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Hiyori Minagi : My father was a rather unique individual. (0:00:24.77)
Hiyori Minagi : He'd be obsessed over
musical instruments I'd never seen.
Hiyori Minagi : Rather than putting soy sauce
or tonkatsu sauce on his eggs,
Hiyori Minagi : he'd put ponzu on them. (0:00:35.99)
Old man : Hiyori. (0:00:39.28)
Old man : Wow, you're using an artificial fly?
That's pretty rare.
Old man : Well, Mr. Yamakawa only did fly fishing. (0:00:46.96)
Old man : Oh, I guess you're right. (0:00:50.09)
Old man : Well, you be careful now, Hiyori. (0:00:52.63)
Hiyori Minagi : And this rather unique father of mine (0:00:59.14)
Hiyori Minagi : died three years ago due
to a very popular disease.
Hiyori Minagi : I don't like dealing
with people I don't know,
Hiyori Minagi : so I try to make myself seem
as unapproachable as possible.
Hiyori Minagi : Looking back, when I was little, (0:01:17.53)
Hiyori Minagi : I used to hide behind my dad all the time. (0:01:20.83)
Hiyori Minagi : I should probably head home soon. (0:01:33.63)
Koharu Minagi : It's the ocean! (0:01:35.92)
Koharu Minagi : Wow! It's the real deal! (0:01:42.85)
Koharu Minagi : It's so big! (0:01:47.56)
Hiyori Minagi : --Is she a tourist?
But it's not even summer...
Koharu Minagi : --Wow, this is amazing! It's all sparkly!
--Is she a tourist?
But it's not even summer...
Hiyori Minagi : Uh?! (0:01:55.57)
Hiyori Minagi : Is she planning to jump in? (0:01:57.07)
Hiyori Minagi : But it's only March! (0:01:59.28)
Koharu Minagi : Here I go! (0:02:01.12)
Hiyori Minagi : Wait a sec! (0:02:02.41)
Hiyori Minagi : I have to stop her! I have to stop her! (0:02:04.08)
Hiyori Minagi : I have to stop her! (0:02:08.04)
Koharu Minagi : Huh? (0:02:14.09)
Koharu Minagi : Ow, ow, ow... (0:02:18.43)
Hiyori Minagi : S-Sorry! (0:02:25.81)
Hiyori Minagi : Are you okay? Did you get hurt--? (0:02:30.23)
Koharu Minagi : It's cold... (0:02:34.44)
Hiyori Minagi : I'm sure it is... (0:02:35.69)
Hiyori Minagi : On this day, a very unique
girl entered into my life.
Koharu Minagi : Oh, I feel so much warmer now! (0:03:04.01)
Hiyori Minagi : Let's not try to jump into
the ocean in March again.
Koharu Minagi : Okay! (0:03:09.31)
Koharu Minagi : So, I'm going to be
moving to this city soon.
Koharu Minagi : I come from a prefecture
where you can't see the ocean at all
Koharu Minagi : so I got really excited! (0:03:16.86)
Hiyori Minagi : So she's really never
seen the ocean before...
Hiyori Minagi : I guess people like her exist. (0:03:21.57)
Koharu Minagi : Hey, are you from here? (0:03:23.66)
Hiyori Minagi : Yeah, I guess... (0:03:25.91)
Koharu Minagi : Aw, that's so cool! I'm jealous! (0:03:27.29)
Hiyori Minagi : Wh-What? (0:03:31.46)
Koharu Minagi : Hey, are those fish? (0:03:32.83)
Hiyori Minagi : Yeah, they're called rockfish. (0:03:34.25)
Hiyori Minagi : They're pretty easy to catch around here. (0:03:36.92)
Koharu Minagi : You caught them?! (0:03:38.76)
Hiyori Minagi : Y-Yeah... (0:03:40.42)
Koharu Minagi : Wow! Are you a fisherman?! (0:03:41.51)
Hiyori Minagi : I am not... (0:03:43.43)
Hiyori Minagi : I see. (0:03:47.14)
Hiyori Minagi : I guess if she's never seen the ocean (0:03:48.22)
Hiyori Minagi : she's probably never
seen anyone fishing either.
