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Masato Oosuki : Are you close to your mom? (0:00:06.73)
Masato Oosuki : “Question: Are you close to your mom?” (0:00:06.98)
Masato Oosuki : About average, I guess. (0:00:11.40)
EXTRA : Pretty Distant
Pretty Close
Masato Oosuki : “Question: Do you talk with your mom?
How much do you talk with your mom?”
Masato Oosuki : Average (0:00:18.66)
Masato Oosuki : Average. (0:00:18.95)
Mamako Oosuki : Ma-kun, how's school?
Tell me if anything bad happens, okay?
Mamako Oosuki : I'll make sure I'm there for you! (0:00:25.96)
Masato Oosuki : "Question. What has your mother said to you
that made you happy?"
Masato Oosuki : Not much. (0:00:32.55)
Masato Oosuki : Question: What has your mother said to you lately
that made you happy?
Not much.
Mamako Oosuki : Ma-kun... (0:00:34.26)
Mamako Oosuki : Here's sesame, thousand island,
and Asian dressing for your salad.
Masato Oosuki : "Question. What has your mother said to you lately
that made you upset?"
Mamako Oosuki : Ma-kun, are you listening to your mother? (0:00:44.39)
Mamako Oosuki : Hey, come on, Ma-kun... (0:00:47.81)
Mamako Oosuki : Huh? What are you writing, Ma-kun? (0:00:50.02)
EXTRA : What has your mother said to you lately
that made you upset?
Masato Oosuki : Don't look at my stuff! You're in the way! (0:00:53.65)
EXTRA : It's really annoying
when she calls me by a nickname.
Masato Oosuki : "Question. If you went on an adventure
with your mother, would you get closer?"
Masato Oosuki : What? Talk about a stupid question. (0:01:06.33)
Masato Oosuki : Maybe, I guess? No idea. (0:01:10.04)
EXTRA : Masato Oosuki
Stamp Here
Masato Oosuki : Masato Oosuki. (0:01:15.76)
EXTRA : The Boy Thought He Was Embarking on a Great Adventure...
But, Uh, What’s Going on Here?
Masumi Shirase : Hello. My name is Masumi Shirase. (0:02:50.94)
Masumi Shirase : I'm informing you that I'm here
as part of a survey the Cabinet Office is doing.
Masumi Shirase : Since “Shirase” means to inform. (0:03:01.11)
Masato Oosuki : H-Hi. Did you need to introduce yourself
with a bad pun?
Masumi Shirase : I'm informing you that, (0:03:05.83)
Masumi Shirase : since so many kids made fun of me
when I was little, I decided to just own it.
Masato Oosuki : That's one way to live, I guess. (0:03:14.92)
Mamako Oosuki : - Listen, Ma-kun, Shirase brought us big news—
- Mamako.
Masumi Shirase : - Listen, Ma-kun, Shirase brought us big news—
- Mamako.
Mamako Oosuki : Y-Yes? (0:03:21.43)
Masumi Shirase : I'll be the one to inform him of that.
Because I am Shirase.
Masumi Shirase : And informing people is my job! (0:03:26.89)
Mamako Oosuki : Ma-kun, I'll go do something else for a while. (0:03:30.56)
Masumi Shirase : Now then. (0:03:35.02)
Masumi Shirase : Cutting to the chase, I am here to inform you
that you will now begin a new life.
Masato Oosuki : Huh? (0:03:42.86)
Masumi Shirase : First, a question. (0:03:43.91)
Masumi Shirase : In a survey conducted by the Cabinet Office,
it was revealed that many users of online games
Masumi Shirase : desire to actually enter
the world of a video game.
