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Kazuma Satou : This isn't how I imagined
life in a parallel world would be.
Kazuma Satou : Income is unstable for a beginner adventurer, (0:00:23.87)
Kazuma Satou : so sleeping in a stable is normal... (0:00:27.12)
Kazuma Satou : Now that I think about it, adventurers are (0:00:31.54)
Kazuma Satou : basically insignificant,
job-hopping part-timers.
Kazuma Satou : Job-hoppers can't even (0:00:37.14)
Kazuma Satou : afford to stay in hotels in
a place as affluent as Japan.
Kazuma Satou : Minimum wage? (0:00:43.09)
Kazuma Satou : Fair labor standards? (0:00:44.87)
Kazuma Satou : What are those? Are they tasty? (0:00:46.28)
Aqua : Good morning. (0:00:52.83)
Kazuma Satou : Don't "good morning" me. (0:00:54.61)
Kazuma Satou : It's almost noon. (0:00:56.27)
Kazuma Satou : Weren't we going on a kill quest? (0:00:58.22)
Aqua : Once I realized we didn't have to go to our
construction job, I couldn't help myself.
Kazuma Satou : What happened to her saying
I could "count on" her yesterday?
Kazuma Satou : So, wasn't this world supposed to be under (0:01:10.86)
Kazuma Satou : attack by the Devil King, and in a huge crisis? (0:01:13.43)
Kazuma Satou : This is as peaceful as it gets! (0:01:15.90)
Kazuma Satou : There's no sign of evil influence anywhere. (0:01:17.85)
Aqua : This is the furthest city
from the Devil King's castle.
Aqua : Besides, he wouldn't go out of
his way to attack a city with
Aqua : nothing but novice adventurers in it. (0:01:26.50)
Kazuma Satou : I guess... (0:01:29.22)
Aqua : Now, let's go on that kill quest! (0:01:30.94)
Aqua : You can count on me! (0:01:34.52)
Kazuma Satou : Something tells me you said
something similar yesterday.
Kazuma Satou : But it is true that you're a goddess. (0:01:41.28)
Kazuma Satou : I'm counting on you. (0:01:44.18)
Kazuma Satou : All right, let's put together the most
basic equipment we can and head out.
Kazuma Satou : Yeah! (0:01:49.49)
Aqua : Yeah! (0:01:49.49)
EXTRA : How long are you gonna hang around?!
You wanna get walloped?!
Kazuma Satou : W-We're sorry! (0:01:54.15)
Aqua : W-We're sorry! (0:01:54.15)
EXTRA : Episode 2 (0:02:43.22)
EXTRA : "An Explosion for This Chunibyo!" (0:02:43.22b)
EXTRA : Kill Quest (0:03:31.02)
Kazuma Satou : Save me, Aqua! (0:03:41.53)
Kazuma Satou : Save me— Whoa! (0:03:44.16)
Aqua : Oh, man, this is hysterical! (0:03:47.32)
Aqua : Kazuma, your face is red and
you have tears in your eyes!
Aqua : You look super desperate! (0:03:52.18)
Kazuma Satou : I'll bury her later, before I head home! (0:03:54.16)
Kazuma Satou : Giant Toads. (0:03:57.70)
Kazuma Satou : These guys can't be dismissed as simple frogs. (0:03:59.41)
Kazuma Satou : When mating season comes, (0:04:02.29)
Kazuma Satou : they show up in settlements with lots of prey, (0:04:03.82)
Kazuma Satou : and swallow the farmers' goats whole (0:04:06.20)
Kazuma Satou : to build up strength in
preparation to lay their eggs.
Kazuma Satou : In fact, farmers and children
from the settlement
Kazuma Satou : tend to go missing during these
frogs' mating season every year.
Kazuma Satou : By the way, their meat is somewhat tough, (0:04:20.07)
Kazuma Satou : but it's so light and refreshing (0:04:22.99)
Kazuma Satou : that it's a highly coveted ingredient. (0:04:24.51)
Aqua : Kazuma! (0:04:27.57)
Aqua : If you want me to save you, (0:04:29.17)
Aqua : why don't you start by adding
"san" to the end of my name?!
Aqua : Aqua-sama! (0:04:34.25)
Aqua : I guess I have no choice. (0:04:36.48)
Aqua : I'll help you out, you shut-in NEET! (0:04:38.25)
Aqua : In return, you'd better worship
me from tomorrow onward!