Koharu Minagi : Oh, but hey. I fish all the time, too! (0:03:52.48)
Hiyori Minagi : Oh, really? Like river fishing? (0:03:55.48)
Koharu Minagi : Nope. (0:03:58.44)
Koharu Minagi : Through video games! (0:03:59.94)
Koharu Minagi : Through video games! (0:04:00.15)
Hiyori Minagi : Virtual fishing? (0:04:01.44)
Hiyori Minagi : Virtual fishing? (0:04:02.86)
Koharu Minagi : That's a fishing rod, right? (0:04:03.36)
Hiyori Minagi : Y-Yeah. (0:04:04.86)
Hiyori Minagi : Did you want to hold it? (0:04:08.33)
Koharu Minagi : Can I?! (0:04:09.37)
Koharu Minagi : Wow... A real fishing rod. (0:04:15.04)
Koharu Minagi : And this is... (0:04:17.92)
Koharu Minagi : --...garbage? (0:04:19.34)
Hiyori Minagi : --No.
Hiyori Minagi : This is called an artificial fly. (0:04:21.46)
Hiyori Minagi : It's basically artificial bait
that's made to look like a little fish.
Hiyori Minagi : Usually, you'd use bugs. (0:04:25.72)
Koharu Minagi : Artificial bait? (0:04:27.43)
Koharu Minagi : Aren't those usually made out of plastic? (0:04:28.93)
Hiyori Minagi : Are you talking about lures? (0:04:31.81)
Koharu Minagi : Yeah, probably those. (0:04:33.06)
Hiyori Minagi : Well, I guess the average person
wouldn't know what an artificial fly is.
Hiyori Minagi : They're about as known as water fleas. (0:04:38.36)
Koharu Minagi : Oh, water fleas are super famous!
We learn about them in science class!
Hiyori Minagi : That's not exactly what I meant. (0:04:43.82)
Hiyori Minagi : This is the only way to fish
that my father taught me.
Koharu Minagi : Hey! (0:04:54.66)
Koharu Minagi : I want to see you catch something! (0:04:56.96)
Hiyori Minagi : Huh? R-Right now? (0:04:58.54)
Koharu Minagi : Right now! I've only ever
seen people catch fish on TV.
Hiyori Minagi : Then you want to help me
catch one with this landing net?
Koharu Minagi : Landing? (0:05:09.97)
Hiyori Minagi : I'll lure the fish over here and
then you'll use that to scoop it up.
Koharu Minagi : Totally! (0:05:15.69)
Koharu Minagi : Huh? Wha--?! (0:05:26.36)
Koharu Minagi : Why are you teasing them like that?! (0:05:28.41)
Hiyori Minagi : I'm not. Remember when
we talked about lures?
Koharu Minagi : Yeah. (0:05:34.50)
Hiyori Minagi : Those kinds of artificial lures are heavy
so you can actually feel them go flying.
Koharu Minagi : I sorta get it! (0:05:40.29)
Hiyori Minagi : And well... I've only
ever done fly fishing...
Hiyori Minagi : See? Artificial flies are small
and light, so if you just
Hiyori Minagi : cast it normally, it won't go very far. (0:05:48.84)
Koharu Minagi : Huh... (0:05:50.89)
Hiyori Minagi : And so, you use these fly lines. (0:05:52.14)
Koharu Minagi : Ooh! (0:05:54.81)
Hiyori Minagi : These lines are thicker
and heavier than normal lines.
Hiyori Minagi : You use the weight of the line and imagine
the artificial fly going far and...
Koharu Minagi : Ooh! It flew! (0:06:05.86)
Koharu Minagi : I wonder how many meters that was. I can't
see the artificial fly at all anymore!
Koharu Minagi : Wow! (0:06:12.24)
Hiyori Minagi : Come to think of it, (0:06:13.24)
Hiyori Minagi : this might be the first time I've talked
this much with someone I've just met.
