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ID 29193
From Origin: Spirits of the Past
Media Type movie
Voiced By Ryou Katsuji, 勝地涼, かつぢ りょう
Voiced By Chris Patton, Christopher D. Patton, Christopher Patton
Uploaded by Emmejo

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Agito is a character from the movie Origin: Spirits of the Past.
They have been indexed as Male Child with Green eyes and Brown hair that is To Ears length.

The main character.
Agito is the son of Agashi, the founder of Neutral City. They, as well as his friends Cain and Minka, live in Neutral City, a city carved out of the ruined skyscrapers that acts as both a buffer and a bridge between the Forest and the militaristic nation of Ragna.

During a race with his friend Cain, he stumbled on a large machine with cryogenic pods and awoke Toola, a young girl who has been asleep for the past 300 years, and brings her to Neutral City. After Toola's departure and in a bid to save the Forest, Agito journeys to the Forest and allows himself to be *enhanced. At a later time in the storyline, through Agito, the relationship between the Forest and humanity is revealed.

*"Enhanced" — he allowed himself to be genetically altered by the Forest to become stronger by using the power of the trees. It results in his hair turning silver.


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Agito アギト Image of Agito Anime Character 10 the son of Agashi friends with Cain friends with Minka Origin: Spirits of the Past


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