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ID 10145
From The Wallflower
Media Type anime
Voiced By Shoutaro Morikubo, 森久保祥太郎, もりくぼ しょうたろう
Voiced By Josh Grelle, Rhelik Shadowbriar,
Tags hoodie, jeans, sneakers, spiky hair


Kyohei Takano is a character from the anime The Wallflower.
They have been indexed as Male Teen with Red eyes and Blonde / Yellow hair that is To Neck length.

Kyohei Takano is the main male protagonist in the series. Kyohei is the most popular and physically attractive out of the four bishonens. Kyohei is initially seen as selfish, blunt, and demanding and has no inclination to be gentle towards Sunako unless it will reduce rent. He has, nonetheless, proved he can be considerate to her when he tries.

Among the male protagonists of the story, he is the one that best gets along with Sunako. Despite not being a hardcore fan of gory stuff, he has been seen to be able to enjoy horror movies with her, and although Sunako often states she dislikes his company because it hurts her to be with such a radiant creature, "God's most beautiful creation" as she noted, she lately seems to cope fine with his presence, no longer bothering her as it did in the beginning.

Kyohei's personality can often be described as confrontational, and will often say whatever is on his mind, regardless of the consequences. It is shown in both the anime and the manga that he is a very good fighter, and is considered to be very dangerous. It is later shown in the manga that he was initially very standoffish to the rest of the boys. Kyohei later warms up to his housemates, accepting them as his friends. It should be noted that, unlike his housemates, Kyohei despises the attention that he receives due to his looks.

It should also be recognized that, while Kyohei is attractive, he often suffers from poor self image. The character frequently drops hints that he despises his appearance, with some hints suggesting that he wishes to become more normal. This is very similar to Sunako, who also sees her appearance as a problem. However, while Sunako withdrew from society entirely, Kyohei chose not to go to such extremes.

Kyohei's unnaturally good looks resulted in a history of unfortunate experiences in his life: he is unable to hold a job because he is prone to being sexually harassed by his boss no matter what their gender is, and he left his home because his family was unable to take the pressure of his fans constantly harassing and mobbing them. To the surprise of Sunako, his parents are common-looking. It is shown in the flashback chapter where we see how the four guys ended up living in the mansion with Auntie and that she found him in a cardboard box with no place to go. His own mother encouraged his leaving because she felt she was going insane, unable to lead a normal life with such an attractive son. She, however, is shown to have regretted it, but was still unable to tell that to Kyohei the last time they met, after months without seeing him.


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