Masumi Shirase : Do you feel the same way? (0:03:57.09)
Masato Oosuki : Sure, if that were possible,
but that's not something—
Masumi Shirase : Now! (0:04:02.88)
Masumi Shirase : And now I hit the enter key! (0:04:06.26)
Masato Oosuki : Is this... Could it be? (0:04:10.31)
Masumi Shirase : Yes, it's just what you think! (0:04:11.93)
Masumi Shirase : It is... It is! (0:04:14.90)
Masato Oosuki : It's sending me to the world of the game! (0:04:20.19)
Mamako Oosuki : Ma-kun, wait! (0:04:28.24)
Masato Oosuki : Mom... I'm sorry, I'm going. (0:04:31.20)
Masato Oosuki : I was always so embarrassed around you,
so I said the most awful things.
Mamako Oosuki : Ma-kun! (0:04:35.42)
Mamako Oosuki : Ma-kun! (0:04:39.04)
Masato Oosuki : But now, if I can go on an incredible adventure
and become stronger...
Mamako Oosuki : Wait! (0:04:42.97)
Masato Oosuki : Maybe I can be more honest around you. (0:04:44.13)
Mamako Oosuki : Ma-kun! (0:04:46.47)
Masato Oosuki : Someday, I'll come back, I swear it! (0:04:48.30)
Masato Oosuki : And when I do, I hope I can hug you tight
and tell you, “I'm home.”
Masato Oosuki : A fairy? (0:05:03.74)
Masato Oosuki : There were things like this
in the online game I played...
Masato Oosuki : But seriously? (0:05:09.66)
Masato Oosuki : Seriously? (0:05:11.99)
Masato Oosuki : I'm here! (0:05:14.29)
Masato Oosuki : I'm really here, inside a game world! (0:05:16.46)
Masato Oosuki : I made it! Hello, unreality! (0:05:19.25)
Masato Oosuki : This is it! This is what I was waiting for! (0:05:23.42)
Masato Oosuki : Yes! Yes! Yes! (0:05:27.38)
Mamako Oosuki : Ma-kun, you meanie. (0:05:30.18)
Mamako Oosuki : I told you to wait so I could come with you,
but you didn't wait at all!
Mamako Oosuki : You made me really sad! (0:05:38.31)
Mamako Oosuki : Here we go. (0:05:41.73)
Mamako Oosuki : It's time to go on lots of fun adventures
with your mom, Ma-kun!
Masato Oosuki : Wha... What the hell? (0:05:48.61)
EXTRA : Step, step, step. (0:05:53.83)
EXTRA : Teleportation Palace (0:05:55.33)
King of Teleportation Palace : Welcome! I am the King,
the master of Teleportation Palace.
King of Teleportation Palace : Before we begin, tell me your names. (0:06:01.75)
Mamako Oosuki : I am Mamako Oosuki! (0:06:04.96)
Mamako Oosuki : This is Ma-kun, my son! (0:06:07.68)
King of Teleportation Palace : Mamako and her son Ma-kun, yes? Now then— (0:06:09.55)
Masato Oosuki : Hang on a second, Your Highness. (0:06:13.64)
Masato Oosuki : My name is Masato! Masato! (0:06:15.31)
King of Teleportation Palace : Alright. I'll register it that way. (0:06:19.60)
EXTRA : Registered (0:06:21.98)
Masato Oosuki : Could that be an initial account registration? (0:06:22.82)
King of Teleportation Palace : Indeed! (0:06:26.11)
EXTRA : Registered (0:06:27.40)
Masato Oosuki : Seriously? (0:06:28.45)
King of Teleportation Palace : Also, once you register,
you can't change anything!
Masato Oosuki : Why didn’t you say so? (0:06:33.03)
Masato Oosuki : Oh crap! I registered with my real name! (0:06:34.95)
Masato Oosuki : No! Don't play the fanfare! (0:06:38.83)
King of Teleportation Palace : Now then, allow me to present you
with your basic stats.
King of Teleportation Palace : Accept them! (0:06:44.34)
EXTRA : Masato
Normal Hero
(Combat Yes / Crafting No)
Masato's Clothes
EXTRA : Mamako
Normal Hero's Mother
(Combat Yes / Crafting No)
Mamako's Clothes
Masato Oosuki : Um, Your Highness,
what does it mean that my class is normal hero?
