought to use boats...
Goblin Slayer : because they're cowards. (0:21:36.88)
Lizard : What are you suggesting, Sir Goblin Slayer? (0:21:39.20)
Goblin Slayer : The goblins down there
didn't multiply naturally.
Goblin Slayer : Someone, or something,
is artificially causing all this.
EXTRA : Next Time (0:23:34.97)

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Goblin Slayer

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