Kazuma Satou : Huh? (0:04:44.34)
Aqua : When we get back to town,
join the Axis Sect
Aqua : and pray to me three times a day. (0:04:48.00)
Aqua : At meal time, when I say "Gimme," (0:04:50.55)
Aqua : you'll hand your food
over without resistance.
Aqua : And— (0:04:55.17)
Kazuma Satou : Don't get eaten! (0:05:02.21)
Aqua : KONOSUBA! (0:05:06.23)
Kazuma Satou : Good thing the frog stopped moving
around while it was eating you.
Aqua : Thank you, Kazuma! (0:05:19.24)
Aqua : Thank you! (0:05:22.13)
Aqua : Thank you so much! (0:05:23.66)
Kazuma Satou : She smells disgusting! (0:05:27.06)
Kazuma Satou : Um, let's head back for today. (0:05:29.60)
Kazuma Satou : These guys are more than we can handle. (0:05:31.83)
Kazuma Satou : Let's do this after we get
more equipment together.
Aqua : I'm all dirty now. (0:05:39.57)
Aqua : If the followers of Axis
see me sullied like this,
Aqua : I'll lose their devotion! (0:05:45.39)
Aqua : If it gets out that I backed
down from a lowly frog,
Aqua : the name of the beautiful and stunning
Aqua-sama will fall by the wayside!
Kazuma Satou : She's normally happy as can be to work
up a sweat with the older workers,
Kazuma Satou : and looks forward to her post-bath dinner (0:05:58.91)
Kazuma Satou : and a good, hard drink most of all. (0:06:00.58)
Kazuma Satou : She even drools while she sleeps in the stable. (0:06:03.10)
Kazuma Satou : It's a little late to complain
about being "dirty"...
Kazuma Satou : Hey! Wait, Aqua! (0:06:11.20)
Aqua : Feel the power of the gods! (0:06:12.85)
Aqua : Regret that you ever stood in my path (0:06:15.27)
Aqua : and bared your fangs at the gods, (0:06:17.54)
Aqua : and repent in the pits of Hell! (0:06:19.76)
Aqua : God Blow! (0:06:22.51)
Aqua : "God Blow" is a lethal fist that carries
a goddess's rage and sorrow!
Aqua : Any it strikes will perish! (0:06:30.03)
Aqua : N-Now that I have a good look at you,
I think frogs are pretty cute.
Kazuma Satou : Aqua! (0:06:43.56)
EXTRA : Today's Results (0:06:48.55)
EXTRA : Miss, another over here! (0:06:59.27)
Aqua : There's no way the two of us
can take them on alone.
Aqua : Let's recruit more allies! (0:07:04.28)
Kazuma Satou : 5,000 eris per frog... (0:07:05.98)
Kazuma Satou : We risked our lives and earned no more
than part-time construction work pays.
Aqua : This is surprisingly tasty. (0:07:13.97)
Aqua : It's a little tough, but the texture's quite nice. (0:07:15.77)
Kazuma Satou : You say "allies," (0:07:18.70)
Kazuma Satou : but we're beginners with
no decent equipment.
Kazuma Satou : Do you really think anyone
will party up with us?
Aqua : You've got me here, so allies— (0:07:24.65)
Kazuma Satou : Swallow your food!
Swallow your food, then talk!
Aqua : I'm an arch priest, the most
advanced job there is!
Aqua : Anyone would kill to have me in their party! (0:07:33.92)
Aqua : If I offhandedly decided to recruit members, (0:07:37.64)
Aqua : there'd be tons of people saying,
"Please! Take me with you!"
Aqua : Now that we've got that straight,
hand me another piece of fried frog!
Kazuma Satou : Oh? (0:07:47.88)
EXTRA : The Next Day (0:07:51.49)
Aqua : Nobody's coming. (0:07:59.72)
Kazuma Satou : More than half a day passed after
we posted the recruitment offer,
Kazuma Satou : but no prospective future heroes showed up. (0:08:06.79)
EXTRA : No way. (0:08:08.18)
EXTRA : You said it. (0:08:09.87)
Aqua : Immediate opening!
We're a cozy, harmonious party.
Aqua : Any adventurers who wish to journey with (0:08:14.96)
Aqua : the beautiful and noble arch priest,
Aqua-sama, need look no further!