King of Teleportation Palace : Normal means normal. (0:06:55.47)
King of Teleportation Palace : You're not expected to do anything
as grand as save the world.
King of Teleportation Palace : A normal level of closeness.
A normal level of happiness.
King of Teleportation Palace : As the embodiment of what you are,
a normal hero and a normal hero's mom,
King of Teleportation Palace : these are the things that you should strive for! (0:07:08.36)
King of Teleportation Palace : Now go, hero! (0:07:13.24)
Masato Oosuki : Okay, off we go! (0:07:16.62)
Masato Oosuki : Not! I’m completely confused! Explain! (0:07:18.62)
King of Teleportation Palace : Listen carefully, then. (0:07:22.67)
King of Teleportation Palace : Basically, you're in a closed beta
for an online game.
King of Teleportation Palace : We used special technology that we can't explain
easily to put the users themselves in the game.
King of Teleportation Palace : So we want you to go test play it for us! (0:07:36.76)
King of Teleportation Palace : That's the deal! (0:07:39.43)
Masato Oosuki : Okay, that was straightforward. (0:07:40.68)
King of Teleportation Palace : Please note that
most test players were chosen
King of Teleportation Palace : based on the strict criteria
involving their response to a certain survey.
King of Teleportation Palace : But some unfortunate individuals who
wrote their names on what was supposed
King of Teleportation Palace : to be an anonymous survey
were chosen as well.
King of Teleportation Palace : It was easier to track them down, you see. (0:07:56.03)
King of Teleportation Palace : I won't mention names, though. (0:07:58.99)
Masato Oosuki : Who could do something so stupid...
Wait, is that me?
EXTRA : Masato Oosuki
Stamp Here
King of Teleportation Palace : Now, let me tell you about the game itself. (0:08:06.63)
King of Teleportation Palace : Since it’s still in beta,
it doesn’t have an official title yet.
King of Teleportation Palace : For now, we’re calling it an MMMMMORPG (Beta). (0:08:14.64)
Masato Oosuki : How many M's does it really need? (0:08:21.23)
King of Teleportation Palace : The genre is “Fantasy MMORPG.”
It offers a wide variety of classes to choose from.
King of Teleportation Palace : You can fight. You can craft.
You can decorate your house with in-game items.
King of Teleportation Palace : You’re free to play the game any way you like. (0:08:35.32)
Masato Oosuki : But my class is already... (0:08:39.41)
King of Teleportation Palace : We gave you a class nobody had taken,
so that we could gather data.
King of Teleportation Palace : That can’t be changed either! (0:08:48.34)
Masato Oosuki : You’re already taking choices from me...
But, well, this is a valuable experience, right?
Masato Oosuki : I get to test play a full-dive system,
and I get to be a hero too.
Masato Oosuki : I think I’ve got the basic idea.
Basically, it’s an online game, right?
King of Teleportation Palace : I’m glad you’re quick on the uptake.
What about you, Lady Mamako?
Mamako Oosuki : Um, well... (0:09:11.07)
Mamako Oosuki : What is this, um... "account," then? (0:09:12.44)
Masato Oosuki : - We have to start there?
- We have to start there?
King of Teleportation Palace : - We have to start there?
- We have to start there?
King of Teleportation Palace : Just out of curiosity,
what do you think an "account" is?
Mamako Oosuki : Account... Um... (0:09:24.46)
Mamako Oosuki : Ah, ah, ah, ah! (0:09:28.54)
Mamako Oosuki : Is that it? (0:09:33.09)
King of Teleportation Palace : Well, it's faster for you
to just find out for yourself.
King of Teleportation Palace : You have Sir Masato with you, after all. (0:09:39.18)
King of Teleportation Palace : You can read the guidebook, too. (0:09:41.06)
Mamako Oosuki : Oh, thank you! (0:09:43.89)
Mamako Oosuki : Ma-kun, did you hear? (0:09:48.69)
Mamako Oosuki : They played a "Pa-pa-ra" for me, too! (0:09:50.23)
King of Teleportation Palace : It's time for the next event! (0:09:52.78)
King of Teleportation Palace : Come with me! (0:09:55.86)
Masato Oosuki : Don't go so fast! (0:09:57.36)
Masato Oosuki : We haven't finished discussing
the most important thing here!
