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Top Clutter Koi-iro Chu Lips | 2006/06/30 | ピースソフト | Peas Soft |

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Go Back Ten Hoshiful ~Seitou Gakuen Tenmon Doukoukai~ Tsukushite Agerunoni! Koi-iro Chu Lips Koi-iro Chu Lips Tsukushite Ageruno! ~Datte Onii-chan no Oyome-san ni Naritaindamon~ Towa Koku Go Forward Ten

Koi-iro Chu Lips (H-Game)

Koi-iro Chu Lips Image
Series ID 15
English Title Koi-iro Chu Lips
Romaji Title Koiiro chu! rippusu
Furigana Title こいいろちゅりっぷす
Japanese Title こいいろChu!Lips
Japanese Studio Name ピースソフト
English Studio Name Peas Soft
Content Rating A - Adult
Genre Tags
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 24
Watching Watching team-dark-star[ 0 ] Stopped collena[ 0 ]

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