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Popotan Image
Series ID 100081
English Title Popotan
Romaji Title Popotan
Furigana Title ぽぽたん
Japanese Title ぽぽたん
Japanese Studio Name バンダイビジュアル
English Studio Name Bandai Visual
Content Rating M - Mature
Genre Tags lolicon, comedy, drama, fantasy
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 378
Watching Watching Scifibug[ 3 ] Stopped artmaster[ 0 ]

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Some need to know information:
Popotan the anime is completely different than Popotan the game.
Popotan is riddled with generic no-name and/or relation association designation characters, so special dispensation is required for the latter category, for they make up most of the supporting cast, and are significant to the plot...
Section: 0 contains all of the primary characters.
Section: 1 contains characters exclusive to the VN.
All of the subsequent sections are the the generations of offspring by the primary characters as they appear chronologically. (IE: section 2: 2nd gen, 3: 3rd gen, and 4: 4th gen.)

The three sisters Ai, Mai, Mii, and their housekeeper android Mea inhabit in a mysterious house that transports them through time and space. Following leads obtained from dandelions aka "popotan". The sisters journey, convinced that the naked silver-haired woman in their dreams holds all the answers to their questions.

The player assumes the role of Chris, the protagonist of Popotan. Chris is a high school dropout and refuses to get a job. He wanders playing his guitar for spare change. After an unsuccessful attempt to swipe some food from a cart near shrine entrance, he finds a convenience store, where he gets directions leading him to the mansion. He enters without asking permission and runs into the three sisters and their lifelike android maid. Chris asks permission to stay because the rent is cheap and the girls are pretty; they consent, but force him to take a part-time job. The convenience store owner hires him, and as the story progresses...
(Source--most from Wikipedia)


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Aug 16, 2014
Pearls 99 Diamonds 24 Sapphires 18 Rubies 26 quamp

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Not a lot of fighting, but there is some nudity in it.

Dec 2, 2014
Pearls 84 Diamonds 5 Sapphires 19 Rubies 78 Mitsugu
Лорд і господар тебіду!!!!!

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No blood, broken bones or major violence... in the only fight scene.

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Angel Tales

After viewing this again the music gave it away. There's a lot of similarity to the character design, and musical cues on top of the OST(excluding the main themes). The plot style isn't too dissimilar, though Angel Tales has no nudity or time travel. They're also both semi-quick series AT:13 eps + a bonus while Popotan: just 12.

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2 2 Star Review of Popotan by Mitsugu

Mitsugu Mouryou’s Anime Review

Popotan, Wow, just wow. Initially I have to say that Popotan has what can only be described as that most out there premise I’ve ever heard of… yet. First off, the title: Popotan is nonsensical word meant to reflect the prominence of dandelions, spelled tanpopo (たんぽぽ?) in Japanese; 2nd it’s loosely based on the VN, very, very loosely. The plot of the VN sounds much better to me.
The plot: 3 sisters travel through space and time in a house built around an x-mas shop, while talking to flowers(*cough*weeds*cough*), they ask for directions to meet up with some silver-haired broad they’ve only ever seen in their dreams dancing naked in a moon-lit field of dandelions. While protected by their battle maid Mea, they interact with the locals forming relationships, and once discovered the house shifts to a new time and place. I must be the only one standing around shouting: ‘Say what?!’
The music: Meh, didn’t really care for it. The opening and closing themes aren’t that great, nor that bad. The interstitial musical cues are that old-timey music box intended to be slightly sad, but come off more somber.
Character design was ok, generic, not bad, not that good… but what’s with that fury land eel? The creator of Popotan(Akio Watanabe) liked ferrets so much he name the development company Petit Ferret.
Character development: Throughout the course of the series most of the sisters’ histories/ motivations come to light, but the plot of the series is too short lived to go into great detail on any of them except Mai. This is why most of the characters seem to be one deep.
In conclusion: I must say that Popotan has its moments, though few and far between, but it’s a little too hokey for the average Otaku, also if you’ve ever played the VN, you’ll be scratching your head shouting: WTHITS? So I must say watch the anime before the VN. With a confusing nonsensical plot, mild violence(1 ep only), and nudity I rate Popotan a 2.2(out of 10) Some will like it some won’t, while most will just wonder wth they just wasted 3 hours watching.
Thank you

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