Masato Oosuki : Why... (0:10:01.91)
Masato Oosuki : Why is my mom here? (0:10:03.37)
King of Teleportation Palace : Why is your mother with you? (0:10:05.96)
King of Teleportation Palace : That is the question that’s deeply intertwined
with the purpose of this game.
King of Teleportation Palace : If I told you, the GM's would force you
to do their bidding.
King of Teleportation Palace : Instead, it would be best if you realize it naturally
through the course of your journeys.
Masato Oosuki : U-Um... (0:10:22.81)
King of Teleportation Palace : Thus, Hero Masato, (0:10:24.01)
King of Teleportation Palace : I shall give you an amazing first-time player bonus
to distract you before you ask more questions!
EXTRA : Step, step, step. (0:10:31.98)
Masato Oosuki : I can take one of these? (0:10:34.23)
King of Teleportation Palace : Indeed. These are actually a reward
for completing the game's most difficult quests.
King of Teleportation Palace : But users these days won't play your game
unless you give them something great to start!
Masato Oosuki : I really didn't want to know that. (0:10:48.96)
Mamako Oosuki : People these days are so choosy. (0:10:51.21)
Mamako Oosuki : Back in the day, heroes used to start
their adventures with sticks for weapons.
Masato Oosuki : The person from the NES generation can shut up. (0:10:57.59)
King of Teleportation Palace : Now, pick one of these swords, Sir Masato! (0:10:59.43)
Masato Oosuki : Oh, okay! (0:11:01.68)
Masato Oosuki : I don't know why,
but I feel like this is the sword for me!
Masato Oosuki : I'm sure of it! (0:11:10.31)
King of Teleportation Palace : That sword is called
the “Holy Sword of the Great Heavens,” Firmament.
King of Teleportation Palace : In the distant past,
when this world's sky was covered in the darkness,
King of Teleportation Palace : it banished all the darkness with a single swing! (0:11:26.54)
King of Teleportation Palace : That's what the flavor text says! (0:11:30.62)
Masato Oosuki : I didn't need that last line! (0:11:32.04)
Masato Oosuki : But still, it seems like an awesome sword! (0:11:33.83)
King of Teleportation Palace : Only a hero can hold a holy sword.
You are indeed a true hero!
Masato Oosuki : Well, "true hero" is going too far. (0:11:43.26)
King of Teleportation Palace : I simply stated the truth. (0:11:46.72)
King of Teleportation Palace : In fact, it's up to the test players whether
the game moves out of closed beta into release.
King of Teleportation Palace : As a true hero, your deeds
will surely lead this world to a new dimension.
Masato Oosuki : Lead the world? (0:12:01.57)
Masato Oosuki : Well as the one hero chosen by the holy sword,
I suppose I can give it my best shot!
Mamako Oosuki : Okay, maybe I'll take a sword too! (0:12:11.08)
Masato Oosuki : Mom? (0:12:14.29)
Mamako Oosuki : Here I go! (0:12:17.13)
King of Teleportation Palace : She pulled out both at once? (0:12:19.13)
Mamako Oosuki : If I left one of them here,
the holy swords would get lonely, right?
Mamako Oosuki : You know, these look really sharp! (0:12:27.81)
Mamako Oosuki : Would it be okay to use them when I'm cooking? (0:12:31.64)
Mamako Oosuki : What do you think, Ma-kun? (0:12:34.23)
EXTRA : Welcome to the tutorial battle. (0:12:42.24)
EXTRA : Begin the battle! (0:12:46.82)
Mamako Oosuki : Just watch me, Ma-kun! (0:12:48.37)
Mamako Oosuki : Your mom will do her best! (0:12:49.83)
Masato Oosuki : Terra di Madre. (0:12:51.45)
Masato Oosuki : The very life itself that was born from the land
at the dawn of creation.
