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Artificial Mermaid - Silver Chaos II - Image
Series ID 100417
English Title Artificial Mermaid - Silver Chaos II -
Romaji Title
Furigana Title
Japanese Title Artificial Mermaid -SILVER CHAOS 2-
Japanese Studio Name ビビッドカラー
English Studio Name Vivid Color
Content Rating A - Adult
Genre Tags shotacon, fantasy, yaoi
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 150
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Story & Information -

"Artificial Mermaid ~Silver Chaos 2~ is very different from other yaoi games since it takes on a sci-fi theme. Basically the player is set in the future where the world is affected by the post-war aftermath of constant nuclear weapon use. The main cause of the conflict is the effect of such pollution, which could kill a human being in just a month. The government, in response to this problem, produced what they call LMC or “Life Microchip”, which is implanted in the body and acts as their immune system to the nuclear pollution. But because of the extremely high demand for LMCs, most of the crimes going on involve the possessions of these microchips. So the government decides to create the Lifemicrochip Crime Commando or LWC, in which we are now introduced to our yaoi main character.

Yuuri Mimori, along with his childhood friend Ibuki Takamura, joins the LWC and is constantly facing danger all throughout. As long as Ibuki is by his side, Yuuri doesn’t feel any threat or fear when doing his job. They are then guided by their leader and officer, Roy Kashizaki, who takes them to meet the other members of the LWC team. Later that night, Yuuri begins to feel pain in his chest and slowly falls into unconsciousness. This is due to his terrible illness, which he has had ever since he was a child. To counter it, he usually takes medicine or else his body will begin to deteriorate. Just as he was about to lose his senses, he feels the warm kiss and something cool flowing down his throat; he wakes up and realizes Ibuki is looking down at him with a worried look on his face.

After that incident, Yuuri can’t stop having the same dream every night wherein he feels like he is underwater and hears a voice that keeps calling out to him. But still he goes on with his job everyday, constantly being given attention by other members of the LWC such as Jeiru Koga, Rion Kunisada, Firio Osakabe, Tsukasa Shinonome, and many more. As the game progresses, interesting characters such as the god Ragsiel appears, who are also connected mysteriously to the effeminate Yuuri. Wacky encounters, intimate moments, and of course erotic and sexual images compose Artificial Mermaid ~Silver Chaos 2~ making it a very good yaoi game to add into the collection."

(text taken from http://www.yaoi-central.com/yaoi-games/artificial-mermaid-silver-chaos-2/)
Artificial Mermaid - Silver Chaos II - extends Silver Chaos [close]

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