Hiyori Minagi : Especially about fishing. (0:06:18.46)
Hiyori Minagi : I got a bite! (0:06:21.08)
Koharu Minagi : Wha--?! (0:06:22.09)
Koharu Minagi : Something actually ate
that piece of garbage?
Hiyori Minagi : Are you just looking for a fight? (0:06:24.88)
Hiyori Minagi : More importantly, come on. Use the net. (0:06:26.51)
Koharu Minagi : Huh? Right now? (0:06:28.76)
Hiyori Minagi : Yes, now! (0:06:29.68)
Hiyori Minagi : Hurry! (0:06:31.22)
Koharu Minagi : Hi-yah! (0:06:33.64)
Koharu Minagi : Whoa, it's moving!
This fish is so alive right now!
Hiyori Minagi : Calm down. (0:06:53.83)
Koharu Minagi : Wow... We really caught one. (0:06:55.91)
Koharu Minagi : Hey, is this fish edible? (0:07:00.21)
Hiyori Minagi : Well, I was planning on
bringing it home with me,
Hiyori Minagi : but you want me to turn it
into sashimi right here?
Koharu Minagi : You can do that?! (0:07:10.30)
Hiyori Minagi : Y-Yeah. My dad taught me how. (0:07:11.97)
Hiyori Minagi : First, you take some scissors and... (0:07:17.60)
Hiyori Minagi : First, you take some scissors and... (0:07:18.77)
Koharu Minagi : Scissors? (0:07:19.52)
Hiyori Minagi : The fins on a rockfish are pointy and
dangerous, so you cut them off first.
Koharu Minagi : Huh... (0:07:25.57)
Koharu Minagi : And you used to be so edgy... (0:07:28.28)
Hiyori Minagi : When did you two get so close? (0:07:31.36)
Hiyori Minagi : Next, you chop off the head
and pull out the guts with it.
Koharu Minagi : Uh-huh, uh-huh. (0:07:37.74)
Hiyori Minagi : And then you cut along its spine. (0:07:38.79)
Koharu Minagi : I see. (0:07:42.17)
Hiyori Minagi : You get rid of the belly bones,
peel off the skin, slice it up and...
Hiyori Minagi : And there you go. Fresh rockfish sashimi. (0:07:49.76)
Koharu Minagi : Wow! That's amazing! Are you a chef? (0:07:52.34)
Hiyori Minagi : I am not. (0:07:57.01)
Hiyori Minagi : I am not. (0:07:57.10)
Hiyori Minagi : I am not. (0:07:58.31)
Hiyori Minagi : I think she's trying
to tell me it's delicious.
Koharu Minagi : It's sorta crunchy.
It's definitely hard to chew!
Hiyori Minagi : Oh, that's because
it's going through rigor mortis.
Koharu Minagi : Rigor...? (0:08:17.70)
Hiyori Minagi : Fish are like humans
and go through rigor mortis.
Koharu Minagi : When you put it like that, it feels
like we did something heinous.
Koharu Minagi : When you put it like that, it feels
like we did something heinous.
Koharu Minagi : When you put it like that, it feels
like we did something heinous.
Hiyori Minagi : I definitely don't feel that. (0:08:32.30)
Koharu Minagi : Thanks for the meal. (0:08:33.22)
Koharu Minagi : So this is how something
tastes fresh out of the water.
Koharu Minagi : Fishing is so fun and delicious! (0:08:37.85)
Hiyori Minagi : If I knew it'd make her this happy, (0:08:41.39)
Hiyori Minagi : I wish I'd learned other
dishes other than sashimi.
Koharu Minagi : I've never had rockfish sashimi before. (0:08:46.86)
Koharu Minagi : I usually just stew them. (0:08:49.44)
Hiyori Minagi : Wait, you can cook?! (0:08:51.36)
Koharu Minagi : And I'm really good at it, too!
Though I've never tried to make sashimi.
Hiyori Minagi : I definitely wasn't expecting that. (0:08:56.99)
Koharu Minagi : I live alone with my dad,
and we both take turns doing chores.