Masato Oosuki : It is known as “The Holy Sword of Mother Earth,”
and it became the source of all life in this world.
Mamako Oosuki : Your mom won’t lose! (0:13:09.76)
Mamako Oosuki : I want to look good for you, Ma-kun! (0:13:11.64)
Masato Oosuki : Altura. (0:13:14.19)
Masato Oosuki : A miraculous blade that saved the world
from a huge, world-wide flood.
Masato Oosuki : It is “The Holy Sword of the Mother Ocean,” (0:13:19.40)
Masato Oosuki : and is a symbol of the contract between land and sea
that split the world between them.
Mamako Oosuki : Ma-kun, now it's time to show me your power!
Good luck!
Masato Oosuki : Oh, right. (0:13:36.87)
Mamako Oosuki : You did it, Ma-kun!
Amazing! Amazing!
Mamako Oosuki : What's wrong, Ma-kun?
Did you get hurt somewhere? Let me see!
Masato Oosuki : No, that's not it. (0:13:57.48)
Masato Oosuki : This isn't right! This is all wrong! (0:13:59.56)
Masato Oosuki : Why? Why? (0:14:03.44)
Masato Oosuki : Why do you get two-hit multi-target attacks
for your basic attack skill?
Masato Oosuki : My attack is so lame... (0:14:14.58)
Mamako Oosuki : That's not true! Your attack was amazing! (0:14:16.46)
Mamako Oosuki : You fired off that beam thing
and really surprised me!
Mamako Oosuki : You were so cool!
So for now, get off the ground!
Mamako Oosuki : We need to go to the next one!
It'll be more fun!
Mamako Oosuki : Ma-kun? (0:14:32.85)
Masato Oosuki : If you want to go on an adventure, do it yourself! (0:14:33.68)
Masato Oosuki : Well, once you get out in the field,
there might be monsters and stuff.
Masato Oosuki : But with your firepower it won't be a problem!
You'll win with your first swing.
Mamako Oosuki : Firepower? I can't create fire.
I'm not a stove burner.
Masato Oosuki : Not that kind of firepower. (0:14:49.20)
Masato Oosuki : Now go on. Just leave me here. (0:14:51.62)
Mamako Oosuki : B-But... (0:14:55.79)
Mamako Oosuki : The guidebook said that if your basic attack skill
gives you two-hit multi-target attacks,
EXTRA : Easy-to-Understand Guidebook (0:14:58.50)
Mamako Oosuki : your child will be really happy! (0:15:02.92)
Mamako Oosuki : He'll give you a big hug and tell you
he wants to go on adventures with you!
Masato Oosuki : Well, normally, you'd be happy, but... (0:15:09.18)
Mamako Oosuki : Then why? (0:15:13.26)
Mamako Oosuki : Don't tell me... (0:15:17.43)
Mamako Oosuki : I don't think it's possible, but... (0:15:19.06)
Mamako Oosuki : Is it because I’m your mom? (0:15:21.73)
Masato Oosuki : Listen. I need you to explain this. (0:15:26.36)
Mamako Oosuki : E-Explain? (0:15:29.49)
Masato Oosuki : You know something, don't you? (0:15:31.11)
Masato Oosuki : You talked to that Shirase person
and the people running this, right?
Mamako Oosuki : Well... (0:15:38.25)
Masato Oosuki : Honestly, the fact that
I'm inside a video game is weird enough.
Masato Oosuki : But I'm happy to be here,
so I won't ask questions about that.
Masato Oosuki : But this is different. (0:15:46.59)
Masato Oosuki : What's different, obviously,
is the fact that you came with me.
Mamako Oosuki : Other mothers sometimes get sent
inside video games with their sons...
Masato Oosuki : They do not! They most definitely do not!
That's ridiculous!