Aqua : I've been happy every day
since I joined this party.
Aqua : I definitely hit the jackpot! (0:08:23.87)
Aqua : I got over my illness and became popular, (0:08:26.29)
Aqua : all thanks to joining Aqua-sama's party! (0:08:28.46)
Aqua : Hiring requirements: adventurers
in advanced job classes only.
Kazuma Satou : Hey, let's lower the bar a little. (0:08:37.83)
Kazuma Satou : Recruiting only members in
advanced jobs is way too strict.
Aqua : But... But... (0:08:44.83)
Kazuma Satou : At this rate, not a single person will come. (0:08:46.98)
Kazuma Satou : I mean, you might have an advanced job,
but I'm still in the weakest.
Kazuma Satou : I'll feel ashamed if I'm completely
surrounded by the elite.
Megumin : I happened to notice your recruitment poster. (0:08:56.93)
Megumin : That we would meet is a fate
chosen by the world itself.
Megumin : I have anxiously awaited the arrival
of those such as yourselves.
Megumin : My name is Megumin! (0:09:14.29)
Megumin : My calling is that of an arch wizard, (0:09:16.35)
Megumin : one who controls explosion magic, (0:09:18.14)
Megumin : the strongest of all offensive magic! (0:09:19.75)
Kazuma Satou : Um... (0:09:25.67)
Megumin : Do you, too, desire my forbidden strength, (0:09:28.32)
Megumin : which is so almighty, I've been
ostracized by the entire world?
Kazuma Satou : Huh? (0:09:33.99)
Megumin : Then show me thine resolve to peer
into the ultimate abyss with me!
Megumin : When man stares into the abyss,
the abyss stares back.
Kazuma Satou : Are you just here to poke fun at us? (0:09:47.07)
Megumin : N-No! (0:09:48.65)
Aqua : That red eye... Are you a crimson demon? (0:09:51.11)
Megumin : Indeed! I am Megumin, user of the
finest magic crimson demons possess!
Megumin : My lethal magic demolishes mountains, (0:09:59.91)
Megumin : smashes boulders... (0:10:03.15)
Kazuma Satou : Hey, what's wrong?! (0:10:07.23)
Megumin : I haven't eaten anything in three days. (0:10:12.70)
Megumin : Do you have anything I could eat? (0:10:15.74)
Kazuma Satou : I don't mind treating you, (0:10:18.51)
Kazuma Satou : but what's with the eyepatch? (0:10:20.82)
Kazuma Satou : If you're injured, why don't
we have her heal you?
Kazuma Satou : Her one strong suit is healing magic. (0:10:25.83)
Aqua : My "one"?! (0:10:28.41)
Megumin : This is the magic item that
suppresses my mighty magical powers.
Megumin : If I were ever to take this off, (0:10:35.13)
Megumin : a great catastrophe would
surely befall this world...
Kazuma Satou : So it's like a seal? (0:10:41.97)
Megumin : Well, that was a lie. (0:10:44.62)
Megumin : I just wear it for looks. (0:10:46.25)
Megumin : I'm sorry! Please don't pull on it! (0:10:49.59)
Megumin : Stop... Stop it! (0:10:52.25)
Aqua : You know, (0:10:54.38)
Megumin : Please cut it out! (0:10:55.19)
Aqua : crimson demons are born with high
intelligence, and possess magical powers.
Megumin : Actually, it'll hurt if you just let go, (0:10:56.78)
Megumin : so please just slowly put it back where it was. (0:10:59.93)
Aqua : Generally, they're all expert magicians, (0:11:00.12)
Aqua : and all have weird names. (0:11:02.67)
Megumin : That's right, slowly, slowly... (0:11:03.14)
Kazuma Satou : Oh? (0:11:05.07)
Megumin : Ow! My eye! (0:11:06.84)
Kazuma Satou : Sorry. I thought you were making fun of us. (0:11:09.41)
Kazuma Satou : You were talking gibberish
and gave us that weird name.
Megumin : Calling my name weird is rude. (0:11:16.04)
Megumin : From my point of view, it's everyone
else in town who has a weird name.
Kazuma Satou : By the way, what are your parents' names? (0:11:23.41)
Megumin : My mother is Yuiyui and
my father is Hyoizaburo!
Kazuma Satou : So this girl's clan has a lot
of good magicians, right?
Megumin : Hey! If you've got something to say
about my parents' names, let's hear it!
