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that power.

- Kyouya Hikami

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Black  Butler Guild Crest Alois Trancy 72 hits


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Alois Trancy is a character from the anime Black Butler 2.
They have been indexed as Male Child with Blue eyes and Blonde / Yellow hair that is To Ears length. Edit

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Alois 14 year old boy .He was kept as a slave then made a contract with a spider named Claude . Let me tell 3 storys .Alois was a host at a coustume party ciel was there Alois hated ciel because he thought he had a good life .Alois was dressed like a maid and bumps in to Ciel on purpose .He offered to clean the jacket up .They went to a room and Alois 'cleaned' the the jacket up and then licked ciels ears and took his eye patch off.Ciel follewd Alois into the dark forest where the butlers fight .Then in the next episode the fight resumes and after alois came tho the party and was dressed like a bat thing lizzy came running to ciel and bumped into alois and alois decided to dance with lizzy. ciel said he couldnt dance(more on season 1 episode 3 of black butler 1)but he danced anyway. the next story was alois inviting ciel over to a private party where claude and seb. fighted on a chess board (a battlefield) with chess pieces claude pulled out the demon sword(a rare sword and weapond that could kill demons)claude battled pokemon style (you know what im talking about if you watch the anime) he used the triplets as the pokemon . Later they to a break and the butlers cooked pasterys for the masters .after that they resume the battle claude battled normal and in the middle ciel wanted to go inside and then try to ... alois the masters fought alois said "123123 down you go " and ciel fell 1 story ciel ... the ... in ... ... and ... almost ... a ... around ... ... the last story is where alois and ciels body joined together the the body climed a tower to the top with hannah . to get to the body the demons had to go in the maze (somehow grell got in there too) and answer questions mainly about alois and alois real name was reveled alois made the maze desighed so claude could win. seb. said alois real name but you had to say alois trancy even if alois is not the right answer. later at the last answer claude was about to say what the maze wanted to hear but he said ... mad sad the body made a ... with... then the butler battle for the ... and claude ... and alois ... ... away and ciel is a ... watch the whole season2 if you want more alois watch episode 1 but not before the opening trust me it is not preaty and try to fill in the ... there ether bad or a spoiler or very intersting and i want you to find out your self trust me . now theres a past. alois and luka had to steal stuff to live . luka then died because he ... with... alois was kept as a slave and his mother killed herself with a dagger . his fauther died with a diseses and alois came home with a jet black butler (claude) .his birthday is nov 5th

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Alois Trancy アロイス・トランシー Image of Alois Trancy Anime Character 10 Older brother of Luka Macken Master of Claude Faustus Black Butler 2



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that power.

Kyouya Hikami
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