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02:09 pm
Anonymous Last reply: Miky94
Who is this? that not anime
Francis Francis from The baby boss
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08:37 am
Lost_SkyZ Last reply: NatsumiSawada
Character is Agir from Azur Lane, does anyone have the original link ? Source: View Image PNG
08:36 am
Tsuki_Akari Last reply: Miky94
Artists? Thanks :'3 1 artist is Gomzi (
2 artist is Lebring (
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Yesterday 11:12 am
SaoriShun Last reply: Miky94
Who is this? xD I see it how the heck creepy hands made goes wrong View Image JPG
Yesterday 09:06 pm
Anonymous Last reply: NatsumiSawada
Who is this? Image source? It's Natsuki Utsuho and Homura Akemi.

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Yesterday 09:06 pm
Anonymous Last reply: NatsumiSawada
Who is this? Image source? Seems it is supposed to be Eugeo from Sword Art Online and just a colored version.


The original in black and white is by artist abec who is the illustrator of the SAO light novel series.
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Dec 6, 2022
Anonymous Last reply: NatsumiSawada
Who is this? Looks a lot like Eru Chitanda View Image Questionable JPG
Dec 1, 2022
Anonymous Last reply: 1melco
Who is this? Image source? Artist seems to be 'Sven'
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02:09 pm
Who is this ?
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