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Beast God Liger Image
Series ID 107748
Media Type Anime
English Title Beast God Liger
Aliases Jushin Liger, Bio Armor Ryger
Romaji Title Juushin Raigaa
Furigana Title じゅうしんライガー
Japanese Title 獣神ライガー
Japanese Studio Name サンライズ
English Studio Name Sunrise
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating T - Teen
Genre Tags ( Add )
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 14

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Story & Information -

The year is 199X AD――.
 Suddenly, 3 DragoKnights appear in Kushiro City, Hokkaido, and begin to attack the city with their overwhelming destructive power. Houses are smashed. People scream and run for their lives.
 As if lured by the screams, a huge rock with the face of a demon appeared in the sky above the city. The rock looked ominous and evil. It was the Rock of Sealing that had confined the evil god Drago.
 The Empress Zara, who is a descendant of the evil god, is sending the psychic waves of human suffering and sorrow to the rock, strengthening the power of the evil god from within and allowing it to appear in this world, using this power to attempt world conquest.
 The JSDF's counterattack is futile, and the city is destroyed by the DragoKnights. People run for cover in the rubble. Among them is the main character, Ken Taiga.
"Ken, call Liger! If someone tries to awaken the demons of Onigaiwa, those who have the blood of a lion must face the heavens and call out the name Liger...... This is the legend passed down the Taiga family!"
 The instant that Ken's rage erupted, a lion birthmark appeared clearly on his palm. Ken stood upright, looked up at the skies, raised his palm above his head, and shouted.
 A giant boldly stood in front of the DragoKnights. It was the entry of the Beast God Liger.
 In order to crush the ambitions of the Drago Empire, which is plotting to conquer the world, and to prevent the evil god Drago from manifesting, Ken and Beast God Liger's long battle has now begun.

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