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Profile Picture for I No
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ID 10646
From Guilty Gear
Media Type video game
Voiced By Kikuko Inoue, 井上喜久子, いのうえ きくこ
Tags hat, mole
Birthday November 25
Sign Sagittarius ♐

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I No is a character from the video game Guilty Gear.

They have been indexed as Female Adult with Green eyes and Green hair that is To Neck length.

Appears As Official(if different)
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Green
Hair Length To Neck
Apparent Age Adult
Animal Ears No
I-No is the antagonist of Guilty Gear XX. Claiming to be a servant of "That Man", she pits a number of characters against each other (most notably Jam and Bridget). Not much is initially known about I-No, other than her stated affiliations. She is sultry in appearance and also conniving and ruthless in her behavior and mannerisms. I-No constantly taunts her opponents, insults them and making sexually charged comments, usually using musical references as double entendres. It is unclear what I-No's intentions are and it is equally ambiguous as to whether or not her actions truly reflect the intentions of "That Man". She also has the ability to time-travel, but chooses not to too often as she states that it is very difficult to do. I-No seems to enjoy torturing Dizzy and shows contempt for Sol (including his past self).

In truth, I-No comes from the 'original' timeline of the Guilty Gear series. In this timeline, Humans never won the war against the Gear and are currently on the verge of extinction. The Gears are currently being led by Dizzy, who seems to have taken up her mother's cause in exterminating humanity. This is because in this timeline, Ky Kiske has been killed; meaning there was no one to lead the Humans to victory against the Gears. As there is no Ky to seal Justice and therefore no one to show Dizzy the compassion of Humans and so the Gears are still running rampant. Somewhere along the timeline, she met "That Man" and both agreed to go back in time to save Ky from his death and change history, thus culminating in the game's current timeline.

Although a boss character like Justice, Dizzy and Testament (albeit to a lesser extent in the latter's case), I-No, when used as a character, is still a formidable fighter. She uses her guitar for both melee and projectile attacks and her hat can cast projectiles in the form of musical notes. She is an extremely mobile character, often using her speed to get in and under her opponent's defense. I-No's greatest strength lies with her being active in the air. Her Overdrive "Ultimate Fortissimo" can be used to devastating effect, but extremely difficult to perform. She most useful move is "Sultry Performance", which can be initiated in midair, can also be charged and has good priority. It is a staple with I-No and can be used to create or end gatling combos.


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