Koharu Minagi : But my dad's terrible at cooking
so I just make all the food.
Hiyori Minagi : Ah, so he's the opposite of my dad. (0:09:06.88)
Koharu Minagi : Hey! Do you always hang out around here? (0:09:09.67)
Hiyori Minagi : Yeah, well... Not all the time. (0:09:12.05)
Koharu Minagi : Then next time,
I'll bring my cooking tools.
Koharu Minagi : So you'll catch them, and I'll cook them. (0:09:18.05)
Koharu Minagi : It'll be so much fun! (0:09:22.39)
Hiyori Minagi : She really is such a strange girl. (0:09:28.15)
Hiyori Minagi : Oh, I should get home. (0:09:33.19)
Koharu Minagi : Do you have a curfew? (0:09:35.07)
Hiyori Minagi : No, but... My mom's
getting remarried and tonight,
Hiyori Minagi : I'm having dinner with them and their kid. (0:09:41.91)
Hiyori Minagi : Well... (0:09:47.75)
Hiyori Minagi : My dad died from
an illness three years ago.
Hiyori Minagi : I'm meeting this new person
for the first time today
Hiyori Minagi : so I've been wondering what they're like. (0:09:55.76)
Hiyori Minagi : I got so anxious, so I came to the ocean. (0:09:59.18)
Hiyori Minagi : But I think I feel a little better
after hanging out with you.
Hiyori Minagi : Thanks. (0:10:06.52)
Koharu Minagi : Wow, what a coincidence. (0:10:07.81)
Koharu Minagi : I'm also having dinner with the person
my dad is remarrying and her kid tonight.
Hiyori Minagi : Huh? (0:10:15.82)
Hiyori Minagi : Do things like this actually happen?! (0:10:18.07)
Koharu Minagi : It's nice to meet you! I'm Koharu Minagi! (0:10:22.20)
Issei Minagi : And I'm her father, Issei. (0:10:24.83)
Hinata Minagi : I'm Hiyori's mother, Hinata. (0:10:26.50)
Hiyori Minagi : I-I'm Hiyori... (0:10:28.16)
Koharu Minagi : You're the fishing person! (0:10:30.04)
Koharu Minagi : What a crazy coincidence! (0:10:31.38)
Issei Minagi : Oh, you two already know each other? (0:10:33.42)
Koharu Minagi : Yeah! We're super close!
We even ate fish together.
Hinata Minagi : Oh, my. (0:10:38.88)
Koharu Minagi : I can't wait to get to
know you better, Hiyori!
Hiyori Minagi : My new sister... (0:10:49.56)
Koharu Minagi : --Daddy, I'll make us some
stewed rockfish for dinner!
Hiyori Minagi : a rather unique girl.
--Daddy, I'll make us some
stewed rockfish for dinner!
Koharu Minagi : a rather unique girl.
--Daddy, I'll make us some
stewed rockfish for dinner!
Koharu Minagi : a rather unique girl.
--Let's go to Hiyori's place!
Hiyori Minagi : a rather unique girl.
--Let's go to Hiyori's place!
Issei Minagi : Uh, but we've already
reserved a restaurant.
Hinata Minagi : Oh, dear... (0:10:58.99)
Hinata Minagi : Hiyori! I think they're here! (0:11:09.71)
Hiyori Minagi : Okay, got it. (0:11:12.67)
Koharu Minagi : Hello! I guess we'll be living
under the same roof starting today!
Hinata Minagi : Welcome. I've been really
looking forward to this.
Issei Minagi : We can talk later.
Let's get all of our luggage in.
Koi Yoshinaga : Oh, are they moving in today? (0:11:29.73)
Hiyori Minagi : Yeah. We're about to
get all their boxes in.
Koi Yoshinaga : So I guess you're going from
Hiyori Yamakawa to Hiyori Minagi.