Megumin : Hyoizaburo! (0:11:40.51)
Aqua : Adventurer cards can't be forged. (0:11:48.02)
Aqua : She's an arch wizard for sure. (0:11:50.76)
Aqua : It's an advanced job that commands
powerful offensive magic!
Kazuma Satou : Yeah, this girl's magic stat is high... (0:11:56.90)
Aqua : Also, if she really can use explosion
magic, then that's amazing!
Aqua : It's the most advanced attack magic there is! (0:12:05.22)
Megumin : Hey, don't call me "this girl" and "she." (0:12:08.37)
Megumin : I'd prefer you called me by name. (0:12:11.48)
Kazuma Satou : Well, go ahead and order
something, "arch wizard."
EXTRA : Kill Quest (0:12:23.18)
EXTRA : Defeat 5 "Giant Toads" In 3 Days (0:12:23.22)
Megumin : Explosion magic is the strongest magic. (0:12:29.68)
Megumin : But that also means it takes time to prepare. (0:12:32.14)
Megumin : Please keep that frog at bay until
my preparations are complete.
Kazuma Satou : Right. I'll do it. (0:12:40.57)
Aqua : Kazuma, there's another over there! (0:12:43.01)
Kazuma Satou : Two at once? (0:12:45.51)
Kazuma Satou : Target the frog in the distance with your magic. (0:12:49.32)
Megumin : Understood. (0:12:52.03)
Kazuma Satou : As for the closer one... (0:12:53.20)
Kazuma Satou : Hey, let's go, Aqua. (0:12:54.70)
Kazuma Satou : You are a former something-or-other, right? (0:12:56.75)
Kazuma Satou : Show off some of your former ability. (0:12:58.95)
Aqua : What do you mean "former"?! (0:13:01.47)
Aqua : I am a goddess! Present tense! (0:13:02.69)
Megumin : Goddess? (0:13:05.88)
Kazuma Satou : Oh, she just calls herself one. It's rather sad. (0:13:07.57)
Kazuma Satou : She blurts out stuff like this at times, (0:13:10.56)
Kazuma Satou : but it's best not to pay it any mind. (0:13:12.52)
Megumin : How sad... (0:13:14.33)
Aqua : Wh-What?! These frogs may be
strong against physical attacks,
Aqua : but this time for sure... (0:13:20.22)
Aqua : Watch this, Kazuma! (0:13:22.07)
Aqua : I'll show you the powers of
a goddess today for sure!
Aqua : Tremble before me and fall asleep! (0:13:27.16)
Aqua : God Requiem! (0:13:29.65)
Aqua : "God Requiem" is a goddess's
requiem of love and sorrow!
Aqua : Any it strikes will perish! (0:13:35.89)
Kazuma Satou : That's a goddess for you. (0:13:44.18)
Kazuma Satou : She put her life on the line to buy us time. (0:13:45.82)
Megumin : Darkness blacker than black
and darker than dark,
Megumin : I beseech thee, combine with my deep crimson. (0:13:53.92)
Megumin : The time of awakening cometh. (0:13:56.81)
Megumin : Justice, fallen upon the infallible boundary, (0:13:58.71)
Megumin : appear now as an intangible distortion! (0:14:01.01)
Megumin : Dance, dance, dance! (0:14:03.91)
Megumin : I desire for my torrent of
power a destructive force:
Megumin : a destructive force without equal! (0:14:09.88)
Megumin : Return all creation to cinders, (0:14:12.29)
Megumin : and come from the abyss! (0:14:14.17)
Megumin : This is the mightiest means
of attack known to man,
Megumin : the ultimate attack magic! Explosion! (0:14:20.96)
Kazuma Satou : Wow... (0:14:48.22)
Kazuma Satou : So this is magic? (0:14:50.33)
Kazuma Satou : Did the explosion wake it up? (0:14:57.99)
Kazuma Satou : Megumin! Let's back off for now and— (0:15:00.54)
Kazuma Satou : Huh? (0:15:04.02)
Megumin : While my mystic art, explosion magic, (0:15:06.32)
Megumin : possesses tremendous might, (0:15:08.92)
Megumin : it also consumes tremendous magical power. (0:15:10.83)
Megumin : In short, (0:15:13.66)
Megumin : I used magic exceeding my limits, (0:15:15.46)
Megumin : so now I can't move a muscle. (0:15:18.10)
Kazuma Satou : Huh? (0:15:20.39)
Megumin : I never expected a frog to pop up so close by. (0:15:22.28)
Megumin : This is bad. (0:15:26.14)
Megumin : I'm going to be eaten. (0:15:27.37)
Megumin : Sorry, could you help me ou— (0:15:28.90)
Kazuma Satou : Y-You guys! Don't get eaten! (0:15:35.80)
EXTRA : Successfully Defeated 5 Total (0:15:41.58)
EXTRA : Wow! Check out this tadpole! (0:15:48.30)
EXTRA : Whoa, it's huge! (0:15:50.22)
Aqua : I stink... I stink! (0:15:53.31)
Megumin : The inside of a frog stinks, (0:15:57.35)
Megumin : but it feels nice and warm... (0:15:59.63)
Kazuma Satou : That's information I didn't need to know. (0:16:02.69)
Kazuma Satou : You're banned from using explosion
magic, except in emergencies.
