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玖蘭 枢

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Kaname Kuran is a character from the anime Vampire Knight.
They have been indexed as Male Teen with Brown eyes and Brown hair that is To Neck length. EDIT

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Kaname is a pureblood vampire (Level A) that saved Yuki from another vampire ten years prior to the events of Vampire Knight and brought her to the headmaster. Also, he is the president of the Night Class and Moon Dormitory, both respected and feared by the members of the Night Class. He has a deep love for Yuki and it hurts him to see that she has been giving blood to Zero. He has loved Yuki ever since they were children and he was raised as her sibling. They are also engaged which is a common practice of pureblood siblings to marry as it is essential to keep the bloodline pure and their parents were also siblings. Also, a fact yet to be revealed to Yuki, Kaname is not her "true brother". Rido Kuran killed Yuki's real brother and placed the soul Kaname, who is actually an ancient ancestor of the Kuran's, in his body (which their parents mentioned in a flash back later in the manga) making Rido his master and making him unable to kill him.

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LonaXxX     0 pts     5 year(s)

i love him, i think Yuki should stay with Kaname, they've done so much for each other! Kaname is my favorite character<3 he's so Hot!
cherryblossom2301     0 pts     6 year(s)

I had a crush on you every time i watch your movie.
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Kaname Kuran 玖蘭 枢 Image of Kaname Kuran Anime Character 10 Brother of Yuki Cross Nephew of Rido Kuran Son of Juri Kuran Son of Haruka Kuran Best friend of Takuma Ichijou Finacee of Yuki Cross Cousin of Senri Shiki Vampire Knight

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