Hiyori Minagi : Yeah. It still doesn't feel real, but... (0:11:38.82)
Hinata Minagi : Hiyori, come help us out. (0:11:41.99)
Hiyori Minagi : Coming! (0:11:43.70)
Hiyori Minagi : I feel so much older wearing a necktie. (0:11:51.92)
Koharu Minagi : Hiyori! Come here for a sec! (0:11:56.63)
Hiyori Minagi : What's up? (0:12:00.88)
Koharu Minagi : Look, look! I bought a ribbon! (0:12:02.13)
Hiyori Minagi : I think we're supposed to wear
neckties for the entrance ceremony.
Koharu Minagi : D'oh! But I stuffed my
necktie deep into that drawer.
Hiyori Minagi : Also... You should probably
get unpacked already.
Issei Minagi : Koharu. (0:12:17.11)
Issei Minagi : We should probably take care
of all the kitchen stuff first.
Koharu Minagi : Oh, right. I forgot. (0:12:22.61)
Issei Minagi : Sorry that things are so hectic. (0:12:26.28)
Issei Minagi : Your entrance ceremony's this weekend. (0:12:28.95)
Hiyori Minagi : N-No, it's fine. (0:12:31.33)
Issei Minagi : Does it bother you that
Koharu took Shinya's room?
Hiyori Minagi : Not at all! It's totally fine! (0:12:41.92)
Issei Minagi : But... (0:12:44.59)
Hiyori Minagi : I-I mean... Koharu needs a room! (0:12:45.43)
Hiyori Minagi : And I heard it's not good
to leave rooms like that as is...
Issei Minagi : Hiyori... (0:12:52.81)
Hiyori Minagi : Crap. He's worrying about me. (0:12:54.56)
Hiyori Minagi : U-Um! (0:12:56.77)
Hiyori Minagi : I'm going over to a friend's house!
I wanted to show them my uniform!
Koharu Minagi : Hm... I think I've seen this
thing before but what is it?
Hinata Minagi : You can sort things out
however you like, Koharu.
Koharu Minagi : Are you sure? (0:13:21.63)
Hinata Minagi : Neither Hiyori nor I cook that much. (0:13:23.17)
Koharu Minagi : Okay, then I guess I will. (0:13:26.55)
Hinata Minagi : Sure, go ahead. (0:13:28.51)
Koharu Minagi : Then I wonder if this
belonged to Hiyori's dad, too.
Koharu Minagi : Are you sure I can use that room? (0:13:37.60)
Hinata Minagi : Of course. This is your
home now, too, Koharu.
Hinata Minagi : Did you not want to use that room? (0:13:50.95)
Hinata Minagi : I-I'm so sorry.
I didn't even consider that.
Koharu Minagi : I-It's totally fine! (0:13:58.29)
Hinata Minagi : Do you want to switch rooms with Hiyori? (0:13:59.79)
Koharu Minagi : No, it's really okay. (0:14:01.63)
Koharu Minagi : Hiyori? (0:14:09.89)
Hiyori Minagi : It's really hard to be
at home right now...
Hiyori Minagi : I mean... there's not
much I can do about it.
Hiyori Minagi : But still... (0:14:25.53)
Hiyori Minagi : At least the ocean never changes on me. (0:14:31.32)
Koharu Minagi : Hiyori! (0:14:34.83)
Hiyori Minagi : H-How long have you been standing there? (0:14:37.46)
Hiyori Minagi : Stop that. (0:14:45.05)
Hiyori Minagi : So what did you need? (0:14:46.55)
Koharu Minagi : I think you forgot your fishing stuff,
so I brought them for you.
Hiyori Minagi : Why do you have a futon whacker? (0:14:51.89)
Hiyori Minagi : I'm not fishing today.
The wind's too strong.
Koharu Minagi : What?! (0:14:57.73)
Koharu Minagi : Come on! Let's do some fishing!
Come on! Come on! Please?!
Hiyori Minagi : She's throwing a tantrum... (0:15:02.02)
Hiyori Minagi : But it is rare for another girl
to be so interested in fishing.
Hiyori Minagi : I guess we can try for a little bit. (0:15:10.28)
Koharu Minagi : Yay! (0:15:12.45)
Koharu Minagi : Wait... Did I b-break it
o-on my way over here...?
