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How annoying.

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Blue Gender | 55 hits

Blue Gender Image
Series ID 100150
English Title Blue Gender
Romaji Title Buruu Jendaa
Furigana Title ぶるーじぇんだー
Japanese Title ブルージェンダー
Japanese Studio Name AIC
English Studio Name EMI Music Japan
Content Rating T - Teen
Genre Tags horror, sci-fi, mecha, romance
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 250
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Blue Gender

Story & Information -

Plot- Spoiler Free

In the year 2009, Yuji Kaido is an average young adult male diagnosed with a serious disease and is put into cryogenic stasis until a cure is found. Twenty-two years later, he is awakened in the midst of a raging battle between armored soldiers and insectoid beings called the "Blue" which have overrun the Earth.
The group of soldiers are from an orbiting space colony collectively called Second Earth and were ordered to recover "sleepers" around the Earth. Among them is the soldier Marlene Angel. On the journey to Second Earth, Yuji meets many of the humans that were left behind during the evacuation due to limited resources.
Yuji falls into a deep depression as he recognizes the destruction around him and his own inability to save those he cares about. During their travel to Baikonur space base through the mountains, Yuji and Marlene start to develop a bond that starts to soften her sharp edges. This is a turning point for Marlene and her feelings for Yuji are quite clear for the rest of the series.
Upon arrival, Marlene and Yuji are separated, and Marlene is sent back into training at the education station. Not knowing what happened Yuji, Marlene rebels and is bent on finding him. When she does, she finds he is being trained to use a new specialized "sleeper"-specific Armor Shrike (A.S) called the "Double Edge", a battlesuit that is much stronger than the originals used in war against the Blue.
After intensive training, Yuji and Marlene return to Earth with two other "Sleepers" named Tony Frost and Alicia Whistle. They and the other forces of Second Earth battle the Blue. They become successful at destroying a few of the largest nests before they head back to Second Earth. However, the battles begin to have a negative effect on Yuji who gives very little regard for human life and is completely obsessed with being better than Tony at killing Blue. Yuji's actions deeply concerns Marlene and she begins to know something is wrong.
Shortly after returning to Second Earth, the High Council orders the "Sleepers" on a second offensive against the Blue. Marlene is separated from Yuji once again, but in his current state he does not seem to care. Seno, the head of Second Earth's science division, leads the "Ark" rebellion taking control of the military, lunar resource, and education stations of Second Earth. The High Council escapes to and retains control of the medical station. During this time Marlene learns about the nature of the illness that put Yuji in stasis, the source of his abilities, and the source of the Blue Insectoids.


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Apr 2, 2019
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Blue Gender


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3 3 Star Review of Blue Gender by Mitsugu

Mitsugu Mouryou’s Anime Review

I’ll start with the obvious, Blue Gender is an anime that posses 2 classic anime clichés: the male lead, Yuji, is a loud, naive, winy, windbag; and the female lead Marlene, is young, strong, very attractive, and has more cojones than a whole futball team, which is awesome! The entire plot set up of the series is explained in the first 2 episodes, so if one doesn’t start there, they’ll be rather lost.
The music isn’t bad, The dialog lines up, the script is very accurate, and despite the fact that most of the action sequences take place involving the Armor Shrikes(large Mechs or Armored Core robotic weapon platforms), they’re quite un-lame. The plot isn’t that bad, in spite the major misnomer: ‘The B Cells’ or the B cell virus possessed by the sleepers. 5th grade biology tells us that B-cells a white blood cells that produce antibodies, not a dormant source of genetic alterations. Murphy’s Law is also in full effect for the first half of the show.
I feel remised to not mention the 100min feature film ‘Blue Gender’ which is essentially a stripped down version of the plot of the show, with one caviot: when Yuji wakes up, he looks like this, a reject from an 80’s hair band (plus a different ending). All that aside, the excessive blood shed, brief nudity(unless you count the ending credits), and comic relief of Dice make this anime so-so background noise worthy, I’d rate it a 3.2.

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How annoying.

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