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Edit Kirito from Sword Art Online | 10240 views

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Eye Color
Hair Color
Hair Length
To Ears
Apparent Age
Animal Ears

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Relations | 16 | EDIT

Kirito has the following relations with other characters

Kirito is Husband Of Asuna Yuuki
Kirito is Cousin of Suguha Kirigaya
Kirito is Enemy of Kuradeel
Kirito is Friend of Agil
Kirito is Friend of Klein
Kirito is Adoptive father of Yui
Kirito is Friend of Keita
Kirito is Friend of Lisbeth
Kirito is Friend of Sachi
Kirito is Enemy of Nobuyuki Sugou
Kirito is friend of Silica

These characters have the following relations with Kirito

Asuna Yuuki is Wife of Kirito
Silica is Friend of Kirito
Suguha Kirigaya is Cousin of Kirito
Yui is Adopted Daughter of Kirito
Lisbeth is has feelings for Kirito

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Draconic Nov 19, 2016
So much OP bullshit, that it'd be kind of painful to list them all. Furthermore, the writer, Reki Kawahara writes with his hormones, not his brain, and thus, no matter how badass a girl is, doesn't matter if she just conquered an army singlehandedly; after meeting Kirito, she's suddenly useless without her boyfriend.

Asuna is the objectively better character, and she will never even be properly developed past the SUPPOSEDLY main girl.

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Kirito キリト / 桐ヶ谷和人(きりがや かずと) Kazuto Kirigaya Image of Kirito Anime Character 10 Husband Of Asuna Yuuki Cousin of Suguha Kirigaya Enemy of Kuradeel Friend of Agil Friend of Klein Adoptive father of Yui Friend of Keita Friend of Lisbeth Friend of Sachi Enemy of Nobuyuki Sugou friend of Silica Sword Art Online

12 COMMENTS Best ↓

Nori13     1 pts     3 year(s)

By the way [s]it's his cousin, not stepsister[/s]
King     0 pts     1 year(s)

He cool too
colonelacid     0 pts     2 year(s)

Kirito726     0 pts     2 year(s)

My favorite anime character forever :D
keljae     0 pts     3 year(s)

I love him so much~~~ If only anime dudes were real, am I right? *sigh*
YukikoHaibara     0 pts     3 year(s)

KiritoAsuna     0 pts     4 year(s)

awsome anime
etsukoarishima     0 pts     4 year(s)

sugoi >w<
AniahLiepard     0 pts     4 year(s)

he's such a cutie ^w^
Akikojam     0 pts     5 year(s)

Arawn outdone him already by several years with his "Let's fall together" :)


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