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I began work on Anime Characters Database in April 2007. What began as a hobby I worked on between classes at University, became a passion I do as full time work.

I am an engineer. I write code.

I have made it much further than one engineer could reasonably be expected to achieve in a life time. Yet I desire to accomplish much more, and to do so, the help of experts is necessary.

Anime Characters Database has everything necessary to grow 10x, 100x, even 1000x it's current size.

What do we currently have ?

  • 110 daily active members
  • 15,000 daily unique visitors
  • 600,000 daily page views
  • nearly 100,000 unique character profiles
  • nearly 10,000 unique titles
  • more than 200,000 images
  • 603 PHP include files
  • 1136 PHP scripts
  • 413 database tables
  • A community board where people can get help identifying an anime character
  • A visual search engine to discover characters using a wide array of filters and traits
  • A waifu and husbando game
  • A cards system
  • Treasure hunting
  • Lounges for chatting
  • Smash or pass game
  • And so very much more.

The problem I have is where do I go from here.

How do I take what I have created so far, and turn it into something even more amazing?
How do I take what I have created so far, and share it with more people?
What can I create next that will be of use to many people?
Who is my target audience and what do they need?

There must be a path to turn

  • 110 daily active members
  • 15,000 daily unique visitors
  • 600,000 daily page views


  • 1,000 + daily active members
  • 100,000 + daily unique visitors
  • 10,000,000 + daily page views

Want to help? Contact Me!

I look forward to hearing from you !

My email address is : rei@animecharactersdatabase.com

I'm looking for help from people with experience building a large community. People with experience promoting on social media. People with an education in Business. People with great people skills. People with ideas they can contribute to. Web designers and graphics designers, your help is most welcome! Only together can we take this website to the next level.

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