Fixes and Patches Jan 10, 2021 | Rei
1. header/top search

When searching Character or Voice Actors with two keywords, it will now repeat the search with the name order switched.

Yuuki Aoi and Aoi Yuuki will pull up matches for voice actors.
Izumi Konata and Konata Izumi will pull up Konata for character searches.

2. quote audio

I'd long been frustrated by the last quote of every episode not having audio. Turns out my "no new line at end of file" got in the way of my script processing the last line of input. xD We'll see if that fixes it with the next batch of quotes.

3. lounge auto refresh

Having looked into the documentation for XHR and comparing it to my code .... noticed I wasn't checking the xhr.status which may have allowed a variable to get corrupted. Lounges should now properly recover from errors, and not require a manual refresh. We'll see!

4. php buffering

Seeing as most pages are under 64k, I increased the php.ini output_buffering to 64000. Hm, how would one measure the performance impact ... ?


That clears some of my backlog ... always more to do. Like option to hide NTR info on the new waifu.php.

Then I'm looking into using quotes as part of an interactive dialog with your waifu.

- could tag quotes, then do a keyword match. ie) you select a tsundere personality, type in "good day my love!", 'good day' matches on 'greeting' and pulls up a quote tagged tsundere greeting response ....
- could pair quotes. you start typing, matching quotes are displayed. you select one, and the paired quote is returned. this approach would be a lot easier to do
- other ideas?

And then I'm wanting to do some quotes from Hunter X Hunter, My Hero Academia, and various series airing this season. Thought I'd start with World Trigger S2, but yikes .... that's a lot of characters and dialog. O_O

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