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Laplus Darknesss is helping AkayamiTatsuki with chores

ラプラス・ダークネス, La+ Darknesss | Share ▼

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ID 116870
Wealth Pearls 8 Diamonds 50 Sapphires 44 Rubies 64
Role Unsorted
From Hololive
Media Type vtuber
Voiced By Laplus Darknesss, ラプラス・ダークネス,
Tags idol, horns, shackles, hinnyuu, tail
Birthday May 25
Sign Gemini ♊
Height 139cm

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Laplus Darknesss is a character from the VTuber Hololive.

They have been indexed as Female Child with Yellow eyes and Gray hair that is Hip / Past Hip length.


It is I


All my humans of the planet Eden!🌎✨
I am the leader of holoX, Laplus Darknesss!֊ ̫ ֊
I will take the planet you all live on! Worship me~~~!!!!!!💜

The one who established Secret Society holoX.
She was originally known for her vast power and intelligence, but most of it is now sealed away. She is vaguely aware of the debilitating nature of her shackles but does not remember when or how they got there.
The crow by her side is a long-time companion.✨


Laplus Darknesss🛸💜


🔔On both, turn on notifications so you can check for my welcome words before anyone else!֊ ̫ ֊

TAG #laplus_great
FATAG #Laplus_Artdesu

Fan mark「🛸💜」
Fan name: Plusmate


Trait Appears (actual)
Gender Female
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Gray
Hair Length Hip / Past Hip
Apparent Age Child (Ageless)
Animal Ears Elf
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