Hiyori Minagi : Don't worry. They're designed like this. (0:15:21.04)
Hiyori Minagi : You put it together like this. (0:15:23.54)
Hiyori Minagi : And then you bend the fly line
through the hoop like this...
Koharu Minagi : I wanna try. (0:15:30.59)
Hiyori Minagi : Sure. (0:15:32.18)
Koharu Minagi : Piece of cake! (0:15:33.76)
Hiyori Minagi : Yeah, good job. (0:15:35.85)
Koharu Minagi : Next... hup! (0:15:38.31)
Hiyori Minagi : Er, you just need to lay it down. (0:15:43.31)
Koharu Minagi : Are you some kind of genius?! (0:15:45.40)
Koharu Minagi : Okay! Fishing time! (0:15:49.03)
Hiyori Minagi : Are you planning to bat with that? (0:15:50.86)
Koharu Minagi : How do you do it? (0:15:52.86)
Hiyori Minagi : Are you right or left-handed? (0:15:54.12)
Koharu Minagi : Right! (0:15:55.62)
Hiyori Minagi : Then your right hand goes here,
and your left hand will hold the line.
Koharu Minagi : Ah, I see. (0:16:00.71)
Koharu Minagi : I did it! (0:16:02.58)
Hiyori Minagi : I just realized she didn't attach
an artificial fly, but whatever.
Hiyori Minagi : I'm sure she won't be
able to cast it right anyway.
Koharu Minagi : Okay, here I go! (0:16:11.13)
Koharu Minagi : Ready, and... Hi-yah! (0:16:13.93)
Hiyori Minagi : Huh? (0:16:23.98)
Hiyori Minagi : Of course... (0:16:25.11)
Koharu Minagi : But I swung as hard as I could... (0:16:26.69)
Hiyori Minagi : You need to do the opposite.
Don't put any strength into it.
Koharu Minagi : Really? (0:16:31.74)
Hiyori Minagi : I told you before, right? (0:16:33.32)
Hiyori Minagi : You need to take advantage
of the weight of the line.
Hiyori Minagi : Oh, you're tilting the rod too far back. (0:16:37.28)
Hiyori Minagi : First you go slow, and then you
whip it really fast at the last second.
Hiyori Minagi : Oh, you put too much strength into
it again. Lower the rod at the end.
Hiyori Minagi : Make sure you don't
swing it around too much!
Koharu Minagi : Enough armchair theories! (0:16:52.05)
Hiyori Minagi : What?! (0:16:53.93)
Koharu Minagi : That's right!
You were teasing the fishies!
Hiyori Minagi : I wasn't teasing anything. (0:16:59.14)
Hiyori Minagi : It's called false casting. (0:17:01.10)
Koharu Minagi : Fal what? (0:17:03.69)
Hiyori Minagi : When you cast behind you,
it's called back casting.
Koharu Minagi : That's pretty straightforward. (0:17:09.02)
Hiyori Minagi : And when you cast in front
of you it's called forward casting.
Koharu Minagi : Forward? Like in soccer? (0:17:13.90)
Hiyori Minagi : This is when your line will look
like a "tsu" and it's called a loop.
Hiyori Minagi : When you keep repeating your back
and forward casting to stabilize the loop,
Hiyori Minagi : it's called false casting. (0:17:26.17)
Hiyori Minagi : Let's have you practice that first. (0:17:28.25)
Koharu Minagi : Hiyori... You can speak
Japanese, you know?
Koharu Minagi : Hiyori... You can speak
Japanese, you know?
Hiyori Minagi : J-Japanese? (0:17:34.01)
Hiyori Minagi : J-Japanese? (0:17:36.05)
Hiyori Minagi : Swing backwards. Swing forwards. (0:17:36.80)
Hiyori Minagi : Then swing back and forth? (0:17:39.85)
Koharu Minagi : That's so easy to understand! (0:17:41.47)
Hiyori Minagi : Fly fishing originated from England,
so all the tools have English names, too.