Masato Oosuki : At least, I hope not! (0:16:01.69)
Masato Oosuki : This is a fantasy for young men,
and there's no room for parents here!
Masato Oosuki : You're just in the way! (0:16:07.07)
Mamako Oosuki : You're being a meanie, Ma-kun.
Your mom is very upset!
Masato Oosuki : Nobody cares. Just answer me! (0:16:13.91)
Mamako Oosuki : O-Okay! I'll tell you. (0:16:17.37)
Masato Oosuki : Tell me why you came with me.
Explain it in detail. Come on.
Mamako Oosuki : B-But they told me it's better
not to explain what's going on at first—
Masato Oosuki : So you know something
but you won't tell me, right?
Masato Oosuki : Listen, Mom, if you don't start talking... (0:16:33.68)
Mamako Oosuki : Then what? (0:16:37.72)
Masato Oosuki : I'll disown you! (0:16:39.31)
Masato Oosuki : Oh, I didn't mean... (0:16:46.15)
Mamako Oosuki : I'm sorry! (0:16:48.61)
Mamako Oosuki : I just don't know how to explain. (0:16:50.44)
Mamako Oosuki : Shirase and the others
seem to have their reasons,
Mamako Oosuki : so I don't know how much I can tell you! (0:17:00.54)
Mamako Oosuki : But I'm not trying to lie to you or hurt you!
Please believe that!
Masato Oosuki : O-Okay... (0:17:12.30)
Mamako Oosuki : I want to go on lots of adventures with you,
have lots of talks,
Mamako Oosuki : and do our best at a bunch of things,
and then we can be a really close mother and son.
Mamako Oosuki : That was the only reason... (0:17:22.64)
Masato Oosuki : I get it! I get it! I get it, okay? (0:17:24.02)
Masato Oosuki : I totally understand! (0:17:26.77)
Mamako Oosuki : So Ma-kun... (0:17:28.65)
Masato Oosuki : Y-Yes? (0:17:30.19)
Mamako Oosuki : Don't tell me you'll disown me.
That makes me so sad!
Mamako Oosuki : It's the most painful thing
anybody's ever said said to me...
Mamako Oosuki : It's the saddest thing I've ever heard. (0:17:40.87)
Masato Oosuki : What am I doing? (0:17:46.25)
Masato Oosuki : Mom, I'm sorry! (0:17:48.50)
Masato Oosuki : The words just came out of my mouth!
I didn't mean it!
Masato Oosuki : So, um... uh... (0:17:54.05)
Mamako Oosuki : I love it when you're kind,
and care about your mother.
Mamako Oosuki : It's okay. You can raise your head. (0:18:04.89)
Mamako Oosuki : Come on, you need to look at someone
when you're talking to them!
Masato Oosuki : O-Okay. (0:18:13.15)
Mamako Oosuki : I want to go on lots of adventures with you! (0:18:15.65)
Mamako Oosuki : Will you let me join your party? (0:18:19.53)
Masato Oosuki : Well, I guess you can join my party, or... (0:18:22.83)
Masato Oosuki : Alright, fine. You can come with me. (0:18:26.91)
Mamako Oosuki : Okay, I will! (0:18:30.84)
Mamako Oosuki : Thanks for having me, Ma-kun! (0:18:33.17)
Masato Oosuki : Yeah, well, glad to have you, Mom. (0:18:36.01)
Mamako Oosuki : Pyun! (0:18:43.89)
Masato Oosuki : So this is the first country,
the Kingdom of Mommalia?
EXTRA : Kingdom of Mommalia (0:18:51.48)
Masato Oosuki : It's totally fantasy! (0:18:56.86)
Masato Oosuki : So amazing! (0:18:58.57)
Masato Oosuki : I'm really inside a video game! (0:19:00.24)
Masato Oosuki : Huh? But the faces... (0:19:03.66)
Masato Oosuki : They couldn't get the models done in time, huh? (0:19:06.41)
Mamako Oosuki : You and I need to get ready for our adventure! (0:19:11.42)
Mamako Oosuki : So first... (0:19:16.34)
EXTRA : Adventurer's Guild (0:19:17.84)
Masato Oosuki : We gather our party at the adventurer's guild, huh? (0:19:18.72)
Masato Oosuki : Everybody here seems pretty rough. (0:19:22.34)
Masato Oosuki : Well, that's fine with me! (0:19:27.06)
Mamako Oosuki : All you normally ever say is "Yeah" or "Huh,"
and now look at how cool you're acting!