Kazuma Satou : Just do your best with some
other magic from now on.
Megumin : I can't. (0:16:12.32)
Kazuma Satou : Huh? (0:16:13.53)
Megumin : I can only use explosion magic. (0:16:15.05)
Megumin : I can't use any other type of magic. (0:16:17.79)
Kazuma Satou : For real? (0:16:21.64)
Megumin : For real. (0:16:23.55)
EXTRA : Hey, wait right there! (0:16:27.02)
Aqua : Huh? (0:16:29.60)
Aqua : If your level is high enough
to use explosion magic,
Aqua : shouldn't you be able
to use other magic, too?
Aqua : Even I didn't learn all the arch priest spells (0:16:35.72)
Aqua : until after I learned the party trick skills. (0:16:39.07)
Kazuma Satou : What the heck would you use
"party trick" skills for?
Megumin : I'm an arch wizard who loves
explosion magic above all else.
Megumin : I don't like any other magic
in the detonation family.
Megumin : I only like explosion magic! (0:16:52.02)
Megumin : I could, of course, easily go on
adventures if I learned other magic,
Megumin : but that just won't do! (0:16:58.24)
Megumin : I only love explosion magic! (0:16:59.86)
Megumin : Even if only one use per day is my limit, (0:17:02.58)
Megumin : or I collapse after using my magic, (0:17:04.69)
Megumin : explosion magic is still
the only magic I'll ever love!
Megumin : After all, I chose the path of an arch wizard (0:17:10.64)
Megumin : solely so I could use explosion magic! (0:17:13.93)
Aqua : Wonderful! Simply wonderful! (0:17:19.15)
Aqua : Inefficient though it is,
I'm moved by your romantic pursuit!
Kazuma Satou : Damn, this magician's hopeless. (0:17:26.75)
Kazuma Satou : The fact that Aqua sympathizes
with her proves it.
Kazuma Satou : Based on these two fights, (0:17:34.62)
Kazuma Satou : I highly suspect this goddess
is completely useless, too.
Kazuma Satou : Frankly, I don't need any more
problem children to put up with.
Kazuma Satou : I see! (0:17:45.66)
Kazuma Satou : I'm sure the path ahead of you
will be thorny, but do your best!
Kazuma Satou : Once we reach the guild,
we'll split the reward evenly,
Kazuma Satou : then when we get a chance,
let's meet up somewhere—
Megumin : My only desire is to use my explosion magic. (0:17:54.74)
Megumin : I'd be fine with going unpaid if need be. (0:17:58.29)
Megumin : Yes, an arch wizard's
mighty power can be yours,
Megumin : for the low cost of food and sundries! (0:18:04.82)
Megumin : What choice do you have but to make
a long-term contract with me?
Kazuma Satou : No, no, no. (0:18:10.94)
Kazuma Satou : Such mighty power would be wasted on a
puny party of novice adventurers like us.
Megumin : No, no, no. (0:18:17.23)
Megumin : It's fine, even if you are puny or novices! (0:18:18.51)
Megumin : I have an advanced job,
but I'm only level six.
Megumin : Hey, I wish you wouldn't
try to tear my hand away!
Kazuma Satou : No, no, no, no. (0:18:27.11)
Kazuma Satou : What kind of magician can
only use a spell once a day?!
Kazuma Satou : This girl's got a surprisingly
strong grip, for a magician!