Koharu Minagi : England?! (0:17:47.77)
Koharu Minagi : I see. (0:17:49.15)
Koharu Minagi : So I just need to feel like a British
person and I'll be able to throw it good.
Hiyori Minagi : That's the philosophy you came to? (0:17:52.90)
Koharu Minagi : Gimme! (0:17:54.53)
Hiyori Minagi : O-Okay... (0:17:55.40)
Koharu Minagi : England... Black tea... (0:17:58.28)
Koharu Minagi : Rock... A British gentleman... (0:18:01.91)
Koharu Minagi : I got it! (0:18:06.37)
Koharu Minagi : British Gentleman Throw! (0:18:07.46)
Hiyori Minagi : This is gonna take a while... (0:18:09.38)
Hiyori Minagi : But if she's this interested,
I hope she'll find fishing fun.
Hiyori Minagi : Maybe I should look up more
beginner ways of fishing for her...
Hiyori Minagi : But... (0:18:23.81)
Koharu Minagi : Hi-yah! (0:18:29.65)
Hiyori Minagi : Why don't we head home? (0:18:31.02)
Koharu Minagi : What? (0:18:32.44)
Hiyori Minagi : Even I wouldn't be able to cast well
with the wind being this strong.
Koharu Minagi : Just a little bit more...
Let's just try a little bit more.
Hiyori Minagi : Did she happen to notice
I was uncomfortable being home?
Koharu Minagi : One more time! (0:18:47.16)
Koharu Minagi : Nah, let's go home. (0:18:51.25)
Koharu Minagi : Hey, is it awkward living with my dad? (0:18:57.17)
Hiyori Minagi : That was straight to the point. (0:18:59.88)
Hiyori Minagi : Well... A little. (0:19:02.01)
Hiyori Minagi : Do you feel awkward living with my mom? (0:19:04.10)
Koharu Minagi : Hm... Well, maybe a little. (0:19:07.43)
Koharu Minagi : Oh, yeah! My name's Koharu, got it? (0:19:13.36)
Koharu Minagi : I'm not "you." I'm Koharu. (0:19:16.78)
Koharu Minagi : I am older than you,
but you can just call me Koharu.
Hiyori Minagi : Older than me? By like two months... (0:19:22.57)
Koharu Minagi : Just shut up and say my name. (0:19:27.16)
Hiyori Minagi : K-Koharu... (0:19:36.30)
Koharu Minagi : Here! (0:19:38.47)
Koharu Minagi : Aw... I really wanted to make dinner
with the fish we caught.
Hiyori Minagi : Oh, in that case... (0:19:49.31)
Koharu Minagi : Are these all fish? (0:19:53.65)
Hiyori Minagi : Yeah... (0:19:55.57)
Hiyori Minagi : My mom doesn't cook either and we
sometimes give some to our neighbors....
Hiyori Minagi : We just can't eat all of it. (0:20:01.57)
Koharu Minagi : So why do you keep fishing? (0:20:03.57)
Hiyori Minagi : B-Because there are fish in the ocean... (0:20:07.08)
Koharu Minagi : Oh... (0:20:10.41)
Hiyori Minagi : There's a lot of sashimi up top, too. (0:20:13.96)
Koharu Minagi : I want some sashimi! (0:20:17.05)
Hiyori Minagi : But it might not be as
good anymore. I'll eat those.
Koharu Minagi : Don't worry! A few little tricks
and it'll be delicious again.
Hiyori Minagi : What are you going to do? Fry them? (0:20:28.64)
Koharu Minagi : Non, non! (0:20:31.02)
Koharu Minagi : Koharu's Kitchen! (0:20:34.48)
Koharu Minagi : First, we put the sashimi into a bowl. (0:20:37.07)
Hiyori Minagi : Uh-huh. (0:20:40.19)
Koharu Minagi : Then we'll add an equal amount
of dashi, soy sauce, and mirin.
Hiyori Minagi : I see. (0:20:46.07)
Koharu Minagi : Then we'll throw in
some ground white sesame.
