Character Voice Actor
Shiori Kobayakawa

VA : Yuka Okada

  • Image of Shiori Kobayakawa

VA : Yuuto Kazama

  • Image of Glen Anderson
  • Image of Yamato Ishida
  • Image of Souichi Aida
  • Image of Saku Ezomori
  • Image of Tabitha
Akira Midorino

VA : Saeko Chiba

  • Image of Dokuro Mitsukai
  • Image of Nagisa Chiba
  • Image of Ayane
  • Image of Azmaria Hendrich
  • Image of Mio Sakamoto

VA : Shouzou Iizuka

  • Image of Doppo Orochi
  • Image of Den Komyoji
  • Image of Crown
  • Image of Momokichi Momoi
  • Image of Ryu Jose
Toshihisa Takahashi

VA : Eiji Miyashita

  • Image of Ushio Gasai
  • Image of Daisuke Shiba
  • Image of Territory Crasher
  • Image of Papa
  • Image of Nullpudding

VA : Yuuji Ueda

  • Image of Mugetsu
  • Image of Solf J. Kimblee
  • Image of Johannes Krauser II
  • Image of Watchdog-Man
  • Image of Kouha Kannei
Junki Saiga

VA : Masataka Azuma

  • Image of Lichtendahl Tsery
  • Image of Junki Saiga
  • Image of Roark
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