Mamako Oosuki : I've discovered a new side of my son! (0:19:34.27)
Masato Oosuki : Shut up! You're ruining the mood! (0:19:36.78)
Mamako Oosuki : Okay, Ma-kun.
Can I have my sword for a second?
Masato Oosuki : Sure, but... what for? (0:19:43.20)
Mamako Oosuki : We need them to take us seriously,
so let's make sure we start off on the right foot.
Mamako Oosuki : That's what the guidebook said! (0:19:59.38)
Masato Oosuki : No... This isn't good. (0:20:01.38)
Masato Oosuki : It’s either PK or attempted PK... (0:20:04.30)
Masato Oosuki : Player Killing (0:20:05.26)
Masumi Shirase : Welcome to the adventurer's guild, travelers. (0:20:08.77)
Masumi Shirase : I inform-orm you that I am Shirarase,
the front desk woman.
Masato Oosuki : You're Shirase, right? (0:20:18.15)
Masumi Shirase : I am Shirarase. (0:20:19.90)
EXTRA : Step, step, step. (0:20:21.99)
Masumi Shirase : Once again, welcome to the adventurer's guild. (0:20:23.74)
Masato Oosuki : Thank you for taking care of us. So um... (0:20:27.16)
Masato Oosuki : Are you okay? (0:20:30.83)
Masato Oosuki : You're still bleeding. (0:20:32.46)
Masumi Shirase : It's just an in-game effect. (0:20:34.33)
Masumi Shirase : Also, I am an in-game object.
Not a PC or an NPC.
Masumi Shirase : Thus, there will be no PK penalty applied. (0:20:41.26)
Masato Oosuki : I see. (0:20:43.72)
Masato Oosuki : That's great, right, Mom? (0:20:45.05)
Mamako Oosuki : That's right! (0:20:47.18)
Mamako Oosuki : So basically, the objects fought,
and the NEC's PC won the PK battle!
Mamako Oosuki : Something like that, right? (0:20:53.39)
Masumi Shirase : Now, allow me to introduce you
to the adventurers registered with our guild.
Masumi Shirase : Here you go. (0:21:00.36)
Masato Oosuki : Okay, as a veteran MMORPG player,
I'll select the best party members for us!
Masato Oosuki : It's decided! (0:21:09.24)
EXTRA : Name
Masato Oosuki : Rushera the heavy knight.
Torino the thief. Sallitey the elf.
Masato Oosuki : Name
Masato Oosuki : Name
Masato Oosuki : Mom, we're going to recruit these three first. (0:21:15.58)
Masato Oosuki : Take a look. (0:21:18.88)
Mamako Oosuki : Oh my. (0:21:20.84)
Mamako Oosuki : They're all cute girls. Which is your type? (0:21:22.30)
Masato Oosuki : Why are you asking that? (0:21:25.93)
Mamako Oosuki : Oh, because it's very important! (0:21:28.72)
Mamako Oosuki : You're going to live together, experience lots
of things together and grow together.
Mamako Oosuki : That's what it means to let someone
join your party, right?
Mamako Oosuki : I think it's basically the same thing as
finding a girlfriend, or a marriage partner.
Masato Oosuki : W-Well... maybe you're
not that far off the mark.
Mamako Oosuki : Okay, so now it's time
for their interviews with mom.
Mamako Oosuki : Interviews with mom! (0:21:57.71)
EXTRA : It’s Just a Coincidence They’re All Girls. Got That?
Wipe That Smirk Off Your Face.

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