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From Bible Black
Type h-game
Tags sensei, stockings, bow

Summary | EDIT

Hiroko Takashiro is a character from the eroge Bible Black.
They have been indexed as Female Adult with Blue eyes and Red hair that is To Chest length. EDIT

Hiroko Takashiro is a fictional character and protagonist in the eroge game and OVA Bible Black created by Sei Shoujyo. In the series, Hiroko is an art teacher at the school and is thought to be the sole survivor of the ritual that had taken place in the schools basement twelve years ago. While she did not take part in the ritual she had been one of the founding members of the coven named Rosecross that attempted it. Hiroko feels responsible for the events that unholded that day and will do all in her power to prevent it happening again.

Hiroko was a normal high school student who was curious about magic. Along with her two best friends, Morita Rie and Shidou Saki, the trio attempt to start a Witchcraft club at their school, however the student council headed by Nami Kozono turns down the request. The trio then go about translating a mysterious book Shidou found and attempt one of the spells, casting it on Nami closest friend Mochida Junko. Shocked that the spell worked Hiroko is curious about what else can be learnt from the book. Morita reviles she has told people in the school what happened to Mochida was their doing and that they can do anything. The trio are then approached by Hiraaya Seiichi, a school boy who is obsessed with Nami, offering them money in exchange for making Nami his. At first the Black Bible’s magic proves very lucrative for the trio and their members begin to grow. One day Nami, now obsessed with pleasing Hiraaya by the spell cast on her, approaches Hiroko asking that she uses her magic in order for her to make Hiraaya want her more. Hiroko uses this to her advantage and promises that she will help only if she gets a room for the magic club practise in. Nami helps to form a secret Witchcraft club Hiroko names “Rosecross”. Hiroko realises Nami from the spell unknowingly placed on her, not fearing any readmission due to the power she now holds thanks to the black bible. Hiroko becomes even more intrigued by what else can be donewith the magic in the black bible and finds a spell that will allow her to summon a demon and make it do her biding. Upon being summoned however the demon proceeds to rape Hiroko before disappearing. While Hiroko is recovering in hospital Nami seeks to summon a more powerful demon by offering a virgin sacrifice. Hiroko protects and says that the magic is too dark and powerful for them to control but Nami and the rest of the club proceed with the ritual anyway leaving Hiroko in a lock room not knowing what fully transpired that night but the slaughtering of Rosecross.

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Hiroko Takashiro 高城寛子(たかしろひろこ) Image of Hiroko Takashiro Anime Character 0 Bible Black

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