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Recruit foreverkurome
I am a huge fan of Kurome Ankokuboshi, jigsaw puzzles and Mathematics. From the moment I started liking her (late 2016) I have had this name across everything I own... yes even the parcels and my exam scripts arrive/depart with foreverkurome on them.

I'm also diagnosed with a nice selection of mental illnesses and I hate fancy/aesthetic text- type like a sentient human being for God sake morons. It doesn't look good it just looks completely stupid and gives anyone trying to read it one heck of a hard time.

NOTE: Kurome is FEMALE which is who my character is online; in real life I am MALE

Have a nice day!
Recruit kek-senpai
No petty shit, I do and say whatever I want.
Recruit NegimaSekai
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Recruit AmyArts
Hey! Welcome to my profile.

Name: Amy
Pronouns: She/They
Hobbies: Drawing, watching anime and cartoons, reading manga

My Favorite Anime (Top 4):
-Demon Slayer
-Dr. Stone
-My Hero Academia
-Toilet-bound Hanako-kun

My Favorite Video Games (Top 4):
-Fire Emblem
-Animal Crossing

Current Anime(s) I’m Watching: Dr. Stone, Re Zero, The Quintessential Quintuplets
Current Manga(s) I’m Reading: Dr. Stone (Ch 108)

Spoilers are fine (Unless I say otherwise) for these things:
-Demon Slayer
-My Hero Academia
-Dr. Stone (Ch 108 and below)
-Fire Emblem (Expect Three Houses)
Recruit Deny_005
Recruit Wildfire

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