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Sumireko Usami is having a heart to heart with Reinhard-Schewer

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ID 76447
Wealth Sapphires 1 Rubies 45
Role Supporting
登場作品名 Touhou Project
作品形式 video game
Tags fire control, psychic, pig tails, knee highs, gun, gloves, cape, hat, glasses, plaid, skirt, vest, collar, esper, stockings
Personality Adventurous, Bold, Clever, Energetic, Independent, Loner, Powerful, prideful

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Sumireko Usami is a character from the Video Game Touhou Project.

They have been indexed as 女性 十代 with 茶色 eyes and 茶色 hair that is 肩まで length.

Trait Appears (actual)
性別 女性
目の色 茶色
毛の色 茶色
毛の長さ 肩まで
大まかな年齢区分 十代
みみっこ なし
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I'm gonna record all of this and then post it to social media. I'm gonna get all the likes!
Quit aiming at me from below! (I *am* a girl, let's not forget.) What's with this lady? She's got, like, no manners!
Whaaat? I may not be that confident about my looks, but I'm not that ugly...
No way no way no way! Get out of me!
Wait, am I being a sneak photographer right now? I'd better be careful not to get flamed for this...
A crow and a fox. Is there anyone who would like these photos...? --Woah, speak of the devil! The Fluffy Fur Patrol is eating these pics up!
Behold, the fairy-tale duo! They're as corny as a cell phone commercial, and guaranteed to get shared across every social media feed there is!



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