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ID 39157
From Hell Teacher Nube
Media Type anime
Voiced By Megumi Urawa, 浦和めぐみ, うらわ めぐみ
Tags turtleneck, shota, suspenders, blunt bangs
Birthday March 12
Sign Pisces ♓
Birthyear 1986
Blood Type A
Height 118cm
Weight 28kg
Uploaded by anonymous17

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Makoto Kurita is a character from the anime Hell Teacher Nube.
They have been indexed as Male Child with Black eyes and Brown hair that is To Ears length.

Appears As Official(if different)
Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Hair Length To Ears
Apparent Age Child Teen
Animal Ears No
While the same age as all of his classmates, Makoto Kurita (Kurita Makoto 栗田まこと) is perhaps the youngest in heart and spirit of class 5-3. At the start of the series, this bowl-haired boy finds himself the most emotional of the students, running and screaming away from any scary phenomenon. But with Nūbē's guidance and the assistance of his friends, he slowly learns to face his fears and grow up in certain ways. One of Makoto's greatest strengths is his kind and friendly nature, allowing him to try and remain cheerful in the face of both human and yōkai threats. However, he remains the most childlike of Nūbē's students, both in stature (though he is small, he is constantly hoping for the day he will "grow up") and his love of kiddy past-times like keeping pets or watching sentai series. (His most favorite being Chou Kiken Sentai Kakukaku Ranger which is a slight parody in name of the series Ninja Sentai Kaku Ranger, but translates as Extremely Dangerous Sentai Nuclear Ranger) While he also receives horrible grades like Hiroshi and Katsuya, he actually puts in effort to try to improve himself in any way possible. His name and the model for his character design are both inspired from the Kazuo Umezu manga series Makoto-chan.

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