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Tamamo-no-Mae is adventuring with Tassen 100%

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ID 38198
Wealth Pearls 10 Diamonds 2 Sapphires 15 Rubies 55
Role Unsorted
From Fate / Extra
Media Type video game
Voiced By Chiwa Saito, 斎藤千和, さいとう ちわ
Tags hair ribbons, twintails, collar, strapless, kimono, tail, detached sleeves, stockings, fox ears, thighhighs

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Tamamo-no-Mae is a character from the Video Game Fate / Extra.

They have been indexed as Female Adult with Yellow eyes and Pink hair that is To Shoulders length.

Trait Appears (actual)
Gender Female
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Pink
Hair Length To Shoulders
Apparent Age Adult
Animal Ears Animal
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