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Yumi Touma

Primary Name Yumi Touma
Name 2 冬馬由美
Name 3 とうま ゆみ
Additional Names Yumi Yoshida 吉田由美(よしだ ゆみ), Yumi Nakagawa, Yumi Toma
Language Japanese
Home Page
Date Added Jan 31, 2013
Date Updated Mar 23, 2015

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series voiced by Yumi Touma

2013 Image of Mira Dianus ArteminaImage of Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Mira Dianus Artemina
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic
2012 Image of Miho ShimaoImage of Natsuyuki Rendezvous Miho Shimao
Natsuyuki Rendezvous
2012 Image of Shiho NishizumiImage of Girls und Panzer Shiho Nishizumi
Girls und Panzer
2012 Image of ChiquitaImage of Jormungand Chiquita
2010 Image of Aya KobayashiImage of Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspector Aya Kobayashi
Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspector
2009 Image of Shinobu NanaseImage of Black God Shinobu Nanase
Black God
2009 Image of Harue KirishimaImage of Yumeiro Patissiere Harue Kirishima
Yumeiro Patissiere
2009 Image of PunipuniImage of Black God Punipuni
Black God
2008 Image of Kikyou YoshikawaImage of A Certain Magical Index Kikyou Yoshikawa
A Certain Magical Index
2006 Image of BenitokageImage of Black Jack 21 Benitokage
Black Jack 21
2006 Image of Misa KamiyamaImage of God Family Misa Kamiyama
God Family
2006 Image of JorougumoImage of xxxHOLiC Jorougumo
2005 Image of Hijiri KirishimaImage of Air Hijiri Kirishima
2005 Image of UrdImage of Ah My Goddess Urd
Ah My Goddess
2005 Image of EmmaImage of Emma - A Victorian Romance Emma
Emma - A Victorian Romance
2004 Image of IoriImage of School Rumble Iori
School Rumble
2003 Image of Raine SageImage of Tales of Symphonia Raine Sage
Tales of Symphonia
2003 Image of HarunaImage of The World of Narue Haruna
The World of Narue
2002 Image of GardeniaImage of .hack//Infection Gardenia
2002 Image of HelbaImage of .hack//Infection Helba
2001 Image of Silvana Intoccabile GreoneImage of Noir Silvana Intoccabile Greone
2001 Image of Najica HiiragiImage of Najica Blitz Tactics Najica Hiiragi
Najica Blitz Tactics
1999 Image of Steel Angel MikhailImage of Steel Angel Kurumi Steel Angel Mikhail
Steel Angel Kurumi
1999 Image of Teteth HallehImage of Turn A Gundam Teteth Halleh
Turn A Gundam
1999 Image of MikhailImage of Steel Angel Kurumi Mikhail
Steel Angel Kurumi
1998 Image of SpinelImage of Cardcaptor Sakura Spinel
Cardcaptor Sakura
1998 Image of UrdImage of The Adventures of Mini-Goddess Urd
The Adventures of Mini-Goddess
1998 Image of WenImage of Cowboy Bebop Wen
Cowboy Bebop
1998 Image of DeedlitImage of Record of Lodoss War Deedlit
Record of Lodoss War
1998 Image of Nakki GuysImage of Brain Powerd Nakki Guys
Brain Powerd
1997 Image of KeithImage of Pokemon Keith
1997 Image of CarolineImage of Pokemon Caroline
1997 Image of MiyamotoImage of Pokemon Miyamoto
1997 Image of NanaImage of Grandia Nana
1997 Image of SakuraImage of Pokemon Sakura
1997 Image of LilaImage of Pokemon Lila
1997 Image of PietraImage of Pokemon Pietra
1996 Image of Saelia SouImage of After War Gundam X Saelia Sou
After War Gundam X
1995 Image of Sally PoImage of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Sally Po
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
1995 Image of HannahImage of Romeo and the Black Brothers Hannah
Romeo and the Black Brothers
1995 Image of Yui HongouImage of Mysterious Play Yui Hongou
Mysterious Play
1995 Image of Mrs. DarlianImage of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Mrs. Darlian
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
1995 Image of Shiina NamiImage of Iczer Girl Iczelion Shiina Nami
Iczer Girl Iczelion
1995 Image of Sylphiel Nels LahdaImage of Slayers Sylphiel Nels Lahda
1994 Image of Maria LouiseImage of Mobile Fighter G Gundam Maria Louise
Mobile Fighter G Gundam
1994 Image of Ling XiaoyuImage of Tekken Ling Xiaoyu
1994 Image of TokimiImage of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki (OVA2) Tokimi
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki (OVA2)
1993 Image of EnImage of Sailor Moon R En
Sailor Moon R
1993 Image of Anne GrangerImage of Sailor Moon R Anne Granger
Sailor Moon R
1992 Image of Yuka HijiriImage of Hime-chan's Ribbon Yuka Hijiri
Hime-chan's Ribbon
1992 Image of Clair FortranImage of Future GPX Cyber Formula 11 Clair Fortran
Future GPX Cyber Formula 11
1991 Image of GomeImage of Dragon Quest: Adventure of Dai Gome
Dragon Quest: Adventure of Dai
1989 Image of Hinako NinomiyaImage of Ranma ½ Hinako Ninomiya
Ranma ½
1986 Image of Isabella ValentineImage of Soul Calibur Isabella Valentine
Soul Calibur
1986 Image of AkiraImage of Saint Seiya Akira
Saint Seiya

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