Kazuma Satou : Hey, let go! (0:18:36.30)
Kazuma Satou : You got dumped by another party, didn't you?! (0:18:37.98)
Kazuma Satou : I said let go! (0:18:40.03)
Kazuma Satou : Heck, if we go into a dungeon, there won't
be enough room to use explosion magic!
Kazuma Satou : You get more useless by the second! (0:18:45.00)
Aqua : Hey, stop! You're getting it on my face! (0:18:46.61)
Megumin : No other parties will take me anymore! (0:18:48.69)
Megumin : I'll carry your stuff,
or whatever else you need!
Megumin : I'm begging you! Please don't abandon me! (0:18:54.56)
EXTRA : How awful. That man's going
to abandon a little girl!
EXTRA : And he's got a girl covered
in snot beside him.
EXTRA : Toying with such a little girl, then
discarding her? What a scumbag!
EXTRA : Look! Both those girls are all slimy! (0:19:06.98)
EXTRA : What sort of acts did that
pervert perform on them?!
Kazuma Satou : I-It's not like that! (0:19:13.51)
Megumin : I'm fine with whatever erotic acts you like! (0:19:21.93)
Megumin : I'll show you I can even endure that
slimy act we used those frogs for!
Kazuma Satou : All right, I get it! (0:19:28.81)
Kazuma Satou : Glad to have you aboard! (0:19:30.20)
EXTRA : KONOSUBA! (0:19:32.74)
Luna : I've confirmed that you
have completed your quest.
Luna : Thank you for your hard work. (0:19:39.63)
Kazuma Satou : I went up four levels all at once. (0:19:41.76)
Kazuma Satou : You really do get stronger just
by defeating some monsters...
Luna : The newer the adventurer,
the faster you'll grow.
Luna : Now then, adding up the
sale of the giant toads
Luna : and your quest completion reward, (0:19:54.48)
Luna : your total comes to 110,000 eris. (0:19:56.85)
Luna : Please verify the amount. (0:19:59.36)
Kazuma Satou : 110,000... Split between three people, (0:20:05.70)
Kazuma Satou : that comes to around 36,000 eris each. (0:20:09.02)
Kazuma Satou : We nearly lost our lives for
a reward of 36,000 each.
Kazuma Satou : It's not worth it. (0:20:19.50)
Kazuma Satou : I checked the other quests just in case, but... (0:20:21.96)
EXTRA : I want someone to search
for my lost pet white wolf.
EXTRA : I want someone to teach
my son swordsmanship.
EXTRA : Requirements: rune knights
or sword masters only.
EXTRA : Looking for a practice partner
for magical experiments.
EXTRA : Requirements: must have high HP or
confidence in their magic resistance!
Kazuma Satou : Yeah, it's no use. (0:20:42.60)
Kazuma Satou : I want to go back to Japan. (0:20:48.03)
Kazuma Satou : The ally we recruited is a lost cause. (0:20:50.58)
Kazuma Satou : Living in this world isn't gonna be easy. (0:20:53.25)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I happened to see your recruitment poster. (0:20:56.84)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Are you still recruiting party members? (0:21:01.52)
Kazuma Satou : Um... (0:21:06.62)
Kazuma Satou : We are! (0:21:08.58)
Kazuma Satou : Though, I wouldn't really recommend it... (0:21:10.22)
Kazuma Satou : A female knight. (0:21:14.49)
Kazuma Satou : An extraordinarily beautiful one at that! (0:21:15.80)
Kazuma Satou : She's such a gorgeous older
woman, I got so nervous
Kazuma Satou : that my voice squeaked a little. (0:21:21.35)
Kazuma Satou : It's an adverse effect of
my long life as a shut-in!
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I see. Thank goodness. (0:21:27.70)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : I have anxiously awaited the arrival
of someone such as yourself.
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : My name is Darkness. (0:21:39.80)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : My calling is that of a crusader. (0:21:42.88)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : Please let... Please let me... (0:21:51.01)
Lalatina Dustiness Ford : j-j-join your party! (0:21:55.89)
Kazuma Satou : Dad, I've gotten totally used to my life here in this parallel world.
My days are busy, spent with my dependable companions.
Work is going well, and I've been commended,
saying I'll be promoted extraordinarily quickly.
I'm so content with life that I never feel
exhausted, lonely, or resentful.
It's true. I'm telling the truth, okay?

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