Hiyori Minagi : Now what? (0:20:50.00)
Koharu Minagi : Then we're going to throw
that mixture onto some hot rice
Koharu Minagi : and sprinkle on some small green onions... (0:20:55.08)
Koharu Minagi : Ta-dah! The zukedon is complete! (0:20:58.04)
Hiyori Minagi : My dad would make this sometimes. (0:21:01.46)
Hiyori Minagi : I had no idea it was so easy to make... (0:21:04.34)
Koharu Minagi : Go on, eat up! (0:21:07.01)
Hiyori Minagi : O-Okay. Thanks for the food. (0:21:08.43)
Hiyori Minagi : It's good. (0:21:19.61)
Koharu Minagi : I know, right? I make this whenever
we have some leftover sashimi.
Hiyori Minagi : But the one my dad made
tasted a little different.
Hiyori Minagi : I wonder if she used
a different soy sauce.
Hiyori Minagi : But it's really good. (0:21:34.29)
Issei Minagi : Hey, what are you eating? (0:21:35.67)
Koharu Minagi : Zukedon ! Do you want some, Dad? (0:21:38.17)
Issei Minagi : I'd be happy to have some. (0:21:40.96)
Koharu Minagi : It won't take too long. (0:21:42.67)
Issei Minagi : Did you catch this fish, Hiyori? (0:21:44.76)
Hiyori Minagi : Oh, uh... Yes. (0:21:47.43)
Issei Minagi : Wow, that's impressive. (0:21:49.39)
Koharu Minagi : I got to eat one that she just caught! (0:21:51.56)
Hiyori Minagi : Oh, but white-meat fish
tends to taste better
Hiyori Minagi : after a few days rather
than freshly caught.
Issei Minagi : Huh... I didn't know that. (0:22:00.77)
Koharu Minagi : So you tricked me... (0:22:03.32)
Hiyori Minagi : What in the world are you talking about? (0:22:05.70)
Issei Minagi : Despite how she looks,
she had really bad asthma as a kid,
Issei Minagi : and spent a lot of time in the hospital. (0:22:11.28)
Issei Minagi : So she never got to play outside much. (0:22:16.04)
Issei Minagi : I hope you'll show her the ropes. (0:22:18.75)
Hiyori Minagi : Come to think of it, (0:22:26.13)
Hiyori Minagi : Koharu is going to be living
with a new family in a new city.
Koharu Minagi : Are you awake, Hiyori? (0:22:35.31)
Hiyori Minagi : Yeah. (0:22:37.81)
Hiyori Minagi : What's up? (0:22:43.19)
Koharu Minagi : Well, um... (0:22:46.57)
Koharu Minagi : I was just wondering if it's really okay
for me to be using your dad's room...
Hiyori Minagi : Oh, is that all? (0:22:59.42)
Koharu Minagi : Is that all?! (0:23:01.63)
Hiyori Minagi : Hey, I'm gonna look into easier ways
of fishing like bait fishing,
Hiyori Minagi : so let's go to the ocean again
when the weather's better.
Koharu Minagi : Sure. (0:23:14.14)
Koharu Minagi : But! (0:23:17.18)
Koharu Minagi : I want to get better at fly fishing, too!
So I'm gonna train!
Hiyori Minagi : Crap. This is definitely
going to be a handful.
Hiyori Minagi : A new uniform, a new school building... (0:23:32.24)
Hiyori Minagi : ...and a new... (0:23:38.71)
Koharu Minagi : Let's go! (0:23:44.38)
Koharu Minagi : I hope we're in the same class! (0:23:51.13)
Koharu Minagi : Hey, Hiyori. (0:23:55.97)
Koharu Minagi : Why are fly lines so colorful? (0:23:57.31)
Hiyori Minagi : So you can see them
better after you cast them.
Hiyori Minagi : So you can choose whatever color you want. (0:24:02.48)
Koharu Minagi : Then I choose the rainbow-colored one! (0:24:04.69)
Hiyori Minagi : I'm not sure if that exists... (0:24:06.73)

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